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"Shamrock" Example Sentences

1. Shortly before St Patrick's Day the queen issued an order which intensified this interest, that Irish soldiers might in future wear a sprig of shamrock in their headgear on this national festival.
2. Meyer at the Shamrock colliery in Westphalia, where a body of men are kept in systematic training for its use at a special rescue station.
3. Guys who don't want to wear full body leprechaun mascot costumes while they bar hop on St. Patty's Day might consider wearing a traditional shirt and jeans, while rocking the holiday with shamrock shades, a green wig or a shamrock top hat.
4. She went even further than this attempt to conciliate Irish feeling, and to show her recognition of the gallantry of the Irish soldiers she issued an order for them to wear the shamrock on St Patrick's Day, and for a new regiment of Irish Guards to be constituted.
5. shamrock leaf the national emblem of Ireland.
6. Shamrocks: Usually found in stores only around St. Patrick's Day, shamrocks have tall stems, green shamrock leaf clusters and cute little white flowers that bloom intermittently.
7. For example, if you want to show up to a St. Patrick's Day party as a sexy leprechaun, consider donning your favorite micro mini and a pair of shamrock printed stockings with glittery green stilettos accented with shamrock stickers.
8. Some crab eating macaques were brought in from Shamrock, which I was later able to demonstrate against and see closed.
9. FIRST STUDENT: I was told St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, taught his people about the Trinity by using a shamrock.
10. His followers adopted the custom of wearing a shamrock on his feast day.
11. A pretty device, the rose, shamrock, and thistle, and a star, were exhibited by Mr. Sanders.
12. The national flowers are also shown; Welsh daffodil, English rose, Scottish thistle and Irish shamrock.
13. shamrock with pride, and particularly so on St Patrick's Day.
14. shamrock design, blocked blind on front board, blocked in gilt on spine.
15. Shamrock Pea (Parochetus) - P. communis is a beautiful little creeping perennial with Clover-like leaves, 2 to 3 inches high, bearing in spring Pea-shaped blossoms of a beautiful blue.
16. The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and is well known around the world.
17. If you are looking to embrace the luck of the Irish, then consider sporting a stylish shamrock costume.
18. The knot was adopted by early Christians and, like the shamrock, was used by them to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity, or how the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit together make one God.
19. However, you don't need to have a drop of Irish blood in you to don a lucky shamrock getup.
20. All a shamrock asks is occasional water, some sunlight and a regular pruning. the life cycle of a shamrock is such that the stems turn brown regularly, so you have to get rid of those.
21. The Irish wear the shamrock with pride, and particularly so on St Patrick 's Day.
22. Original green cloth, decorated with shamrock design, blocked blind on front board, blocked in gilt on spine.
23. He is also famous for describing the concept of the Trinity by using a shamrock leaf the national emblem of Ireland.
24. This is a great way to distinguish your cake from the many shamrock shaped novelty cake designs found during the holiday.
25. Both his father and uncle, Tommy Farrell, played football for the Irish Football Club Shamrock Rovers during the 1960s.
26. Shamrock costumes help show off Irish pride.
27. Whether you are looking to don a simple, sensational, stunning or shocking shamrock costume, you had better like the color green.
28. The majority of shamrock costumes feature lucky green as their base.
29. However, if you are uncomfortable wearing green from head to toe, you could opt to wear a more modest getup and use shamrock accessories to embellish your costume.
30. With shamrock accessories you'll still be able to show off your Irish pride without being mistaken for the Jolly Green Giant.
31. Shamrock King: Pair a green velvet jacket with a white shirt peppered with shamrock appliques and matching green pants.
32. Shamrock Queen: Wear a flowing green dress covered with paper shamrocks, a shamrock tiara and a gold mask painted with more shamrocks.
33. Carry a shamrock scepter and a pot of gold to round out the costume.
34. Shamrock Sweetheart: Don a short emerald green satin dress with white thigh high stockings accented with shamrocks.
35. Simple Shamrock costume: Simply wear a green shirt that says, "Kiss Me I'm Irish" with a pair of jeans.
36. Accessorize with green and white striped socks and a glittery shamrock deely bopper.
37. Shamrock costumes and accessories are seasonal items that can be found during the months of February and March at party supply and costume shops around the world.
38. The leprechaun is designed to make the wearer appear shorter than he or she really is, so you will see through the mesh opening in a shamrock on the hat if you wear this costume.
39. Shamrock designs to add whimsical symbolism and offer the couple luck in their union.
40. Shamrocks and four leaf clovers: The traditional Irish shamrock is a three-leaf clover associated with legends of St. Patrick.
41. The shamrock, for example, is a three-leafed young clover that is used as the unofficial symbol of Ireland.
42. Used to signify good luck as well as Irish heritage, some men and women of Irish decent choose to get a shamrock tattoo.
43. Another traditional symbol of St. Patrick's Day is the shamrock or four-leaf clover.
44. You can find shamrock plants at grocery and garden supply stores before the holiday, and they are very easy to take care of.
45. Pick up small black bowls and paint a shamrock on one side to resemble a pot for gold and treasures.
46. If you're planning a large party with many guests, decorated shamrock shot glasses are also a great, and less expensive, choice.
47. Have them floating around a larger leprechaun, shamrock or pot of gold image, whether piped or made from modeling chocolate or fondant.
48. Make others green with envy by donning a show topping shamrock costume to wear to your next St. Patrick's Day party.
49. Cork City saw off Longford Town to advance to the FAI Cup second round on Tuesday night. Photograph: Bryan Keane/Inpho Defending champions shamrock Rovers will face Cork City in the only all-Premier ...
50. Two late goals see shamrock Rovers preserve their perfect start to the season as the league leaders come from behind to defeat Derry 2-1 at the Brandywell.
51. On Monday former WWE star Ken shamrock joined in, telling WWE and Shane McMahon that they should give him a call if they want these fights to look good. Shamrock, who currently works with Impact ...
52. Kan shamrock has shared the possibility of competing i. RAW Underground debuted last week on Monday Night RAW, hosted by Shane McMahon. Former WWE Superstar and UFC fighter Ken shamrock has taken to ...
53. Former WWE Superstar and UFC Hall of Famer Ken shamrock was not impressed with the worked “shoot-style” fights on Raw Underground.
54. WWE ran Raw Underground for the second week, but Ken shamrock wasn't impressed. The World's Most Dangerous Man tweeted out following the segment this week ...
55. Derry City 1 shamrock Rovers 2. shamrock Rovers extended their lead at the Premier Division summit to six points following a never say die performance and win over Derry City at t ...
56. Cork City's reward for their dramatic FAI Cup win over Longford Town last night is a trip to face the holders shamrock Rovers in the second round.
57. Roanoke Catholic School is paying tribute to its Celtic roots while raising money during the 30th annual shamrock Hill 5K, but this time it’s virtual and not happening St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. St.
58. The opening weekend of the League of Ireland's very own Project Restart could scarcely have gone better for shamrock Rovers as they made no mistake in their first test while their main title rivals, ...
59. Law360 (July 30, 2020, 10:25 PM EDT) -- The National Labor Relations Board reversed an agency judge's decision and ruled that part of a shamrock Foods policy barring workers from linking to the ...
60. shamrock sentence examples. shamrock. Shortly before St Patrick's Day the queen issued an order which intensified this interest, that Irish soldiers might in future wear a sprig of shamrock in their headgear on this national festival.
61. Examples of shamrock in a sentence. If you are able to find a shamrock with four leaves instead of three, you will have the luck of the Irish. 🔊 The shamrock is found in the fields of Ireland and is one of the main symbols of Irish heritage. 🔊 Each green clover cut out was used to decorate the St. Patrick’s Day shamrock float. 🔊
62. 29 sentence examples: 1. They wear the leaves of the shamrock in his honour. 2. His patchy mongrel pants like an iris where shamrock fans forget to blur. 3. shamrock cup and saucer by Beleek Bestlite 31170 solid brass lamp base with dark green enamel
63. Shamrocks sentence examples. to a plot of watercresses or shamrocks they flocked as to a feast." 0. 0. shamrocks: Usually found in stores only around St. Patrick's Day, shamrocks have tall stems, green shamrock leaf clusters and cute little white flowers that bloom intermittently. 0. 0.
64. 1. How to use shamrock in a sentence. Example sentences with the word shamrock.shamrock example sentences.: 2. Examples of shamrock in a sentence. If you are able to find a shamrock with four leaves instead of three, you will have the luck of the Irish. 🔊 The shamrock is found in the fields of Ireland and is one of the main symbols of Irish heritage. 🔊 Each green clover cut out was used
65. Translations of the phrase A shamrock from english to italian and examples of the use of "A SHAMROCK" in a sentence with their translations: It's a shamrock keychain. Italian Danish German Latin Spanish French Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
66. Sentence with the word shamrock. Three men were attempting to do the Riverdance in shamrock-shaped slippers.. The shamrock is forbid by law to grow on Irish ground;. But the shamrock is a tender a plant, it's beauty soon will fade "Then you don't know why the shamrock is our national emblem?". For years I was lead to believe that the shamrock was a large, green 3 leaf clover, in my mind
67. shamrock definition is - a trifoliolate plant used as a floral emblem by the Irish: such as. Examples of shamrock in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web The participants were guided by Chippewa Garden Club members to fashion brown paper bag trees and to accessorize the trees with artificial vines,
68. shamrock definition: any of certain clovers or cloverlike plants with leaflets in groups of three, used as the emblem of Ireland, as the red clover, white clover, wood sorrel, or black medicOrigin of shamrockIrish seamrog, diminutive of seamar, clover
69. shamrock definition, any of several trifoliate plants, as the wood sorrel, Oxalis acetosella, or a small, pink-flowered clover, Trifolium repens minus, but especially Trifolium procumbens, a small, yellow-flowered clover: the national emblem of Ireland. See more.
70. shamrock definition: 1. a plant that has three round leaves on each stem 2. a plant that has three round leaves on each…. Learn more.
71. How to use shamrock in a sentence. The shamrock list of example sentences with shamrock. Lists. synonyms. similar meaning. antonyms. opposite meaning. definitions. meaning & examples. examples. in a sentence "Thought I might find a shamrock or AB" "now here's shamrock returning bodie's call" "hope you're not going back to the shamrock hotel
72. shamrock definition: A shamrock is a small plant with three round leaves on each stem . The shamrock is the | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
73. Shamrocks definition: Noun 1. plural form of shamrock
74. shamrock quotes from YourDictionary: Viva la the New Brigade! Viva la the Old One, too! Viva la, the Rose shall fade, And the shamrock shine for ever new!
75. Thistle and shamrock in a sentence - Use "thistle and shamrock" in a sentence 1. In 2000 they appeared on " A Thistle and shamrock Christmas Ceilidh ". 2. The whole is within the Union wreath of flowering rose, thistle and shamrock surmounted by the Royal Crown. click for more sentences of thistle and shamrock
76. French Translation of “shamrock” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.
77. 1. 1. shamrocks in a sentence 🔊 Definition of shamrocks. plural of are classic features of Celtic imagery, and are often, but not always, created as tattoos using the knot work pattern. 0 Another great way to add shamrocks, and the color green, to your home is to plant some shamrocks.3.How to use shamrocks in a sentence: 2.: 2. How to use shamrocks in a sentence.
78. A shamrock is a young sprig, used as a symbol of Ireland. Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, is said to have used it as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity. The name shamrock comes from Irish seamróg [ˈʃamˠɾˠoːɡ], which is the diminutive of the Irish word seamair óg and simply means "young clover".. shamrock usually refers to either the species Trifolium dubium (lesser
79. Examples. Three men were attempting to do the Riverdance in shamrock-shaped slippers. Fancy dress and a lot of bottle at Andorra's ski party. The shamrock is forbid by law to grow on Irish ground; The Golden Book of Favorite Songs. But the shamrock is a tender a plant, it's beauty soon will fade.
80. The significance of the shamrock is linked to St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. When he arrived in Ireland in 431, Patrick used the shamrock to teach Pagans about the Holy Trinity.
81. Sentence Examples. There is bound to be an ethical uproar when the advisory body reports its recommendations. The joint venture is owned by PHP Healthcare Corporation, of Alexandria, and shamrock Investments, a leading health care financial advisory firm based in California.
82. Sentence Examples. The national emblem is a carved Irish shamrock adorning Government House, and the island's flag and crest show a woman with a cross and harp. Submarine gurglings gradually surface, birdsong chirps, piano and harp snuggle nocturnally as we move towards a magical ending. 13.
83. Examples of shamrock in a Sentence; 문장 shamrock. She wore a shamrock in honor of her Irish ancestry. Not only did the Dublin barkeeps not make a shamrock in the foam, they claimed to not even know what a black and tan was. 문장 shamrocks. The fields were covered with shamrocks.
84. shamrock Symbolism & Meaning. The symbol of the shamrock is unique to Irish culture and tradition. This fact is generally known and accepted in most cultures – just look at leprechauns and trinkets on St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks, though, are not to be confused with four-leaf clovers, although both can be associated with good luck and fortune.. Although they symbolize roughly the same
85. Sentence Examples. Some people pooh-pooh the idea, Tottenham survived a scare as they fought back from 1-0 down to run out comfortable winners against shamrock Rovers in the Europa League. If I run out these curtains, they will fit the windows in the drawing room.
86. You can use shamrock as a noun in a sentence. About shamrock A 2 syllables noun and 8 letters with the letters a, c, h, k, m, o, r, and s, 6 consonants, 2 vowels and 2 syllables with the middle letters mr.
87. Significant mentions of the word shamrock: . See shamrock used in context: 5 rhymes, several books and articles.: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog
88. Unfortunately it appears that this article has been completely overtaken to solely concern itself with symbolism associated with Ireland, and the introduction in the lead sentence of the fact that the shamrock is a trademarked symbol of the Irish government complete skews a political angle onto the article.
89. shamrock n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (botany: clover) trèfle nm nom masculin: s'utilise avec les articles "le", "l'" (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), "un". Ex : garçon - nm > On dira "le garçon" ou "un garçon". The children collected shamrocks in the meadow. Les enfants ont ramassé des trèfles dans la prairie.
90. See the full definition of shamrock at » 219 Playable Words can be made from "SHAMROCK" 2-Letter Words ( 17 found )
91. Pronunciation of shamrock with 1 audio pronunciation, 18 synonyms, 7 translations, 4 sentences and more for shamrock. Examples of in a sentence. Ronan Finn signs for shamrock Rovers shamrock should be in sentence
92. shamrock translation in English - Spanish Reverso dictionary, see also 'sham',shambolic',sharon',shortcake', examples, definition, conjugation
93. The main event was originally scheduled to be between Kimbo Slice and Ken shamrock. Bellator 138 ( Kimbo vs shamrock ) was the highest rated Bellator event ever. It's difficult to see kimbo in a sentence . After the fight, Grove called out both Mostapha Al-turk and Kimbo Slice. There are valid cases such as Kimbo Slice, but the majority aren't.
94. Examples of how to use the word shamrock in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
95. Contextual translation of "shamrock" into French. Human translations with examples: shamrock, shamrock (sk), trèfle irlandais, shamrock origine.
96. The shamrock of legend has been identified with a number of different plants in the family Leguminosae, in particular the lesser yellow trefoil (Trifolium minus) ‘Green also became associated with this feast day (St. Patrick's Day) because it is the colour of spring, Ireland and the shamrock.’
97. "shamrock": examples and translations in context The shamrock , which he used to explain the trinity because of its three leaves, is associated with this day. Le trèfle qu'il utilisait pour expliquer la trinité, à cause de ses trois feuilles, est encore associé à la fête que nous célébrons aujourd'hui.
98. Definition of shamrock noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
99. What does shamrock stand for? List of 1 shamrock definition. Updated July 2020. Top shamrock abbreviation meaning: Aer Lingus

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