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"Scroll" Example Sentences

1. Almost shrieking in excitement, Jenn snatched the scroll and ran.
2. Each received a scroll with information on their first day of training and assignments.
3. They are in fact suspended in a state of vapour between our eyes and the photosphere, the dazzling prismatic radiance of which they, to a minute extent, intercept, thus writing their signatures on the coloured scroll of dispersed sunshine.
4. (911-959) goes back the Jewish form of oath which in its later development required the Jew to gird himself with thorns; stand in water; and, holding the scroll of the Torah in his hand, invoke upon his person the leprosy of Naaman, the curse of Eli and the fate of Korah's sons should he perjure himself.
5. It works in conjunction with the disk and scroll, the cones, or the expanding pulley, to impart an intermittingly variable speed to the bobbin (each layer of the bobbin has its own particular speed which is constant for the full traverse, but each change of direction of the builder is accompanied by a quick change of speed to the bobbin).
6. In many cases we find large portions of the surface completely covered with green or yellow enamel overlying black diapers or scroll patterns.
7. Execration of Haman, as the typical persecutor of the Jews, took various forms. In Germany wooden mallets were used in the synagogue to beat the benches when Haman's name was read out from the scroll of Esther, and during the festivities these mallets were sometimes used on the heads of the bystanders.
8. The same thing can be effected in a more perfect manner by the use of spiral or scroll drums, in which the rope is made to coil in a spiral groove upon the surface of the drum, which is formed by the frusta of two obtuse cones placed with their smaller diameters outwards.
9. The term was applied in architecture to various forms of ornamentation taking the shape of a scroll, such as the volute of an Ionian capital.
10. The builder, which receives its motion from the disk and scroll, from the cones, or from the expanding pulley, has also an intermittingly variable speed.
11. This so-called third, upper or posterior conch is not a true conch, nor is that of the vestibulum; only the middle one forms a scroll, and this corresponds to the only one of reptiles and the lower of the mammals.
12. It was particularly used of a sculptured tablet in the shape of a partly unrolled scroll on which could be placed an inscription or device.
13. She waited until it was her turn to receive her scroll.
14. According to the legend, when he was asleep in the last-named church, the Virgin appeared to him and commanded him to eat a scroll.
15. Please scroll down to see the main content of this page.
16. scroll wheel on the top of the mouse.
17. Novrarccov, "scroll") celebrating the festivals of the ecclesiastical year, the lives of the saints and other sacred subjects - on the death of a monk (extremely impressive); the last judgment; the treachery of Judas; the martyrdom of St Stephen; Simeon s Digesta Justiniani Augusti, recognovit Th.
18. For a horizontal scroll bar replace the 1 with a 0.
19. Apart from the fact that reckoning from the birth of Christ was by no means universal, and consequently the mass of men were ignorant that there was such a thing as the year 1000, one wonders how that most enduring type of architecture, the Romanesque, reached its maturity among men who thought that the earth itself was so soon to "shrivel like a parched scroll."
20. Major Scroll's team was hit with an ambush an hour ago.
21. The seated Guardian looked down his scroll, gaze lingering on a name.
22. In order to find the detailed sequence alignment we need to scroll down a bit further.
23. It is possible to scroll the display to the right to generate essentially arbitrary precision in the result.
24. Either scroll through our news archive or use the search facility to filter for specific news.
25. FlexiZone AF/AE If your subject is off-centre you can use FlexiZone AF/AE to freely scroll your autofocus point across the autofocus point across the autofocus area.
26. Only a little bug in IE7 beta 2. If you want to scroll first the google ads and then the content is affected.
27. Air cooled chillers with either scroll or semi-hermetic screw compressors are available from 12 - 1,250 kW.
28. These focus on the future of HFC's and the respective virtues of reciprocating versus scroll compressors.
29. Cruet stand with embossed foliate and floral scrolls, molded scroll rim and central handle.
30. A Victorian silver oval cruet stand with embossed foliate and floral scrolls, molded scroll rim and central handle.
31. Distinct lack of buttons, the watch is operated by the scroll button above the display unit.
32. It's a secular form of a revelatory text: a mighty scroll unrolling in an electronic empyrean.
33. The neck and scroll are carved from one piece of maple, and an ebony fingerboard fitted.
34. The prize carries an honorarium together with a memorial scroll.
35. Horizontal barntal scroll bar replace the 1 with a 0.
36. However, just at that moment Susan and Jane rush in chanting the incantation from the scroll.
37. Inherited from ScrollableControl) Gets or sets a value indicating whether the vertical scroll bar is visible.
38. Inscriptions on the headstone and scroll could scarcely be deciphered.
39. Keypad layout incorporating a nice 4-way scroll button.
40. Knoll scroll We are a committee of 6 members producing a community newspaper.
41. The sane people among us would see that the least used keyboard led is Scroll Lock.
42. Scroll down the alphabetical list using your mouse or cursor, or click on a letter to take you straight there.
43. Lolly pop stick to the edge of the scroll that is outside the holder.
44. Mouldingas an elegant curving molding at the top beneath which is a scroll of formal foliage.
45. Maybe there was something more to the scroll nub issues?
46. The bass end of the bridge terminates in an unusual carved scroll ornament.
47. A list is usually contained within a scroll pane.
48. Parchment scroll.
49. The case features a scroll pediment mounted on pillars.
50. Posted by Justin at July 8, 2005 09:53 PM UTC+1 Comments Trackback Pings To add a comment scroll to bottom or click here.
51. You can also use several alignment styles to align both the scroll bars and the grow box in a given client rectangle.
52. Scarabs usually found are of the scroll patterns, and we now know that such belong to the XIIth dynasty.
53. Taking a Lute to Visit a Friend, a Ming dynasty hanging scroll.
54. A beautiful example of an illuminated scroll based upon a medieval original ready to be personalized with the details of your marriage.
55. scroll bar near the left side of the screen.
56. scroll button above the display unit.
57. When using separate viewport and scroll widgets with either scroll widgets with either scrolling policy, an application can use a default DrawingArea as the scroll widget.
58. scroll invitation based upon an original completed in the year 1330.
59. scroll horizontally.
60. scroll down to read more.
61. scroll through below.
62. scroll down the screen to the search limits options at the bottom.
63. scroll down the page to see previous news items.
64. scroll down the homepage and you will see which countries you could visit.
65. In the General tab scroll down the Columns section until you come to the last entry (as in the illustration below ).
66. The stencil includes a starfish, a seahorse, two types of shell and a scroll border pattern.
67. Stylized human forms, my aim is to portray character, mood or movement in the individual piece using a simple scroll.
68. Scroll down the Extended Query Form until you find the section marked, reference subentry fields.
69. Tab scroll down the Columns section until you come to the last entry (as in the illustration below ).
70. Taster day Scroll down for more info.. .
71. Grid handling is fixed to allow mapping to scroll to include the islands off the northern tip of Scotland.
72. An optical trackball and a scroll wheel are the key to precise navigation through all of your documents.
73. Unroll a scroll by touching the screen.
74. Both are operated from buttons and a scroll wheel on the top of the mouse.
75. The scarabs usually found are of the scroll patterns, and we now know that such belong to the XIIth dynasty.
76. By the way, do n't miss the scroll bar near the left side of the screen.
77. When using separate viewport and scroll widgets with either scrolling policy, an application can use a default DrawingArea as the scroll widget.
78. A wonderful scroll invitation based upon an original completed in the year 1330.
79. I 'm viewing in 1152 x 864 and still having to scroll horizontally.
80. Take a look or scroll down to read more.
81. CONTENTS Please select from the following menu or scroll through below.
82. Scroll down the screen to the search limits options at the bottom.
83. Scroll down the page to see previous news items.
84. Simply scroll down the homepage and you will see which countries you could visit.
85. In the General tab scroll down the Columns section until you come to the last entry (as in the illustration below).
86. If your dates do n't match, please scroll down to the links for other Costa del sol apartments / villas.
87. READ IT The scroll reads bozbar spell: cause an animal to sprout wings.
88. With the stylized human forms, my aim is to portray character, mood or movement in the individual piece using a simple scroll.
89. Scroll down the Extended Query Form until you find the section marked, Reference subentry fields.
90. Kite Surfing taster day Scroll down for more info...
91. Sample Turning the Pages BL computer interactive turn the pages of a book unroll a scroll by touching the screen.
92. You can purchase a mouse that will take you comfortably through an hour or two of answering email or you can buy a mouse that is designed to help you scroll through many spreadsheets and other documents.
93. For people who find themselves scrolling through long documents, there is the mouse with a scroll wheel.
94. Simply type in "iPod Mini" into the search engine and be prepared to scroll through thousands of listings with most having bids.
95. If you don't care where you sit, then scroll all the way to the bottom.
96. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the Purchase page to check the size chart.
97. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red button that says "Visit a VF Outlet Store."
98. Click the link and scroll down the page to view the instructions.
99. You can scroll through it or click through the sections.
100. Try a wrought iron curtain rod above a window or add cabinet hardware like black fleur-de-lis or scroll knobs.
101. Depending on your browser and screen resolution, at times part of the control screen may be inaccessible, making it difficult to scroll through all the different furnishing options.
102. Both are listed, so scroll further down the page for the BBCode.
103. You won't be able to narrow your search down very much past that, but if you have a few minutes to scroll through the listings, you might find what you're looking for at a very good price.
104. When the game loads on the next screen, it will be located in the middle of the web page, so you might have to scroll down a little.
105. The bubble shows you the across clue and the down clue so you aren't searching for it in the scroll boxes.
106. Scroll down and you'll find other calculators, such as a more comprehensive scientific and graphing calculator, a way to calculate financial information, a calculator for driving distances and a multitude of conversion options.
107. If you scroll down to the bottom of the web page, you'll find areas with very informational content such as Catholic Q&A, Traditional Mass, document and audio libraries, and even a Bible search utility.
108. Boudoir Photography Seattle: Scroll through these photos to find many different poses that can be used in boudoir pictures.
109. Do you need to scroll through loads of menus to change the options you use most?
110. Once you have selected your image, the script begins as the words of the script scroll alongside the image.
111. Also, go to Advocates for Youth, click on Topics and Issues and scroll down until you find GLBTQ Youth.
112. Whereas you'd have to scroll through a ton of pictures on other sites, here, you just have to point and click!
113. There you can scroll through reams of current Versace fashions, straight off the runway, and get a sneak peek at this season's hottest styles in hair and makeup; all factors that may inspire your prom look!
114. Once there, scroll through the flipbook until a creation catches your eye.
115. Social Networking: On your Facebook newsfeed, scroll to the bottom where you can "Edit Options."
116. Consider printing up an elegant invitation and rolling it into a scroll.
117. They offer scroll invitations, folded invitation, and simple card invitations.
118. Paisleys, graphics, dots, and stripes have a contemporary feel to them, while traditional plain pages, flowers, doves, hearts, or scroll work designs give a traditional impression.
119. If scrolls prove too difficult or expensive to mail, go scroll style with the programs instead.
120. After the contestants choose which area they feel has the most paranormal energy, they enter the chosen area with an item used to contact the selected spirit, a scroll, and an instruction book.
121. Scroll through the "Buildings" category to find many sections devoted to celebrities, from actors and musicians to sports heroes and historical figures.
122. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all of the languages you can choose.
123. Go to the site, select the size you wish to buy and then scroll through the pictures of the available dresses until you find one that you like.
124. Scroll through the available options and find the one that suits you or your child and select the picture.
125. To locate cruise specials, be sure to visit the Holland America website and scroll down to locate the "Special Offers & Promotions" section.
126. Just scroll down until you find one that says chords.
127. You can either search by song name or artist, or you can scroll down through the alphabetical list until you see something you like.
128. The standard engraving styles feature scroll, flower, or religious designs, but you can make custom jewelry by having a design of your choosing engraved on a plain surface.
129. Turn heads in this glitter scroll muscle tank when you pair it with jeans and strappy sandals.
130. If you're curious, scroll down on the page to see what they're all about.
131. Instead, all you'll have to do is scroll through the different serial numbers and see if they match up with your own model number.
132. You may have to scroll through the site a bit, however, before finding those sought after aviators!
133. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the "contact us" feature.
134. Visit the Store Finder page and scroll down to the detailed search option.
135. If you have a specific issue, then you can choose a particular topic or scroll down to the topic that pertains to you.
136. Scroll through the pictures and line them up in the correct order of the respective cheat, then hit Enter Code to activate the code.
137. All you have to do is scroll through the list of items, then place them with the B button.
138. You don't have to level up and find the secret scroll of Meteo high atop Mt. Highplace in order to cast that spell.
139. The game forces you to scroll down on the specific character to find it.
140. You're given a moving track, in this case a fret board, in which multi-colored notes will scroll by.
141. As those notes scroll by, you hold down the matching fret button (matched by color and order on the controller) and strum the strum bar as the notes approach.
142. Turn the PSP on and scroll to the Settings option.
143. Basically, the arrows scroll up the screen and you step on them when they reach the stationary arrows.
144. The type of game is perfect for it and the vibrant colors scroll smoothly.
145. Scroll down to the bottom of the text box and type your paragraph just like you see above!
146. While you sing, arrows scroll along the bottom under the singing field.
147. To scroll the screen, press and hold the B button and move the cursor.
148. So unless you want to fire up the PS2 and scroll through the menu for a couple of hours, it's really not that big of a deal.
149. You'll be focusing on the notes as they scroll down the screen, however, so the lack of dynamic videos isn't that big of a deal in most cases.
150. Go to the Calendar and scroll to the Wrestlemania PPV, simulating every match up until this date.
151. Scroll through your weapon choices with the directional buttons, and press the X button to select the one you want.
152. One thing that could be improved is the actual character selection screen: it's "scroll"-based rather than on a grid.
153. What really sets this BlackBerry apart, however, is that the Pearl does not come with the standard "scroll wheel" that other BlackBerry devices use.
154. Find Install at the bottom and scroll to the Unlocking Tools where you will find AnySIM.
155. Scroll through your favorite novels, flipping through pages just like how you would on a real book.
156. You may have to scroll more than you would like to ever actually see any valuable content.
157. You click to choose items on a menu, scroll easily, and don't get the annoying "wrong letters" as you're trying to type.
158. Scroll down further on that page to find a more in-depth review of the phone with detailed comments in each of the major categories in which the phones were judged.
159. Another traditional way to present a diploma is as a scroll.
160. To locate the Toys R Us application online, visit the Toys R Us website and scroll to the bottom of the page.
161. To limit your search to jobs with Kmart, go to the "Business" search box and use the arrow to scroll through the list until you see "Stores - Kmart" and "Stores - Kmart Supercenter".
162. If you just want to see the jobs, you need to scroll through the list of specifics since there is no search option.
163. Trying to hold open a book or scroll through a website can make paper folding seem impossible.
164. Scroll down to the bottom to find the "nature" section of the print and fold origami category.
165. Scroll down the page to find two more diagrams, "A Token of Love" and the "Love Links."
166. Click the "Download Coupons" link, scroll to the Monterey Bay Aquarium offer, and download your discount coupon.
167. Scroll through the site daily for updates.
168. At, you can scroll down the page to see a photo of Emma sporting a pretty lavender bikini with yellow string ties.
169. The tangerine and white scroll print mastectomy bikini is too cute to pass up.
170. To access the fit guide, click on Shop Online, then scroll to the bottom of the menu to click on View Fit Guide.
171. It starts off explaining the different types of suits, but if you scroll to the bottom, you can click on "Find Wetsuit" and get started.
172. Galaxy Army Navy seems a bit "alpha-male" at first glance, but scroll down and click on Women's Swimwear.
173. Simply click "Find Your Product" and scroll to the product name and model number.
174. In this case, you will hop over to the Gold Canyon site and scroll down to the bottom of your screen under the "Sell" subsection where it reads "Sell Our Products".
175. Songs are listed alphabetically and you'll need to scroll through the list to find what you want since no search function is available.
176. Simply scroll through over 100 different cards, secular and religious, to find the right one.
177. This might be a bit more believable if you couldn't scroll down and find links to a whole bunch of other sites such as "AussieCupid" and "FilipinoCupid".
178. To view these beautiful examples of classic and elegant yellow sapphire antique engagement rings offered by Fay Cullen Jewelry please scroll through the exquisite blue sapphire rings.
179. For a touch of intrigue, Brighton offers the Viola straw handbag with a sweeping open scroll keynote design in croco.
180. The interior flap is awash in dark purple glitter lettering that reads "Evil Queen" in a sharp scroll.
181. The majority of the signature bags are made with shantung (heavy and sturdy), jacquard (artistic scroll embossed into the fabric) or sateen (slightly shiny).
182. All Anime DVD - Another online retailer, All Anime DVD has a large and unique selection of Naruto items including book bags, messengers, backpacks, scroll bags and large gourd-shaped bags.
183. Show them how to point, click, and scroll down.
184. By 1993 when Yoshiaki Kawajiri's Ninja Scroll was released, anime had found a comfortable home in America.
185. Ninja Scroll was a fresh and new anime with a story of political intrigue and action to rival anything that had come before it.
186. If Akira and Ninja Scroll are among the most influential anime movies ever, Ghost in the Shell is easily one of the most commercially successful.
187. If it's your first time downloading a trailer from the HD-Trailers site, be sure to scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to save the file to your computer.
188. One of the quickest ways to single out fake ghost videos is to scroll down to the comment area and preview whether people are saying the video is funny or otherwise fake.
189. To find a study guide on the Free Book Notes website, simply click on the first letter of the book's title and scroll through the alphabetical listing.
190. Scroll through the attraction listings to find a printable zoo coupon for admission discount.
191. If you are returning to finish a previously started application, scroll lower on the screen until you see the words "Complete an Unfinished Application" and select that option.
192. If you scroll over the Sandals button at the top, you'll notice that you can select Strappy ones and display only those.
193. If you scroll down the list of shoes at, you'll see that most of the ratings are four or five stars.
194. Here, just click on the month in the corresponding year and scroll to the specific date.
195. Scroll tattoos are gaining popularity with Westerners.
196. If you can find a specialist in Asian tattoos who you can depend on to create an accurate scroll, you can embellish the design with a dragon descending down the side of the design.
197. Scroll butterfly eye: A butterfly in flight is surrounded by elaborate scroll work.
198. Add a floral scroll to a dragon, for example, and you have an instantly feminine dragon.
199. Other tattoo fonts include scroll work, Olde English style writing, or unique combinations of fonts.
200. Many women in the Middle East will spend hours with an artist having intricate scroll work that infuses Arabic writing, tattooed over their feet using henna.
201. Scrollwork dragonfly: The dragonfly's elegant lines make a wonderful subject for conversion to a scroll style tattoo.
202. Perhaps an artful scroll will depict the same fancy font without the commitment to a language that you are ultimately unfamiliar with.
203. Scroll down and fix the error, then click "Save" to update the article.
204. The case and polyurethane strap come in black, white, teal and hot pink, but the most amazing thing about this watch is the "speed dial" that allows users to easily scroll through various modes.
205. Scroll down for Pilates sample exercises that you can perform easily on a mat.
206. From there, scroll through the alphabetized listing to find a specialty.
207. Since most Internet users will not scroll through several pages of results to find the information they are looking for, having a high ranking is key to having potential customers find a particular company or organization's web site.
208. Once you find a vehicle you are interested in, you must select it and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if they offer a road test video.
209. Scroll down the page until you see the link for the Spartans transcript, and click on it to open.
210. As you scroll through the list, look for projects that have "Windows Media Video" after the craft project name.
211. Scroll about halfway down the page to access the free patterns.
212. Just scroll down and check out the large images to decide what's the best fit for you.
213. If great customer service is important to you along with a wide range of available sizes, you can scroll through the list until you come to Ample Bosom.
214. Try this one (scroll to the bottom of the page) from the 1960s.
215. Scroll down for a look at the Shiny Lingerie Gallery.
216. Scroll all the way to the bottom on the right-hand frame and you'll find a link to "Music" under the "Other Stuff" heading.
217. After giving the lyrics to you as plain as day, you can scroll down to view comments that other fans have left on the song.
218. Step one in the invitation selection process on the Majestic Invites website is to decide if you want "scroll, flat card, or one of a kind" designs.
219. Free Printable Invitations from Hoover Web Design: Scroll down to find free printable themed party invitations, many which include a short verse and design element.
220. The A&E website has a section devoted to Dog the Bounty Hunter, and if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, there's also a link that says "Contact Us."
221. You can easily scroll through their DWTS section to find out who was eliminated each week.
222. Immediately after the scroll vanished from the screen, we saw a small ship racing away as bolts of fire rained down upon it.
223. In an obscure scroll called the Book of Pythia, President Roslin learns of the mythical 13th tribe that journeyed to Earth.
224. Once you're comfortable with the basic flower, scroll, or butterfly design, you can make your designs more exciting by adding elaborate details and embellishments to the nail such as rhinestones or crystals.
225. Small implements such as a toothpick make drawing a scroll easy and foolproof.
226. Scroll over the Profile drop down menu on the blue menu bar and click on My Photos.
227. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on "Find Friends."
228. Scroll through the long list of students to find your friends from that school.
229. Additionally, the mobile Twitter page has more of the look and feel of the original web page, and it allows you to quickly scroll down through your friends and all of their updates instantly.
230. If you have a lot of friends, then the middle of the screen may continue to scroll without anything stopping it.
231. Once you're in the Edit Group mode, scroll down to the description section.
232. Sure, you could click on "friends" and then scroll through them in alphabetical order to find Sam's page.
233. The site is simple in appearance, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see a box where you can enter a URL.
234. You can either scroll through that list to find your friend whose face you clicked on, or you can type their name to narrow down the list.
235. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the All Heart home page to see which deals are best for your needs.
236. The Boy Scout motto is present along the top of the ribbon on a silver scroll.
237. To signify the Boy Scout slogan, "Do a Good Turn Daily" a knot hangs from the scroll.
238. To see a diagram of the Boy Scout uniform patch placement, you can visit Scout Stuff and scroll to the second page.
239. If used as part of a medal, the motto "Be Prepared" is written on a silver scroll above the ribbon and suspends the entire emblem.
240. Ohio State: The Buckeyes kept their traditional red jerseys, with the numbering changed to a vintage scroll font.
241. In addition to buttons that users click to issue commands, other common widgets include scroll bars, text boxes, drop down lists, data entry fields and navigational features.
242. Scroll down to vacant block which states Get background information from another page.
243. Scroll all the way down the list until you come to a section labeled "Scripting."
244. With elements like falling text, comment scroll boxes, and even entire layout generators, you can get the specific code snippets either through cut-and-paste or through a sample HTML code generator that includes a preview.
245. Only an upper border frames the central program, and the handles and scrolls lack sophistication and depth.
246. Each transect can be scrolled and viewed at different scales, and is accompanied by an explanatory text written by the compilers.
247. The book is transportable, easily cross-referenced, reassessed and scrolled to use the jargon of the cumbersome computer.
248. Most wear scrolls around their necks, which have been interpreted as collars, pectorals, or blood symbols, thus suggesting decapitation.
249. Additionally, the new system provides enhanced, mouse-driven, user control and a continuously scrolling output display.
250. To fit the form on one web page we had to create a long document that consequently needs a lot of scrolling.
251. One hundred and thirty-four scrolls hung around the hall.
252. The wife gestures toward her husband, while the husband speaks to his wife, as indicated by the speech scrolls that issue from the husband toward his wife.
253. A frontal zoomorph head is commonly depicted in the main program, again flanked by scrolls, and the entire program is framed by voussure, interlocking key and/or mat borders.
254. They set a balance between encouraging pupils to try out the different possibilities of equipment, and restricting their options, to avoid time-consuming and aimless scrolling through sounds, effects or values.
255. As we watched the television, a litany of names was scrolling across the bottom of the screen.
256. Therefore, monitors and permanently-installed signs scrolling through the various languages would be a very important addition.
257. Two hundred and six thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven scrolls have been completed and dispatched.
258. Swastikas were daubed on the holy ark, religious scrolls were ripped, trampled on and covered with paint.
259. Certificates and even scrolls of degrees are not always an accurate measure of the capacity, intellectual, moral or otherwise, of the holder.
260. There would merely be the cost of the scrolls to be provided to the schools.
261. Architectural elements such as scrolls, acroterions and guttae are recognizable, but abstracted.
262. Each scene in the scrolls represents a story or part of a story.
263. The task of unrolling and deciphering the over 1800 charred papyrus scrolls continues today.
264. In this manner, in the course of the evening he unrolls several scrolls one at a time.
265. Here the player can see his character facing the enemy and use different attack moves as well as potions, scrolls and other items.
266. Statuettes and scrolls were shared out between officers.
267. The upper level was adorned with stepped frets and scrolls as well.
268. Limestone cornices top both stories of the building, and a cartouche bordered by scrolls sits on the roofline above the central front window.
269. He is partially covered in scrolls, with a strange glow in his left eye.
270. Until the 1970s, the scrolls continued to deteriorate because of poor storage arrangements, exposure to different adhesives, and being trapped in moist environments.
271. The spirit displayed a scroll containing a lengthy summary of his expedition.
272. The drama masks that bite onto the two upper corners of the scroll header with cursive title communicate the familiar, theatrical nature of magic.
273. He documents the transitions from clay tablets, to papyrus and parchment scrolls, and the development of the codex as the precursor of the modern book.
274. During her reports, a news ticker scrolls across the bottom, displaying meaningless symbols, often containing lots of fours.
275. A lower compartment, mostly intact, is thought to have possibly functioned as a "genizah" or storage compartment where old or unused scrolls were stored.
276. Bayard is very excited about those things in which she believes, most notably her scrolls, the feinna-link and her mistress and serving her mistress.
277. Eventually stretching to one hundred "juan", or scrolls, the treatise contains numerous maps and much geographical detail covering both the western and eastern hemispheres.
278. He is named for his use of banderoles, or speech scrolls in his prints.
279. He faces to the right of the screen and the background scrolls to the left, bringing enemies into view.
280. Camera pans and text scrolls could be faster.
281. The saints' windows have appropriate symbols, and the saints often have simple text bearing scrolls.
282. The scrolls traditionally divide the hero's journey into ten stages each illustrated by a circularly framed image and a simple verse.
283. When the user scrolls with the mouse wheel, the icons rotate towards a fixed point so the user can access a specific icon.
284. Lumina is primarily offensive but thanks to the five elemental scrolls it gains new skills that facilitate the platforming.
285. The hilt is of ivory overlaid with gold delicately carved with cloud bands and scrolls.
286. He was responsible for developing standard methods for reconstructing scrolls.
287. There was usually a room where scrolls were kept and scribes did their work.
288. His folk art includes kimono, paper prints, wall scrolls, folding screens, curtains, fans and calendars.
289. In addition, the star in the hoist is smaller and is surrounded by scrolls and lettering.
290. Most of the works are in codex form, a few in scrolls.
291. Many of the watercolors are linked to the woodblock prints, he also produced oil paintings, traditional hanging scrolls and a few "bybu" (folding screens).
292. The circuits are viewed from above and always fit on the screen, so the game never scrolls.
293. There is no intermission between each section; the game simply scrolls into the new terrain.
294. The background image continues infinitely when the player scrolls in the horizontal directions.
295. There are scrolls and fragments of this information, however, the majority of these manuscripts are in codex form.
296. The date of the restoration is recorded on four scrolls of marble around the fountain.
297. The tower is the destination of the ninja after they have collected two scrolls.
298. In addition, in some levels, the display scrolls to the left, which forces the player to make quick decisions.
299. The interior of the shrine was designed to depict the environment in which the scrolls were found.
300. The owners and state of preservation of all four scrolls has since changed.
301. Although it survives only in small fragments, it was allegedly a massive written work on 960 written scrolls.
302. Unlike the scrolls of previous editions, 4th edition's scrolls are not classified as magical items.
303. The screen auto scrolls up as the worms and blocks move down.
304. Other exterior decorations were of flowers, urns topped with pineapples, scrolls, etc.
305. The scrolls are badly carbonized, but a large number have been unrolled, with varying degrees of success.
306. The color of the scrolls is usually white, but there is a high proportion of representations displaying the red color.
307. The church also contains a 17th-century wooden altar rail carved with open work scrolls and figures.
308. There is no writing on any of the scrolls; they consist of pictures only.
309. Blood scrolls can be seen on her face.
310. The spandrels of the mihrab arches are enriched with flower vases, out of which rise vine-like scrolls and leaves intertwining boldly projected rosettes.
311. Large stylized foot scrolls support a flagpole in the center.
312. The whole work comprises 397 scrolls in 226 volumes, and 5 scrolls of index.
313. All six scrolls must be collected the first time through to get the first ending.
314. The delicate process of unrolling the scrolls while developing a method that would prevent them from disintegrating took three years.
315. Two participants are standing in the center of the court with speech scrolls emerging from their mouths.
316. Manuscripts may be in book form, scrolls or in codex format.
317. He was the editor of some of the most famous and controversial scrolls published, the "pesharim".
318. The balcony, supported on plain columns, has a panelled front with rich plaster scrolls.
319. In addition to training, mages can learn new spells by transcribing them from scrolls found in the unsettled areas.
320. The entrance front has a flat-topped gable surmounted by a plaque with scrolls at each end.
321. The texts were written on traditional bamboo slips connected by cords into rolled scrolls.
322. A number have animals that may carry symbolic meaning, or objects such as scrolls or wreaths.
323. A classical marble facade with baroque scrolls decorate the partially subterranean vault.
324. The students unroll a large strip of paper to create a long scroll with students gathering on both sides [12].
325. With two windows open, you can scroll either or both without moving the cursor between windows.
326. Horizontal hanging scrolls are also very frequently used and a common form.
327. In the latter role, he has access to ancient scrolls and other information not given to the ape masses.
328. Users only get one chance every time it scrolls past.
329. The central temple includes bands and triangles on the substructure element and terrace and scrolls on the molding above the door.
330. Furthermore, while two rows of scrolls wrap around the exterior, the scrolls do not form zoomorphs.
331. The imagery is very regular, with a central program focused on scrolls, which usually form the building blocks of profile and/or frontal zoomorphic heads.
332. Scale borders frame a series of scrolls and zoomorphic profile heads.
333. Surrounding these figures may be an intricate pattern of winged and/or paw scrolls, often associated with vertical scale motifs.
334. With the word graph menu, the architect can see all word graphs by scrolling back and forth through the strip of word graphs.
335. The sequences of sounds and images vary in time but the user is always free to control the scrolling speed.
336. Depending on the use, this recalculation will be required later (when the window is scrolled) or never (when the same cell is changed again).
337. They also have more elaborate turbinal scrolls, allowing more developed olfactory abilities.
338. In several instances, he returns to subjects treated earlier in the book, such as children's education and the evolution from scrolls to codices.
339. They have identified features such as color, font size, scrolling, nominalization, graphics, and white space as contributing to the readability of online texts.
340. Context sentences can be viewed in the search window, which can be scrolled or maximised to ease reading.
341. Reducing excess scrolling with anchors, in addition to restructuring the layout of the site, would further strengthen the readability and organized appearance of the website.
342. They were bringing religious scrolls and other symbolic ornaments.
343. Three pairs of symmetrically opposed scrolls decorate the sides and top of the car touche.
344. Look at the patterned image above. With the screen fixed, the design remains still. But scroll or physically move your screen ever so slightly, and the decorative display picks up speed. Load Error ...
345. The depth of New Zealand's songwriting talent is on display among the 20 finalists of the 2020 APRA Silver scroll Award, says the head of the music industry body. "Of course it was a tough job for our ...
346. These votes from the APRA membership will determine the five finalists and winner of the 2020 APRA Silver scroll Award. You can listen to a Spotify playlist of all 20 songs HERE. You can read more ...
347. With the launch of Chrome 80 back in February, Google’s browser began supporting a feature called scroll to Text Fragment. The feature was the subject of controversy when it initially launched ...
348. Benee, L.A.B and Troy Kingi are among the artists whose songs have been shortlisted for the 2020 APRA Silver scroll Award.
349. Take a peek at this explosive Dragon scroll by Cecilie Fritzvold @ceshiirie She's certainly getting a lot of bang for her buck with those dynamite pieces!
350. NEIGHBOURS unfurled a 110-metre scroll bearing hundreds of messages of thanks for the NHS along their street on Sunday. Residents in Windmill Street, Brighton, were celebrating the NHS’s 72nd ...
351. scroll sentence examples. scroll. Almost shrieking in excitement, Jenn snatched the scroll and ran. 73. 40. Each received a scroll with information on their first day of training and assignments. 52. 45.
352. Examples of scroll in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: Only an upper border frames the central program, and the handles and scrolls
353. Scrolling sentence examples. When using separate viewport and scroll widgets with either scroll widgets with either scrolling policy, an application can use a default DrawingArea as the scroll widget. 0. 0. Its a 2D scrolling shooter that plays really well over 5 huge levels of action. 0. 0.
354. Examples of how to use the word scroll in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
355. Sentence examples similar to please scroll down to see from inspiring English sources. 60. similar 1. related RELATED you scroll down to see. 1. Please scroll down to read it. Vice. 2. Please scroll down to Things You Need,and read that first,then read the article. WikiHow. 3. I scroll
356. scroll definition is - a roll (as of papyrus, leather, or parchment) for writing a document. How to use scroll in a sentence.
357. How to use scroll in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word scroll? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. A lion statant gardant on the royal crown, with the words FOR VALOUR on a semi circular scroll. I could just yammer on long enough now to make it so that you'll have to scroll down to see it.
358. 231+1 sentence examples: 1. As I opened the scroll, a panorama of the Yellow River unfolded. 2. scroll to the end of the document. 3. scroll down to the bottom of the document. 4. Use the arrow keys to scroll the list of files. 5. You can scroll thro
359. 231+1 sentence examples: 1. The scroll they have with them allows entrance to that Tower, and is the only way out of this room. 2. She carefully undid the ribbons and opened the scroll. 3. If your map covers more than one screen, the first bit will s
360. ScrollMagic Examples Let's start showing off some magic Please note: Most of the examples are not optimized for mobile devices, so the sourcecode can be as simple as possible. The obvious exceptions are the examples on mobile support.
361. scroll definition: The definition of a scroll is a rolled up piece of printed or written material. (noun) An example of a scroll is a Torah, the traditional Hebrew bible.
362. Definition of scroll. to roll up and down a computer screen to see the text. Examples of scroll in a sentence. In order to get the phone number of the company, I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen. 🔊 “scroll up to the top of the page with your mouse,” the computer teacher told her students. 🔊
363. scroll down further for an explanation of each of the eight tests. It's difficult to see scroll down in a sentence . scroll down until you get to the option for uninstalling Windows 98. Simply mouse over the text, and a scroll down menu will appear. From the Edit menu, scroll down to Paste or Paste Special.
364. Define scroll DOWN (phrasal verb) and get synonyms. What is scroll DOWN (phrasal verb)? scroll DOWN (phrasal verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary
365. Use scrollto in a sentence, scrollto meaning?, scrollto definition, how to use scrollto in a sentence, use scrollto in a sentence with examples: 9. scroll definition is - a roll (as of papyrus, leather, or parchment) for writing a document. 11. 3. jquery scrollto on dynamic menu/page sections. Ask Question Asked 6 years ago.
366. scroll definition: A scroll is a long roll of paper or a similar material with writing on it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
367. scroll down the page for more examples, songs, and explanations. Declarative / Assertive Sentence. A declarative or assertive sentence states a fact, opinion or idea. Most sentences are declarative. A declarative sentence is followed by a period (.). Examples: He sold cakes to the class. No, I do not like to eat fish.
368. Examples of Different and Interesting scrolling Effects. Batman 3D A parallax scrolling site, the characters in the image move around a little on mouseover and the navigation categories slide out to full size. When you scroll down the page, the cape remains the static part of the parallax effect, wrapping the content panel all the way down
369. The scroll event occurs when the user scrolls in the specified element. The scroll event works for all scrollable elements and the window object (browser window). The scroll() method triggers the scroll event, or attaches a function to run when a scroll event occurs.
370. Synonyms for scroll at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for scroll.
371. One of the best examples of parallax scrolling we've seen, the article takes you through the story of a cage fighter written by Mary Pilon. As you scroll through the content, the illustrations come alive with clever animations and alterations, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the content.
372. Scrolling's main drawback is its lack of precision. Rarely does a scroll end up aligned to a paragraph or sentence. This is even more pronounced for paginated or itemized content with meaningful boundaries when the scroll finishes at the middle of the page or image leaving it partially visible.
373. How to use scroll in a sentence. The scroll list of example sentences with scroll.
374. scroll A long sheet of parchment or papyrus, with writing on one side, which was usually rolled around a stick. The Scriptures were written and copied on scrolls, the common book form during the period of Bible writing.
375. scroll arrow definition: On-screen arrow that is clicked in order to scroll the screen in the corresponding direction. The screen moves one line, or increment, with each mouse click.
376. scroll definition, a roll of parchment, paper, copper, or other material, especially one with writing on it: a scroll containing the entire Old Testament. See more.
377. This method is a shortcut for .on( "scroll", handler ) in the first and second variations, and .trigger( "scroll" ) in the third.. The scroll event is sent to an element when the user scrolls to a different place in the element. It applies to window objects, but also to scrollable frames and elements with the overflow CSS property set to scroll (or auto when the element's explicit height or
378. See examples of scroll in English. Real sentences showing how to use scroll correctly.
379. The scroll-behavior CSS property sets the behavior for a scrolling box when scrolling is triggered by the navigation or CSSOM scrolling APIs.
380. ScrollReveal is an AniJS helper function, that allows you to animate several components when they enter the viewport. If you don't now nothing about AniJS, you can find documentation an examples at the official site.. If: scroll, on: window, do: animation, to: any element
381. Example sentences for: scrolled How can you use “scrolled” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Bow brick houses, their steep stoops (or steps) framed with scrolled black railings, are set off by parks, the finest examples being Union Park Square, situated just off Tremont Street, and Rutland and Concord squares both farther to the south.
382. scroll timing in a sentence - Use "scroll timing" in a sentence 1. He illustrates this point of view, the IRI will produce critical equipment likely to allow viewers to reclaim a critical modern aesthetic objects ( cinema, television or radio ), the scroll time tends to s impose the flow of individual consciences. click for more sentences of scroll timing
383. In a climate-controlled cabinet in one corner was the original scroll in the shaky handwriting of St. John the Divine of Patmos, whose "Revelation" had been the alltime best seller. Aziraphale had found him a nice chap, if a bit too fond of odd mushrooms. — Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, in Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (1990)
384. Choose the correct word in each sentence. scroll down to view answers. 1. The mountain peak was farther/further away than she expected. 2. Farther/Further negotiations should help the two sides reach an agreement. 3. I agree with the addition to the project as long as there are no farther/further delays. 4. I refuse to walk one step farther
385. Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML. method to add smooth page scroll // The optional number (800) specifies the number of milliseconds it takes to scroll to the specified area $('html, body').animate(
386. From The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. noun A roll, as of parchment or papyrus, used especially for writing a document.; noun An ancient book or volume written on such a roll.; noun A list or schedule of names.; noun An ornament or ornamental design that resembles a partially rolled scroll of paper, as the volute in Ionic and Corinthian capitals.
387. scroll to your UART's line, and enter 0xa0000000 in the Base address field (this was the default address for the 16550 UART you just deleted, so you know it's a safe place to put the lite UART). 12: Packet indicator (for UART interfaces) of 2. 13: Packet indicator (for UART interfaces) of 3. 14: Packet indicator (for UART interfaces) of 1. 15
388. Meaning and examples for 'scroll' in Spanish-English dictionary. √ 100% FREE. √ Over 1,500,000 translations. √ Fast and Easy to use.

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