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"Souls" Example Sentences

1. She felt the truth in his words, perhaps because their souls had touched when they first met the day before.
2. Rather than taking souls and risking a run-in with him or his dealers, the demons snatched the dead or killed whomever they wanted and brought them here, where they'd have more time for soul extraction.
3. Gabriel drained the bowl of water and placed the souls in his pocket.
4. His magic comes from the souls of the dead, which are kept in the underworld.
5. Yully opened herself to him, and he shivered as their souls, then their bodies, met once again.
6. Could he then merge two souls together into a single body?
7. He knew what souls the demons were after, and his death dealers were equipped with the soul compasses.
8. We found where the souls are coming into the lakes.
9. Their souls already linked, all that was left was for their bodies to become one as well.
10. Her eyes went to the green glow of souls again.
11. In the meantime, the lost souls were stuck in a lake in the mortal world.
12. Lost souls, shut out of the underworld, was the greatest nightmare for Death.
13. Landon pocketed the souls before calling a portal.
14. There had to be millions of lost souls to create that vibrant of a glow.
15. How did Gabriel get souls back to the underworld if he wasn't allowed there?
16. He cured my human side, brought the deity side back, and joined our souls, she replied a little too quickly.
17. "Take these," Gabriel said, handing him the souls he took from the bowl.
18. When you left, the demons were pouring in, the Lake of Souls was bubbling and everything else was falling apart.
19. When the sun was up, she retreated from the French doors, troubled by the lost souls and what she did to make Gabriel's life worse, when she'd hoped to make it better.
20. "Why does that look like souls?" she asked, puzzled.
21. Dear souls, dear kind souls!
22. You were supposed to place it in with the souls of the other deities.
23. He's building an Army of Souls to attack the human world.
24. His duty was beyond question the most important there was: protecting the souls of the dead mortals and dead-dead Immortals.
25. If their souls were smashed together as Deidre said, he was glad this part of the human remained.
26. With the power of Hell behind him, Darkyn could raise an Army of Souls to wipe out the mortal realm.
27. She found herself walking along the bank, gaze on the souls that were moving.
28. The ground around the monument was rich with the long dead whose souls were trapped.
29. Of course, it was possible that Darkyn combined the souls into Deidre's new body, after raising her from the dead-dead.
30. Lake of Souls bubbling.
31. She always experienced a sense of peace around the souls.
32. The Lake of Souls is much larger than any lake on the mortal world.
33. I just helped you protect the souls.
34. We can both take care of the souls.
35. Jule, can the souls of those long dead still be freed, even if they're trapped in the ground?
36. The dealers lose their souls when they come work for me.
37. I'm going to kill demons and collect souls, until I set things right.
38. She could help Gabriel and the souls, even if her whole world crashed at the end of the week.
39. Instead, she concentrated on figuring out what knowledge she could about the souls in the lake.
40. Even if she managed to save the souls and win Gabriel, the truth was going to ruin everything.
41. "There are no currents in the Lake of Souls," she told Cora.
42. "The souls just appeared," she murmured.
43. The Lake of Souls in her underworld was always still.
44. He can't find souls, let alone demons.
45. Behold all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.
46. She'd challenged Gabriel's new mate to win him over in one week, or one of them lost their souls.
47. This isn't three hundred souls.
48. The five remaining death-dealers he brought with him were quickly extracting souls.
49. Gabriel reached the end of the assassins and turned to gaze at the lake with its souls.
50. We rescued three hundred souls.
51. But she protected her souls.
52. If he doesn't kill her, she might be what prevents him from building his Army of Souls.
53. It never sat well with him that those charged with enforcing Death's mission served not out of choice but obligation to the deity that stole their souls.
54. No deity or Immortal or living human ever welcomed or accepted Death, but the souls always had.
55. Seating herself on a low bank, she studied the souls.
56. Maybe. We haven't been able to collect souls for very long.
57. Deidre gritted her teeth, silently cursing everyone under the sun for not keeping better track of the souls.
58. The souls crossed over into mortal lakes, after the dome of her underworld cracked, and she resigned.
59. She moved once more to the edge of the lake and stared at the souls.
60. Mesmerized by the souls, Deidre stopped in place suddenly.
61. They moved like pinwheels around the mound of souls in the center of the lake.
62. What if the lake cracked, too, and the souls went the other way, out of the underworld and into the mortal realm?
63. You're saying there are fifty cracks in the Lake of Souls?
64. There are little tears between the two worlds, and the souls are escaping.
65. They're letting in about five souls a minute.
66. "Five souls a minute times how many minutes in the past six months …" Gabriel shook his head.
67. If souls can get out, maybe we found a new way in.
68. We have to take care of the souls first, Gabriel.
69. How long have the souls been here and you didn't know?
70. Deidre had always been protective of the souls.
71. You started today with the souls.
72. The room was dark, aside from the glowing souls visible through the balcony doors.
73. Landon issued orders to the dealers last night to seal the others in the lakes where we found the souls originally.
74. They'll be back to collecting souls by noon, the dealer reported.
75. He went to the lake and the souls, the only place that seemed to calm him.
76. Gabriel didn't say what he thought, that she might've been better off in the Lake of Souls than with Darkyn.
77. She'd figured out how the souls were crossing over.
78. Their attempt to dig a hole to the underworld failed, but at least they'd stemmed the flow of souls.
79. Never mind both women had not only betrayed his trust to make deals with Darkyn, but would soon both have their souls owned by the Dark One.
80. No, she was lost like the souls sitting in the mortal lakes.
81. Gabriel finished collecting the souls from the bowl then straightened, motioning to Landon.
82. Ten demons guarded this one, two of which he'd slaughtered before leaving his dealers to handle the rest to search for souls.
83. Sometimes, the souls they sought were a few feet from the ones they claimed.
84. Or cast myself into the Lake of Souls.
85. These were of demons gathering the souls of dead mortals while death-dealers missed the lives meant to be ended.
86. We're missing souls and fighting off demons to get to the dead.
87. And the Lake of Souls?
88. You fetch souls instead of the death-dealers.
89. It wasn't the normal greeting Death gave souls, but he was too frustrated to care.
90. Twelve hours and forty three souls later, Gabriel gave up on the icons.
91. He had twenty assassins to rescue and countless souls waiting to be claimed.
92. I've got an army of bored assassins on the verge of killing off the wrong souls.
93. The bottom of the lake glowed with souls.
94. He indicated the souls.
95. For now, our mission is to protect the lost souls from the demons.
96. To the lost souls, to the underworld, to a woman I want to hate, Gabe finished.
97. Rhyn motioned to the souls.
98. The demons are stealing my souls, too.
99. The emeralds in the mortal lakes, the uncollected souls, the broken radars, the demons stealing souls.
100. Soul collector, grim reaper, death-dealer, assassin, Keeper of Souls.
101. Within the week, the death-dealers stuck in the mortal realm could start collecting souls again.
102. Pick someone as quick as you and start collecting souls.
103. Good. We're bringing all the souls to this one and sending everyone but five guards to the Ancient Tamer.
104. Hopefully, they grappled with the same problems locating the souls.
105. He left the Sanctuary to help his dealers consolidate the souls.
106. Exactly and to collect souls of those who have died by other means.
107. You made Kris and Gabe trade their souls for Katie and baby's then you quit.
108. With his looks, he'd have no trouble finding company for the nights he wasn't murdering people and stealing their souls.
109. The path towards the lost souls was anything but direct.
110. "Don't disturb the souls," Gabriel ordered.
111. There were millions, maybe even billions of the lost souls!
112. She couldn't fathom the enormity of a billion souls like the one she'd touched.
113. Had past-Deidre lost them and condemned a billion souls to this existence?
114. There's no room for failure, not when the souls of the dead depend on you.
115. Deidre gazed at him, her throat tightening at the reminder of the lost souls.
116. They'd been struggling to beat the demons to the souls, and Gabe stood over the dead demons, furious.
117. He searched their bodies to find another twenty souls they'd already claimed.
118. Reaching the lake, he tossed the souls he'd recovered from the demons into it and lingered.
119. Of interest to the Keeper of Souls?
120. Deities are different but they have souls.
121. What would Darkyn want with past-Deidre's soul, unless he intended to add it to the Army of Souls?
122. All souls – even those of deities – came to Death eventually.
123. There was no way of knowing whose souls had crossed over to the mortal world, but he was going to trust that Fate was on his side, for the time being.
124. Green power flowed from the souls in the lake, through him and into the gem.
125. He'd always known the source of Death's magic was the souls, but he'd never seen his predecessor wield the light of the souls.
126. He'd been ignoring the extent of the power available from the souls for fear of violating the Code, which he now understood was not binding in the face of a threat like Darkyn.
127. The souls were barely glimmering; there was no way he'd be able to pull the amount of power he needed to save Deidre.
128. With Andre's help, he might gain some insight into Deidre's illness and be able to counter the demons tracking and stealing souls.
129. About the souls and your issues?
130. "Gabriel, are the issues you're having with the underworld and souls and whatever, are those issues my fault?" she asked.
131. If we're able to find the souls before demons, we'll be back on track.
132. He grieved her choice but also believe she got what she deserved for betraying the souls they were all charged with protecting.
133. With Deidre in his arms and the souls in the otherworldly lake where they belonged.
134. She'd like to think she was saving poor souls every day she spent with him donating her blood, but she couldn't help thinking she really wouldn't care what he did to get blood if she was gone.
135. The next time I visit the human world, I.ll be leaving with two souls.
136. The next time I visit the human world, I'll be leaving with two souls.
137. Hearty souls climbed these ice-shrouded cliffs, just for the sport of it.
138. Four letters mentioned Rev. Martin and the wonderful work he and Annie were doing with 'the poor mistaken souls.'
139. By 1913, the post office was closed and the town had dwindled to two dozen remaining souls, and before long, it was left to indigenous wildlife and the spirits of a boisterous past.
140. My beautiful bride labored to the end, administrating to the fallen and the flu stricken souls of our town until she too, fell to the scourge of this most dreaded disease.
141. "His soul should've been just one more jewel for your collection, considering how many souls you deal with and relationships you break a part."  Including ours.
142. The resignation in her tone sounded like a farewell.  Gabe studied her, uncertain what could stop Death from doing anything she pleased.  She was not only letting him go when she shouldn't, but she was telling him just how much time he had to get Katie out of the underworld.  Gabriel knew something was wrong if Death was turning her back on the duty of collecting souls, a duty she normally took such joy in.  She'd been unwilling to do that for him when their relationship had been at its peak.
143. These are what souls look like.  She let me keep my mother and brother's.
144. She makes whatever she wants out of them.  Most of them go in the bottom of the Lake of Souls, where they can find their loved ones and be in peace.
145. Katie took it and eyed it, not sure she could handle wearing the souls of others around her neck.
146. Katie swallowed hard and finally put it on, feeling even more nauseous about the idea of wearing souls around her neck.
147. Hardly.  She's not capable of acting anyone's interest but her own.  And, if I don't try to get you out of here, she'll still take you and your baby's souls.
148. When I take over Death's domain and her army of souls, I'll be invincible.  By my side is the only place anyone will be safe.
149. "Whose souls are on that one?" she asked.
150. She studied him, not understanding why the necklace with his family's souls was worth killing her for one day and not a concern the next.
151. "This stream leads to the Lake of Souls then beyond to Death's fortress," Gabe said and stood.
152. She wore white and smiled, more like a nursemaid than the woman whose job was to collect souls.
153. Finally, he broke through the thatch of branches and leaves blocking most of the sun.  The day was darkening.  In the distance, he saw the massive fortress that was Death's, and he saw the Lake of Souls he'd seen in angel memories.  He saw birds but couldn't see through the jungle to where Katie might be.  The branch holding him swayed in a heavy wind that smelled of rain.
154. It would be nice to be remembered for something other than stealing the souls of loved ones.
155. I told you.  I need souls.
156. "I get to choose who I take, and I don't want yours.  Maybe the Immortal who issued the contract for two souls should step up," Death said.
157. "It's raining souls now," Death said and pursed her lips.
158. If I'm not mistaken, the souls of your assassins are more of a personal collection than an official one.
159. You got your two souls.
160. "I'm sure you noticed that my domain in overrun with demons," Death said casually.  "My … interference put the underworld – and all the little humans' souls – at risk, weakened the barriers between here and Hell.  You were right, Gabe.  Even my actions have consequences."
161. And the demons and souls?
162. The super-demon bowed his head and left.  Darkyn watched him go then looked again at the hourglass.  He hadn't expected Death to quit, but she was about to give him a new window of opportunity, one that might be more powerful.  He might soon take over the underworld and its army of souls.
163. Gabe stepped closer to the Lake.  Even through the black water, he could see the green souls at the bottom.
164. They shouldn't be.  I heard a story once about the Army of Souls.  I'm wondering if they are what Darkyn was after, not killing Death.
165. Never heard of the Army of Souls.
166. While Parkside was officially beyond the limits of sensible commuting, enough hardy souls made the long daily trek into Philadelphia to label the town an outlying bedroom community.
167. I'm still digging out souls imprisoned in the ground by the Other in Ireland.
168. The souls of his forefathers inhabited the obelisk, making it hum with immense power.
169. She can read souls, so she knows basically everything about you in two seconds.
170. HENRY CHICHELEY (1364-1443), English archbishop, founder of All Souls College, Oxford, was born at Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, in 1363 or 1364.
171. The story was unknown to Arthur Duck, fellow of All Souls, who wrote Chicheley's life in 1617.
172. Unfortunately, All Souls being a later foundation, the college at Higham Ferrers was not affiliated to it, and so fell with other colleges not part of the universities.
173. All Souls College was considerably later.
174. The patent for it, dated 10th of May 1438, is for a warden and 20 scholars, to be called " the Warden and College of the souls of all the faithful departed," to study and pray " for the soul of King Henry VI.
175. In truth, not so large a proportion of the endowment of All Souls was derived from this source as was that of New College.
176. The college is sometimes described as being different from other colleges in being merely a large chantry to pray for the souls of the dead warriors.
177. But it was no more a chantry than the other colleges, all of which, like the monasteries and collegiate churches, were to pray for their founders' and other specified souls.
178. Indeed, All Souls was more of a lay foundation than its model.
179. For while at New College only twenty out of seventy fellows were to study law instead of arts, philosophy and theology, at All Souls College sixteen were to be " jurists " and only twenty-four " artists "; and while at New College there were ten chaplains and three clerks necessarily, at All Souls the number was not defined but left optional; so that there are now only one chaplain and four bible clerks.
180. There is what looks like an excellent contemporary portrait in one of the windows of All Souls College, which is figured in the Victoria County History for Hampshire, ii.
181. She is a thorough woman, but with none of the pettinesses, subterfuges, and mental reservations of her sex; she loves wide vistas and boundless horizons and instinctively seeks them out; she is concerned for universal happiness and takes thought for the improvement of mankind - thelastinfirmity and most innocent mania of generous souls.
182. On the 23rd of August 1480, the college being completed, the great west window being contracted to be made after the fashion of that at All Souls' College, a new president, Richard Mayhew, fellow of New College, was installed on the 23rd of August 1480, and statutes were promulgated.
183. But the work progressed under his wise direction, and he was able "to be present, in 1744, at meetings of ten thousand souls."
184. The vegetative and sensitive souls which the Aristotelians had introduced to break the leap 1 Ouvres, iv.
185. Curare, to take care of), properly a presbyter who has the cure of souls within a parish.
186. In the Timaeus (41 A) the immortality even of the gods is made dependent on the will of the Supreme Creator; souls are not in their own nature indestructible, but persist because of His goodness.
187. The two souls acted in accord, the soul of the animal becoming a reflection, as it were, of the soul of the god.
188. Carpocrates made especial use of the doctrines of reminiscence and preexistence of souls.
189. The souls which remember their pre-existing state can attain to this contemplation of unity, and thereby rise superior to all the ordinary doctrines of religion or life.
190. In 1602 he made his second visit to the French capital, when his transcendent qualities brought him into the closest relations with the court of Henry IV., and made him the spiritual father of that circle of select souls who centred round Madame Acarie.
191. The figure for Sicily, which was 106,000 in 1905, reached 127,000 in 1906 (~.5%), and of these about three-fotrrths would be adults; in the meantime, how ever, the population increases so fast that even in 1905 there was a net increase in Sicily of 20,000 souls; sO that in three years 220,000 workers were replaced by 320,000 infants.
192. And a population of f2f 285 souls.
193. At the same time this eternal being is conceived as the all-embracing world-soul from which emanates the hierarchy of individual souls.
194. Its first emanation as plastic nature contains the original soul or deity out of which all individual souls issue.
195. Individual souls are an efflux from the all-compassing world-soul.
196. So, regulars having cure of souls are subject to the jurisdiction of the bishop in matters pertaining thereto (ib.
197. SIR CHRISTOPHER WREN (1632-1723), English architect, the son of a clergyman, was born at East Knoyle, Wiltshire, on the 10th of October 1632; he entered at Wadham College, Oxford, in 1646, took his degree in 1650, and in 1653 was made a fellow of All Souls.
198. In May 1666 Wren submitted his report and designs (in the All Souls collection), for this work; the old cathedral was in a very ruinous state, and Wren proposed to remodel the greater part, as he said, "after a good Roman manner," and not, "to follow the Gothick Rudeness of the old Design."
199. In the library of All Souls at Oxford are preserved a large number of drawings by Wren, including the designs for almost all his chief works, and a fine series showing his various schemes for St Paul's Cathedral.
200. The belief was taught in the homogeneity of all living things, in the doctrine of original sin, in the transmigration of souls, in the view that the soul is entombed in the body (v13µa ojia), and that it may gradually attain perfection during connexion with a series of bodies.
201. Again, Pascal, unlike most apologists, belongs to the small company of saintly souls.
202. Views that he taught the transmigration of souls (Origen in Ep. ad Rom.
203. Clemens accuses Basilides of a deification of the Devil (Oast etv Ten) 8c&f30Xov), and regards as his two dogmas that of the Devil and that of the transmigration of souls (Strom.
204. It is remarkable too that Isidorus held the existence of two souls in man, a good and a bad (Clemens, Strom.
205. 20 113); with which may be compared the teaching of Mani about the two souls, which it is impossible to follow F.
206. For Heraclitus the soul approaches most nearly to perfection when it is most akin to the fiery vapour out of which it was originally created, and as this is most so in death, "while we live our souls are dead in us, but when we die our souls are restored to life."
207. The only reference to Novgorod in this curious document is: " Remember, 0 Lord, the souls of thy Novgorodian servants to the number of 1505 persons."
208. 19]); and it was intended to meet the craving of souls sick with waiting and disappointment.
209. In medieval ecclesiastical usage the term might be applied to almost any person having ecclesiastical authority; it was very commonly given to the more dignified clergy of a cathedral church, but often also to ordinary priests charged with the cure of souls and, in the early days of monasticism, to monastic superiors, even to superiors of convents of women.
210. Pythagoras, in support of his doctrine of the transmigration of souls, declared that he had once been this Euphorbus, whose shield, hung up in the temple of Argos by Menelaus, he claimed as his own (Horace, Odes, i.
211. In November 1635 he had been nominated by Laud to a fellowship at All Souls, Oxford, where, says Wood (Aiken.
212. P. 99) "For sure our souls were near allied, and thine Cast in the same poetic mould with mine."
213. Man stands midway between the souls of plants and the souls of stars, who are angels.
214. The system itself aims in principle at being thoroughly monistic; but, since matter, although created by God out of nothing, was regarded merely as the sphere in which souls are punished and purified, the system is pervaded by a strongly dualistic element.
215. The pre-existence of souls is another inference from the immutability of God.
216. The "Life" calls into existence in the visible world a series of three great Helpers, Hibil, Shithil and Anosh (late Judaeo-Babylonian transformations of the well-known names of the book of Genesis), the guardians of souls.
217. It is also known as Sidra' d'neshmatha, " Book of Souls," and besides hymns and doctrinal discourses contains prayers to be offered by the priests at sacrifice and at meals, as well as other liturgical matter.
218. In the 17th century, according to the old travellers, they numbered about 20,000 families, but at the present day they hardly number more than 1200 souls.
219. All Souls' church was built in 1859 from the designs of Sir Gilbert Scott, of whose work it is a good example, at the expense of Mr Edward Akroyd.
220. Demons, when they are regarded as spirits, may belong to either of the classes of spirits recognized by primitive animism; that is to say, they may be human, or non-human, separable souls, or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a body; a sharp distinction is often drawn between these two classes, notably by the Melanesians, the West Africans and others; the Arab jinn, for example, are not reducible to modified human souls; at the same time these classes are frequently conceived as producing identical results, e.g.
221. Especially feared among many peoples are the souls of those who have committed suicide or died a violent death; the woman who dies in childbed is held to become a demon of the most dangerous kind; even the unburied, as restless, dissatisfied spirits, are more feared than ordinary ghosts.
222. Naturally spirits of these latter kinds are more valuable as familiars than ordinary dead men's souls.
223. (i) The subject of plant souls is referred to in connexion with animism; but certain aspects of this phase of belief demand more detailed treatment.
224. Sometimes, as among the Australians, it is merely the ghosts of those who have died in the year which are thus driven out; from this custom must be distinguished another, which consists in dismissing the souls of the dead at the close of the year and sending them on their journey to the other world; this latter custom seems to have an entirely different origin and to be due to love and not fear of the dead.
225. A wide missionary activity had begun in the 13th century - an activity which was the product of the Crusades and the contact with the Moslem which they brought, but which yet helped to check the Crusades, substituting as it did peaceful and spiritual conquests of souls for the violence and materialism of even a Holy War.
226. Philo himself was uncertain as to the meaning of the name, whether it was given to them because they were "physicians" of souls or because they were "servants" of the One God.
227. But the Sabbath was a feast on which, after attending to their souls, they indulged their bodies, like yoke animals let out to graze.
228. In due course Ignatius arrived at Jerusalem, where he intended to remain, in order continuously to visit the holy places and help souls.
229. Ignatius was constantly adding to his work as his own personal experience increased, and as he watched the effects of his method on the souls of those to whom he gave the exercises.
230. It strengthened the hands of church democracy; it formed an alliance with the pure souls who held up to the church the ideal of apostolic poverty; it united itself for a time even with mysticism in a common opposition to the supremacy of the church.
231. On the so-called Harpy monument from Lycia, now in the British Museum, the Harpies appear carrying off some small figures, supposed to be the daughters of Pandareus, unless they are intended to represent departed souls.
232. Revelations concerning the last things and the future lot, whether bliss or woe, of human souls, promises for true believers, threatenings for misbelievers, his firm confidence as to the future triumph of the good - such are the themes continually dwelt on with endless variations.
233. The souls of the whole human race pre-exist in the World of Emanations, and are all destined to inhabit human bodies.
234. " At the time of marriage the Holy One, blessed be he, who knows all souls and spirits, unites them again as they were before; and they again constitute one body and one soul, forming as it were the right and the left of the individual..
235. When the whole pleroma of preexistent souls in the world of the Sephiroth shall have descended and occupied human bodies and have passed their period of probation and have returned purified to the bosom of the infinite Source, then the soul of Messiah will descend from the region of souls; then the great Jubilee will commence.
236. All souls will be united with the Highest Soul, and will supplement each other in the Holy of Holies of the Seven Halls (Zohar, i.
237. It is in the second that we have the finer ethical conception of God as father and saviour of all men, lover of souls, merciful in his dealings with the wicked - in the first part it is his justice that is emphasized; the hope of immortality is prominent in the first, but is mentioned only once (in xv.
238. 1-4) the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and, though they seem to die, their hope is full of immortality.
239. In that year a horde, variously estimated at from two to four thousand souls, with their flocks and their slaves, driven originally from their Central Asian homes by the pressure of Mongol invasion, and who had sought in vain a refuge with the Seljukian sultan Ala-ud-din Kaikobad of Konia, were returning under their chief Suleiman Shah to their native land.
240. Across within the walls, and it is said to have had a population of 2,000,000 souls.
241. He was in truth the Sicilian bee, and, plucking the flowers of the prophetic and apostolic meadow, he produced a wonderfully pure knowledge in the souls of the listeners."
242. They generally were built where property had been left by the donors to foreign orders to pray for their souls.
243. The days on which the Pithoigia and Chas were celebrated were both regarded as Corotpbses (nefasti) and µcapai ("defiled"), necessitating expiatory libations; on them the souls of the dead came up from the underworld and walked abroad; people chewed leaves of whitethorn and besmeared their doors with tar to protect themselves from evil.
244. God of the lower world, and to the souls of the dead.
245. 100,109, and Prolegomena), regarding the Anthesteria as primarily a festival of all souls, the object of which was the expulsion of ancestral ghosts by means of placation, explains lrLOoe'yca as the feast of the opening of the graves (irieos meaning a large urn used for burial purposes), x6€s as the day of libations, and XuTpoc as the day of the grave-holes (not "pots," which is xbTpat), in point of time really anterior to the ir.Oociyia.
246. Because light is accompanied by heat, he was the god of vegetation and increase; he sent prosperity to the good, and annihilated the bad; he was the god of armies and the champion of heroes; as the enemy of darkness and of all evil spirits, he protected souls, accompanying them on the way to paradise, and was thus a redeemer.
247. Aquinas regards the souls of men, like the angels, as immaterial forms; and he includes in the soul-unit, so to speak, not merely the anima rationalis of Aristotle, but also the vegetative, sensitive, appetitive and motive functions.
248. In ancient inscriptions it often means those souls who are enjoying eternal happiness, or the martyrs.
249. The word had a special sense as the name for those almsmen attached to cathedral and other churches, whose duty it was to pray for the souls of deceased benefactors.
250. The religious element was more prominent in Orcy's gild at Abbotsbury and in the fraternity at Exeter; their ordinances exhibit much solicitude for the salvation of the brethren's souls.
251. The population of Pisa within the walls had been reduced in 1551 to 8574 souls, and by 1745 it had only risen to the number of 12,406.
252. By 1840 it contained 21,670 souls, exclusive of the suburbs and outlying districts.
253. He was a fellow of All Souls' from 1870 until his death, which occurred at Crickhowell, South Wales, on the 4th of August 1907.
254. Rohde (in Psyche) they are souls of the dead, which after separation from the body enter upon a higher, eternal existence.
255. In a sermon on the Apocalypse he shook men's souls by his terrible threats of the wrath to come, and drew tears from their eyes by the tender pathos of his assurances of divine mercy.
256. " I am the life," not " I teach the life," " I am the truth," not merely " I teach the truth," are not additions of Johannine theology but the central aspect of the presentation of Christ as the good physician, healer of souls and bodies, which the most rigid scrutiny of the Synoptic Gospels leaves as the residuum of accepted fact about Jesus of Nazareth.
257. In the words of Hilary again: " Faithful souls would be contented with the word of God which bids us: ` Go teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.'
258. So the Nicene Creed is the analysis of the river of the water of life of which the Sermon on the Mount is a description, flowing on from age to age, freely offered to the thirsty souls of men.
259. He is the great Christian scholar of his age, rather than the profound theologian or the wise guide of souls."
260. The term benefice, according to the canon law, implies always an ecclesiastical office, propter quod beneficium datur, but it does not always imply a cure of souls.
261. These services might be those of a secular priest with cure of souls, or they might be those of a regular priest, a member of a religious order, without cure of souls; but in every case a benefice implied three things: (I) An obligation to discharge the duties of an office, which is altogether spiritual; (2) The right to enjoy the fruits attached to that office, which is the benefice itself; (3) The fruits themselves, which are the temporalities.
262. The bishop, by the act of institution, commits to the clerk the cure of souls attached to the office to which the benefice is annexed.
263. By a decree of the Lateran council of 1215, which was enforced in England, no clerk can hold two benefices with cure of souls, and if a beneficed clerk shall take a second benefice with cure of souls, he vacates ipso facto his first benefice.
264. The system of pluralities carried with it, as a necessary consequence, systematic non-residence on the part of many incumbents, and delegation of their spiritual duties in respect of their cures of souls to assistant curates.
265. By this statute the term benefice is defined to mean benefice with cure of souls and no other, and therein to comprehend all parishes, perpetual curacies, donatives, endowed public chapels, parochial chapelries and chapelries or districts belonging or reputed to belong, or annexed or reputed to be annexed, to any church or chapel.
266. 26), claims that his ancestors discovered the art of making gods, and since they could not create souls, they called up the souls of demons or angels and introduced them into the holy images and divine mysteries, that through these souls the idols might possess powers of doing good and harm.
267. REQUIEM, the name of a solemn mass for the dead (Missa pro defunctis) in the Roman Church, appointed 'to be sung on All Souls' Day, in memory of all "faithful departed," at funeral services, and at the anniversaries of the death of particular persons.
268. He even writes thus: " 0 ye initiated ones, with purified sense of hearing, shall ye accept in your souls these truly sacred mysteries, nor divulge them to any of the uninitiated....
269. But though the festival thus became incorporated in the regular usage of the Western Church, the belief in the resurrection and bodily assumption of the Virgin has never been defined as a dogma and remains a "pious opinion," which the faithful may reject without imperilling their immortal souls, though not apparently - to quote Melchior Cano (De Locis Theolog.
270. In the whole hemisphere there were not over ten million souls.
271. When a solemn embassy of rebuke was sent to Zurich from a diet held at Lucerne, on the 26th of January 1524, the city replied that in matters relating to the Word of God and the salvation of souls she would brook no interference.
272. The realizing of the Christian ideal in personal conduct, in a fellowship of souls alike devoted to the Highest; nor can it be doubted that the " mingled " communion of the parish churches made church " fellowship " in the apostolic sense a practical impossibility.
273. He must, however, bear in mind that he will have to render an account of all his decisions and to answer for the souls of all his monks before the judgment seat of God.
274. Already Philo says " the Logos is the master of the spiritual drinking-feast," and " let Melchisedeck " - the Logos - " in lieu of water offer wine to souls and inebriate them " (De somn.
275. Indeed so severe a stress is laid upon the explicitly Christian life and its specific means, that orthodoxy itself interprets the rebirth by water and spirit, and the eating the flesh and drinking the blood to which entrance into the Kingdom and possession of interior life are here exclusively attached, as often represented by a simple sincere desire and will for spiritual purification and a keen hunger and thirst for God's aid, together with such cultual acts as such souls can know or find, even without any knowledge of the Christian rites.
276. And its greatness appears in its inexhaustibly deep teachings concerning Christ's sheep and fold; the Father's drawing of souls to Christ; the dependence of knowledge as to Christ's doctrine upon the doing of God's will; the fulfilling of the commandment of love, as the test of true discipleship; eternal life, begun even here and now; and God a Spirit, to be served in spirit and in truth.
277. One of them went to the bottom with five hundred souls.
278. The conductor of souls was naturally a chthonian god; at Athens there was a festival.
279. In return he receives the souls of the slain who in his palace, Valhalla, live a life of fighting and feasting, similar to that which has been their desire on earth.
280. By saying that souls of saints may attain the fulness of the beatific vision before the last judgment.
281. In that year he was demobilized and retired into academic life, being elected to a research fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford.
282. Christ, received into heaven, sits at the right hand of Ialdabaoth, whom he deprives of glory and receives the souls that are his own.
283. In the Premonstratensian order, however, founded in I120 by Norbert of Xanten, a new conception of the whole function of monachism was introduced: the duty of the priest-monk is not only to work out his own salvation, but, by preaching and cure of souls, to labour for others.
284. For the foundation of Francis of Assisi came into existence as a society of itinerant preachers: no one was more deeply convinced than Francis of the duty of working for others, and his own mission was, as he said, to win souls.
285. Two great objects eclipsed all others, - to find a route to the Indies, and to bring the heathen tribes into the embraces of the Church, since, while he cared little for their bodies, his solicitude for their souls knew no bounds" (Parkman).
286. What men call their souls become extinct when the body dies.
287. " hall of the slain"), the name given by the heathen Scandinavians to the abode in which the god Odin received the souls of those who had fallen in battle.
288. When a distinction was made between the souls in the under world, Sisyphus was supposed to be rolling up the stone perpetually as a punishment for some offence committed on earth; and various reasons were invented to account for it.
289. In a word, when the nation is dissolved into its individual elements the continuity and ultimate victory of true faith depends on the relation of Yahweh to individual souls, out of which the new state shall be built up (Jer iii.
290. The human souls which have descended into corporeality are those which have allowed themselves to be ensnared by sensuality and overpowered by lust.
291. This Society, instituted to this special end, namely, to offer spiritual consolation for the advancement of souls in life and Christian doctrine, for the propagation of the faith by public preaching and the ministry of the word of God, spiritual exercises and works of charity and, especially, by the instruction .of children and ignorant people in Christianity, and by the spiritual, consolation of the faithful in Christ in hearing confessions...."
292. In this original scheme it is clearly marked out "that this entire Society and all its members fight for God under the faithful obedience of the most sacred lord, the pope, and the other Roman pontiffs his successors"; and Ignatius makes particular mention th4t each member should "be bound by a special vow," beyond that formal obligation under which all Christians are of obeying the pope, "so that whatsoever the present and other Roman pontiffs for the time being shall ordain, pertaining to the advancement of souls and the propagation of the faith, to whatever provinces he shall resolve to send us, we are straightway bound to obey, as far as in us lies, without any tergiversation or excuse, whether he send us among the Turks or to any other unbelievers in being, even to those parts called India, or to any heretics or schismatics or likewise to any believers."
293. It answers the question: how did the portions of light to be found in this lower world, among which certainly belong the souls of the Gnostics, enter into it?
294. Thiers himself was one of the souls of the actual revolution, being credited with "overcoming the scruples of Louis Philippe," perhaps no Herculean task.
295. Tylor, the doctrine of spiritual beings, including human souls; in practice, however, the term is often extended to include panthelism or animatism, the doctrine that a great part, if not the whole, of the inanimate kingdom, as well as all animated beings, are endowed with reason, intelligence and volition, identical with that of man.
296. Just as in Europe the ghost of a dead person is held to haunt the churchyard or the place of death, although more orthodox ideas may be held and enunciated by the same person as to the nature of a future life, so the savage, more consistently, assigns different abodes to the multiple souls with which he credits man.
297. Not only human beings but animals and objects are seen in dreams; and the conclusion would be that they too have souls; the same conclusion may have been reached by another line of argument; primitive psychology posited a spirit in a man to account, amongst other things, for his actions; a natural explanation of the changes in the external world would be that they are due to the operations and volitions of spirits.
298. But apart from considerations of this sort, it is probable that animals must, early in the history of animistic beliefs, 'have been regarded as possessing souls.
299. Just as human souls are assigned to animals, so primitive man often credits trees and plants with souls in both human or animal form.
300. The river speeding on its course to the sea, the sun and moon, if not the stars also, on their never-ceasing daily round, the lightning, fire, the wind, the sea, all are in motion and therefore animate; but the savage does not stop short here; mountains and lakes, stones and manufactured articles, are for him alike endowed with souls like his own; he deposits in the tomb weapons and food, clothes and implements, broken, it may be, in order to set free their souls; or he attains the same result by burning them, and thus sending them to the Other World for the use of the dead man.
301. The spirit of syncretism manifests itself in this department of animism too; the immanent spirit of the earlier period becomes the presiding genius or local god of later times, and with the rise of the doctrine of separable souls we again reach the confines of animism pure and simple.
302. Side by side with the doctrine of separable souls with which we have so far been concerned, exists the belief in a great host of unattached spirits; these are not immanent souls which have become detached from their abodes, but have every appearance of independent spirits.
303. Of the inhabited islands i 1 belong to Ross and Cromarty, 47 to Inverness-shire, and 44 to Argyllshire, but of this total of 102 islands, one-third have a population of only 10 souls, or fewer, each.
304. So Origen declares the bread which God the Word asserted was his body to be that which nourishes souls, the word from God the Word proceeding, the Bread from the heavenly Bread.
305. But an account of such ceremonies belongs rather to demonology than to the history of the worship of Manes, which are peaceful, well-conducted and beneficent beings, endowed and, so to speak on the foundation, like the Christian souls for whose masses money has been left.
306. The souls of members of the tribe who have died survive in these slips of wood, which are treasured up for long generations and repaired if they decay.
307. They are carried into battle to assist the tribe, are regularly anointed, fondled and invoked; for it is believed that the souls present in them are powerful to work weal and woe to friend and enemy respectively.
308. Of course men's bodies as well as the souls of the unsaved, who according to the oldest conception have in them no light whatever, fall under the sway of the powers of darkness.
309. 74 is invoked, together with Jesus and Mani, the "strong mighty Zrosch, the redeemer of souls."
310. In accordance with the grant of 1247 a fair was held on All Saints' day and also on Holy Thursday; the former was afterwards held on All Souls' Day.
311. So may the Devil I Respite their souls from Heaven!"; Hellas, 657, "Bask in the [deep] blue noon divine"; Julian and Maddalo, 218, where "Moans, shrieks, and curses, and blaspheming prayers" is absent in the earlier editions though required for the rhyme; so lines 299-301 of the Letter to Maria Gisborne.
312. Happiness in this world consists proximately in virtue as a harmony between the three parts, rational, spirited and appetitive, of our souls, and ultimately in living according to the form of the good; but there is a far higher happiness, when the immortal soul, divesting itself of body and passions and senses, rises from earth to heaven and contemplates pure forms by pure reason.
313. Like Plato, he believed in real Universals, real essences, real causes; he believed in the unity of the universal, and in the immateriality of essences; he believed in the good, and that there is a good of the universe; he believed that God is a living being, eternal and best, who is a supernatural cause of the motions and changes of the natural world, and that essences and matter are also necessary causes; he believed in the divine intelligence and in the immortality of our intelligent souls; he believed in knowledge going from sense to reason, that science requires ascent to principles and is descent from principles, and that dialectic is useful to science; he believed in happiness involving virtue, and in moral virtue being a control of passions by reason, while the highest happiness is speculative wisdom.
314. Aristotle, asked where dwell the Muses, answered, " In the souls of those who love work."
315. So can we men, not, as Plato thought, by having in our souls universal principles innate but forgotten, but by acquiring universal principles from sense, which is the origin of knowledge, arrive at judgments which are true, and true because they agree with the things which we know by sense, by inference and by science.
316. Platonism preceded it, and was the metaphysical doctrine that all things are supernatural - forms, gods, souls.
317. Are the things which surround me in what I call the environment, - the men, the animals, the plants, the ground, the stones, the water, the air, the moon, the sun, the stars and God - are they shadows, unsubstantial things, as formerly Platonism made all things to be except the supernatural world of forms, gods and souls?
318. He entered the university of Oxford about 1525, and was elected fellow of All Souls' College in 1531.
319. The legend is that they are the souls of unbaptized children wandering through the air till the day of judgment.
320. Of Mayotte, with a population of some 20 souls engaged in the collection of guano and the capture of turtles, were in 1892 annexed to France and placed under the control of the administrator of Mayotte.
321. In the census of 1901 the operations were extended for the first time to the Kurram Valley and the Sherani country, trans-frontier territories containing a population of 66,628 souls, which had not been previously enumerated.
322. At the age of fifteen he went up to Wadham College, Oxford, of which he became a scholar a year later, and in 1660 he was elected to a fellowship at All Souls.
323. Most birds for the primitive man are souls, and the Polynesians hold that birds convey from and into their idols the spirits which live therein.
324. The objection raised by the Aquitanian presbyter Vigilantius (c. 400) to the belief that the souls of the martyrs to a certain extent clung to their ashes, and heard the prayers of those who approached them, appeared to his contemporaries to be frivolous;.
325. There are in reality two species of substances, or entirely distinct things, those which are impenetrably resisting, and those which are conscious substances; and it is impossible to reduce bodies and souls to one another, because resistance is incompatible with the attributes of spirit, and consciousness inexplicable by the attributes of body.
326. But this very dualism is also monism: both bodies and souls are substances, as Aristotle said; and we can go farther than Aristotle.
327. Hence, when he returns to organisms, it does not surprise us that he assigns to ova and spermatozoa cell-souls, to the impregnated ovum germ-soul, to plants tissue-souls, to animals nerve-souls; or that he regards man's body and soul as born together in the impregnated ovum, and gradually evolved from the bodies and souls of lower animals.
328. Thereupon Spinoza advanced a pantheism which supposed that bodies and souls are not, as Descartes thought, different substances, but merely attributes - the one the extension and the other the thought of one substance, Nature or God.
329. Such mentally endowed substances might be called souls; but, as he distinguished between perception and apperception or consciousness, and considered that perceptions are often unconscious, he preferred to divide monads into unconscious entelechies of inorganic bodies, sentient souls of animals, and rational souls, or spirits, of men; while he further concluded that all these are derivative monads created by God, the monad of monads.
330. Further, he explained the old Cartesian difficulty of the relation of body and mind by transforming the Spinozistic parallelism of extension and thought into a parallelism between the motions of bodies and the perceptions of their monads; motions always proceeding from motions, and perceptions from perceptions; bodies acting according to efficient causes, and souls according to final causes by appetition, and as if one influenced the other without actually doing so.
331. Hume saw that in making all the objects of perception ideas Berkeley had given as little reason for inferring substantial souls as substantial bodies.
332. As to the known world, Kant's position was the logical deduction that from such phenomena of experience all we can know by logical reason is similar phenomena of actual or possible experience; and therefore that the known world, whether bodily or mental, is not a Cartesian world of bodies and souls, nor a Spinozistic world of one substance, nor a Leibnitzian world of monadic substances [[[Metaphysical Idealism]] created by God, but a world of sensations, such as Hume supposed, only combined, not by association, but by synthetic understanding into phenomenal objects of experience, which are phenomenal substances and causes - a world of phenomena not noumena.
333. This third position isarelic of ancient metaphysical realism; although it must be remembered that Kant does not go to the length of Descartes and Locke, who supposed that from mere ideas we could know bodies and souls, but suggests that beneath the phenomena of outer and inner sense the thing in itself may not be heterogeneous (ungleichartig).
334. He accepted the Leibnitzian fallacy that unity is indivisibility, which led to the Leibnitzian analysis of material bodies into immaterial monads, indivisible and therefore unextended, and to the theory of monadic souls and entelechies.
335. Our souls he tried his best to endow with a quasiexistence, arguing that the unity of consciousness requires an indivisible subject, which is distinct from the plurality of the body but interacting with it, is in a way a centre of independent activities, and is so far a substance, or rather able to produce the appearance of a substance.
336. But at the end of his Metaphysik, from the conclusion that everything beyond phenomena is divine interaction, he drew the consistent corollary that individual souls are simply actions of the one genuine being.
337. But in a philosophy which reduces everything to phenomenal appearance except the self-interacting substance of God, there is no room for either the bodies or the souls of finite substances or human persons.
338. Both, however, used this influence freely; and, whereas Lotze used the Leibnitzian argument from indivisibility to deduce indivisible elements and souls, Fechner used the Leibnitzian hypotheses of universal perception and parallelism of motions and perceptions, in the light of the .Schellingian identification of physical and psychical, to evolve a world-view (Weltansicht) containing something which was neither Leibnitz nor Schelling.
339. Afterwards in Nanna (1848) he discussed the supposed souls of plants, and in Zendavesta (1851) the supposed souls of the earth and the rest of the world.
340. The difficulty of such speculations is to prove that things apparently dead and mindless are living souls.
341. On this assumption he deduces that in being conscious of our mental states we are conscious of soul not merely as it appears, but as it is in itself, and therefore can infer similar souls, other psychical unities, which are also things in themselves.
342. Wundt does not allow that we know beyond experience any souls of earth, or any other inorganic being.
343. Having thus confused contradiction and difference, independence and solitariness, experience and inference, Bradley is able to deduce finally that reality is not different substances, experienced and inferred, as Aristotle thought it, but is one absolute super-personal experience, to which the socalled plurality of things, including all bodies, all souls, and even a personal God, is appearance - an appearance, as ordinarily understood, self-contradictory, but, as appearing to one spiritual reality, somehow reconciled.
344. Hence' we come to the realistic conclusions that among known substances some are bodies, others are souls; that man is body and soul; and that God is a pure soul or spirit.
345. Janet accepted the traditional ontological triplicity - God, souls and bodies - and, in answer to Ravaisson, who called this realism " demi-spiritualisme," rejoined that he was content to accept the title.
346. 9, " I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God."
347. As a member of the coterie known as the "Souls" he was, so to speak, caviare to the general.
348. In the fact that they are often said to inhabit barrows, they seem to be connected with the souls of the dead.
349. Beside this belief, however, we find another which seems hardly to be compatible with it, viz., that the souls of the dead passed to the realm of Hel, who in Northern mythology is represented as the daughter of Loki.
350. He wished to acquire the mastery of souls by unifying the faith and centralizing the priesthood, but he also aspired to possess temporal supremacy, if not as direct owner, at least as suzerain, over all the national crowns, and thus to realize the idea with which he was penetrated and which he himself expressed clearly.
351. But they also penetrate to waters which may be termed inland, as the Bosporus, where they are known to the French-speaking part of the population as rimes damnees, it being held by the Turks that they are animated by condemned human souls.
352. ALL SOULS' DAY (Commemoratio omnium fidelium defunctorum), the day set apart in the Roman Catholic Church for the commemoration of the faithful departed.
353. The celebration is based on the doctrine that the souls of the faithful which at death have not been cleansed from venial sins, or have not atoned for past transgressions, cannot attain the Beatific Vision, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by the sacrifice of the mass.
354. At the Reformation the celebration of All Souls' Day was abolished in the Church of England, though it has been renewed in certain churches in connexion with the "Catholic revival."
355. Certain popular beliefs connected with All Souls' Day are of pagan origin and immemorial antiquity.
356. Thus the dead are believed by the peasantry of many Catholic countries to return to their former homes on All Souls' night and partake of the food of the living.
357. Matthew Paris said that he had a heart of wax; Dante relegated him to the limbo of ineffectual souls; and later generations have endorsed these scathing judgments.
358. Personal identity may be absorbed, as in the transmigration of souls, or it may even be denied, while the good or bad result of one life is held to determine the weal or woe of another.
359. "There are many souls not good enough to dispense with this provision, and not bad enough to be benefited by it" (op. cit.
360. As regards the saints, different degrees of blessedness were recognized; they were supposed to wait in Hades for the return of Christ, but gradually the belief gained ground, especially in regard to the martyrs, that their souls at once entered Paradise.
361. He proposes thirty questions on these matters, among which are the following: "whether souls are conducted to heaven or hell immediately after death"; "whether the Embus of hell is the same as Abraham's bosom"; "whether the sun and moon will be really obscured at the day of judgment"; "whether all the members of the human body will rise with it"; "whether the hair and nails will reappear"; could thought become "more lawless and uncertain" ?
362. Souls passed at once to heaven or to hell; a doctrine even less adequate to the complex quality of human life.
363. The doctrine of universal restoration was maintained by Thomas Erskine of Linlathen on the ground of the Fatherhood of God, and Archdeacon Wilson anticipates such discipline after death as will restore all souls to God.
364. For now the corporation was styled " The Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America," and its object was defined to be " not only to seek the outward welfare and prosperity of those colonies, but more especially to endeavour the good and salvation of their immortal souls, and the publishing the most glorious gospel of Christ among them."
365. In the middle is represented the Assumption of the Virgin; on the hood is a seated figure of the Almighty bearing three souls in a napkin.
366. Before 1898 there were also donative advowsons, but the Benefices Act 1898 made all donations with cure of souls presentative.
367. It was his duty to ferry over the Styx (or Acheron) those souls of the deceased who had duly received the rites of burial, in payment for which service he received an obol, which was placed in the mouth of the corpse.
368. He took his degree in 1886, becoming fellow of All Souls in 1888.
369. In 1724 the population was reduced by smallpox to thirty souls.
370. The sanctifying of their souls by living a community life in accordance with the Gospel counsels.
371. The essential difference between monks and regular canons may be explained as follows: monks, whether hermits or cenobites, are men who live a certain kind of life for its own sake, for the purpose of leading a Christian life according to the Gospel's counsel and thus serving God and saving their own souls; external works, either temporal or spiritual, are accidental; clericature or ordination is an addition, an accession, and no part of their object, and, as a matter of fact, till well on in the middle ages it was not usual for monks to be priests; in a word, the life they lead is their object, and they do not adopt it in order the better to compass some other end.
372. The four streets of the city divide it into convenient quarters for the accommodation of its mixed population of Duranis, Ghilzais, Parsiwans and Kakars, numbering in all some 30,000 souls.
373. Layamon, who in his translation of Wace treats his original much as Wace treated Geoffrey, says that there was a tradition that she had drowned herself, and that her memory and that of Mordred were hateful in every land, so that none would offer prayer for their souls.
374. These the angel souls left behind in heaven, and they are buildings from God, houses not made with hands, tunics eternal.
375. Imprisoned in the garment of flesh, burdened with its sin, souls long to be clothed upon with the habitations they left in heaven.
376. He had married Miss Helen Melland in 1877, and was left with a family when she died in 1891; in 1894, however, he had married again, his second wife being the accomplished Miss Margaret ("Margot") Tennant, daughter of the wealthy ironmaster, Sir Charles Tennant, Bart., a lady well known in London society as a member of the coterie known as "Souls," and commonly identified as the original of Mr E.
377. They multiplied exceedingly, and by the time of Theodosius were reckoned by Chrysostom at about 10o,000 souls.
378. And, from an absolution from the consequences of guilt, it became, in the 14th and 15th centuries, a negation or the guilt itself; while simultaneously the opportunity was offered of acquiring an indulgence for the souls of those already in purgatory.
379. When Ignatius de Loyola (q.v..) set sail in 1523 from Venice to Palestine, only some thirteen souls could be mustered on the pilgrim-ship, while eight or nine others sailed with the Venetian state-vessel as far as Cyprus.
380. The Venetian pilgrim ships, moreover, carried as many as 1500 souls.
381. Both in Europe, and in all Indian thought except the Buddhist, souls, and the gods who are made in imitation of souls, are considered as exceptions.
382. The first in the collection of the Dialogues of Gotama discusses, and completely, categorically, and systematically rejects, all the current theories about "souls."
383. The Khojahs number some 2,000 souls and are distributed over the ports of the Gulf, mainly on the Arab side.
384. After Socrates he has indeed repeated the caution not to be too rash in discerning the finger of God; but his way of looking at things is throughout mean and rustic. Two souls inhabit his book; one, the better, is borrowed from Socrates; another, the worse, is his own.
385. It can have no efficacy for souls in Purgatory; penalties imposed by the church can only refer to the living; death dissolves them; what the pope can do for souls in Purgatory is by prayer, not by jurisdiction or the power of the keys.
386. "Our clergy seem," he says, "not merely forgetful of the lesson but ignorant of it, such a passion for possessions has in our days fastened like a pestilence on their souls."
387. There were 13 souls in the Cape Evans hut that winter, with Dr. Atkinson in charge, Lt.
388. The mutiny was not successful, but Father Burgos, the leader of the reform party, was publicly garrotted with three other native priests; and the native clergy were declared to be incompetent to have the cure of souls.
389. As a punishment for supplying the Titans with water in their contest with Zeus, he was turned into a river of Hades, over which departed souls were ferried by Charon.
390. These ceremonies are called miiktad, or "ceremonies of departed souls."
391. On the sixteenth day of the seventh month a feast is held in honour of Mithra, the deity presiding over and directing the course of the sun, and also a festival to celebrate truth and friendship. On the tenth day of the eighth month a festival is held in honour of Farvardin, the deity who presides over the departed souls of men.
392. The people attend on the hills where the "towers of silence" are situated, and perform in the sagris prayers for the departed souls.
393. Unless they duly perform this ceremony they believe their souls will not be allowed to pass the bridge "Chinvad," leading to heaven.
394. In Mexico the half-serpent Ahuizotl dragged into its pool hapless passers-by; however, their souls were supposed to go to the terrestrial paradise - see on this idea, Rohde, ii.
395. Revealed to man and incarnate in him; as Spirit, who dwells even in our own souls and by his substance unites us to God.
396. Early Christian literature is filled with medical terms, applied (it is true) for the greater part to the cure of souls.
397. On Great Karimata is situated the village of Palembang with a population of about 500 souls employed in fishing, mining for iron, and trading in forest produce.
398. Moreover, the soul approaches most nearly to perfection when it is least differentiated from elemental fire; it follows that "while we live our souls are dead within us, but when we die our souls are restored to life."
399. Purgatorium, from purgare, to purge), according to Roman Catholic faith, a state of suffering after death in which the souls of those who die in venial sin, and of those who still owe some debt of temporal punishment for mortal sin, are rendered fit to enter heaven.
400. It is believed that such souls continue to be members of the Church of Christ; that they are helped by the suffrages of the living - that is, by prayers, alms and other good works, and more especially by the sacrifice of the Mass; and that, although delayed until "the last farthing is paid," their salvation is assured.
401. Irenaeus regards as heretical the opinion that the souls of the departed pass immediately into glory; Tertullian, Cyprian, the Acts of St Perpetua, Clement of Alexandria, Cyril of Jerusalem, Basil, Gregory of Nyassa, Ambrose, Chrysostom and Jerome, all speak of prayer for the dead and seem to imply belief in a purgatory, but their view seems to have been affected by the pre-Christian doctrine of Hades or Sheol.
402. Most theologians since Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventura have taught that the souls in purgatory are tormented by material fire, but the Greeks have never accepted this opinion.
403. 376): "Such souls as have departed with faith but without having had time to bring forth fruits meet for repentance may be aided towards the attainment of a blessed resurrection by prayers offered in their behalf, especially such as are offered in union with the oblation of the bloodless sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Christ, and by works of mercy done in faith for their memory."
404. Protestants, with the exception of a small minority in the Anglican communion, unanimously reject the doctrine of purgatory, and affirm that "the souls of believers are at their death made perfect in holiness and do immediately pass into glory."
405. P. Badger visited the chief Jacobite centres, their numbers in all Turkey had dwindled to about ioo,000 souls, owing to vast secessions to Rome.
406. The characteristic tenet of orthodox Brahmanism consists in the conception of an absolute, all-embracing spirit, the Brahma (neutr.), being the one and only reality, itself un- Connexion conditioned, and the original cause and ultimate with goal of all individual souls (jiva, i.e.
407. In later times, the strict adherence to caste duties would naturally receive considerable support from the belief in the transmigration of souls, already prevalent before Buddha's time, and from the very general acceptance of the doctrine of karma (" deed "), or retribution, according to which a man's present station and manner of life are the result of the sum-total of his actions and thoughts in his former existence; as his actions here will again, by the same automatic process of retribution, determine his status and condition in his next existence.
408. On the speculative side, Ramanuja also met Sankara's strictly monistic theory by another recognizing Vishnu as identical with Brahma as the Supreme Spirit animating the material world as well as the individual souls which have become estranged from God through unbelief, and can only attain again conscious union with him through devotion or love (bhakti).
409. In point of doctrine, they differ in their view of the relation between God Vishnu and the human soul; whilst the former sect define it by the ape theory, which makes the soul cling to God as the young ape does to its mother, the latter explain it by the cat theory, by which Vishnu himself seizes and rescues the souls as the mother cat does her young ones.
410. Thereby their money and influence would be lost to the Church, and their souls robbed of the priceless benefit of priestly absolution.
411. Of late years, notably since the Oxford Movement within the Established Church, the number of converts has been much increased; for some time past it has averaged about 8000 souls a year.
412. It is not easy to harmonize these quasi-scientific theories with the theory of transmigration of souls which Empedocles seems to expound.
413. Humanism implied the rejection of those visions of a future and imagined state of souls as the only absolute reality, which had fascinated the imagination of the middle ages.
414. Of the state of souls beyond the grave we hear and are supposed to care nothing.
415. At the height of its prosperity in the middle ages the population has been estimated at as high a figure as 150,000, but there seems good reason to believe that it did not exceed 40,000 to 50,000 souls.
416. A more modern theory makes St Ursula the Christianized representative of the old Teutonic goddess Freya, who, in Thuringia, under the name of HOrsel or Ursel, and in Sweden Old Urschel, welcomed the souls of dead maidens.
417. "These are the times that try men's souls," wrote Thomas Paine at the beginning of 1776, and the words had added meaning in each year that followed; but Washington had no need to fear the test.
418. It was this, that the souls of men transmigrated into animals, so that if you ate these, you might consume your own kind, cannibal-wise.
419. Contemporary meat-eaters set themselves to combat this prejudice, and argued that it was a pious duty to kill animals and so release the human souls imprisoned.
420. The lover of wisdom, who is priest of the universal God, rather than risk the taking into himself of inferior souls and polluting demons, will abstain from eating animals.
421. The whole population of Wales in Tudor, Stuart and early Georgian times can scarcely have exceeded 500,000 souls, and was probably less.
422. Rohde sees in them the spirits of the dead, the angry souls of murdered men.
423. They end their confession thus: "If any take this that we have said to be heresy, then do we with the apostle freely confess, that after the way which they call heresy worship we the God of our fathers, believing all things which are written in the Law and in the Prophets and Apostles, desiring from our souls to disclaim all heresies and opinions which are not after Christ, and to be stedfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, as knowing our labour shall not be in vain in the Lord."
424. He holds that we are rationally justified in affirming human immortality and the existence of a finite God who is to be a constitutional ruler, but not a despot, over the souls of men.
425. As a defender of the established religion he was soon engaged in controversy, and his failure to secure a fellowship at All Souls' College is attributed to the hostility of the Roman Catholics.
426. After death, he and his wife were changed into snakes, which watched the tomb while their souls were translated to the Elysian fields.
427. Yet this vast empire contained but half the population of modern Sweden - being only 2,500,000, or about 140 souls to the square mile.
428. - Here are found the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Office of the Dead (obligatory on All Souls' Day), and offices peculiar to each diocese.
429. Probably in the month of May 428 he assembled all his people on the shore of Andalusia, and numbering the males among them from the greybeard down to the newborn infant found them to amount to 80,000 souls.
430. Efficacious for the good of men's souls and bodies, and for the confusion of the powers of darkness.'
431. To bless and sanctify these candles for the use of men, and the health of bodies and souls....
432. They elect after dinner two persons of the company so assembled - Roger Osekyn and Lawrence de Haliwell - as their first governors or wardens, appointing, at the same time, in conformity with the pious custom of the age, a priest or chaplain to celebrate divine offices for their souls" (Heath's "Account of the Grocers' Company," quoted in Herbert's Twelve Great Livery Companies, 1836, i.
433. He was supposed to judge the souls of Asiatics, Aeacus those of Europeans, while Minos had the casting vote (Plato, Gorgias, 424A).
434. They number nearly 300,000 souls.
435. There are thirteen indigenous tribes of Pathan origin, of which the Kakars are by far the most important, numbering more than 100,000 souls.
436. It was a moot point whether all souls so survive, as Cleanthes thought, or the souls of the wise and good alone, which was the opinion of Chrysippus; in any case, sooner or later individual souls are merged in the soul of the universe, from which they proceeded.
437. The souls of the righteous are to enjoy a blessed immortality after death.
438. Returning with this charter of freedom, he organized the missions over a territory having a coast-line of 400 leagues, and a population of 200,000 souls, and in the next six years (1655-61) the indefatigable missionary set the crown on his work.
439. By the Clergy Discipline Act of 1892 it was decreed that the trial of clerks accused of unfitness to exercise the cure of souls should be before the consistory court with five assessors.
440. Josephus uses the term of the national restoration of the Jews, Plutarch of the transmigration of souls, and Cicero of his own return from exile.
441. Its population is said to have reached 80,000 souls of many creeds and nationalities.
442. In other cases the impression is involuntary or less consciously sought, as in dreams, which, however, are sometimes induced, for purposes of divination, by the process known as incubation or temple sleep. Dreams are sometimes regarded as visits to or from gods or the souls of the dead, sometimes as signs to be interpreted symbolically by means of dream-books, which are found not only in Europe but in less cultured countries like Siam.
443. 220) the followers of Simon professed to raise the souls of prophets from the dead (De anima, 57).
444. The non-Russian population during the summer of 1895 could not have amounted to more than a few hundred souls - occupying a few encampments in the Little Pamir and in the Taghdumbash.
445. The total population of the Russian Pamirs has been reckoned at 250 "kibitkas," or 1500 souls.
446. There may be no rational grounds for the ancient dogma that the souls of the lower animals were imperishable, like the soul of man: this is, however, a problem which we are not called upon to discuss; and we may venture to conjecture that there may be immaterial essences of divers kinds, and endowed with various attributes and capabilities.
447. Again, the funeral offerings of food, clothing, weapons, &c., to the dead are absolutely intelligible and purposeful among savage races, who believe that the souls of the departed are ethereal beings capable of consuming food, and of receiving and using the souls or phantoms of any objects sacrificed for their use.
448. He was subsequently elected to fellowships at All Souls (1884) and Merton (1892).
449. In November 1804 he was elected a fellow of All Souls College; and, after finishing his distinguished university career, he made a long tour in Europe.
450. It was preached to a congregation who were careless and loose in their lives at a time when " the neighbouring towns were in great distress for their souls."
451. THOMAS BRAY (1656-1730), English divine, was born at Marton, Shropshire, in 1656, and educated at All Souls' College, Oxford.
452. Amounting to 1500 souls, and the siege now recom menced upon a larger scale.
453. The church of All Souls (1880) commemorates him.
454. On the third Sunday in Advent 1329, and afterwards in public consistory, John had preached that the souls of those who have died in a state of grace go into Abraham's bosom, sub altari Dei, and do not enjoy the beatific vision (visio facie ad faciem) of the Lord until after the Last Judgment and the Resurrection; and he had even instructed a Minorite friar, Gauthier of Dijon, to collect the passages in the Fathers which were in favour of this doctrine.
455. The word is used in a liturgical sense for an office commending the souls of the dying and dead to the mercies of God.
456. The sixth heaven: seven bands of angels arrange and study the courses of the stars, &c.: others set over the years, the fruits of the earth, the souls of men.
457. All the souls of men were created before the foundation of the world (xxiii.
458. He speaks of the Logos (1) as the agency by which God reveals Himself, in some measure to all men, in greater degree to chosen souls.
459. A convenient belief in the doctrine of the transmigration of souls satisfied the unfortunate that their woes were the natural result of their own deeds in a former birth, and, though unavoidable now, might be escaped in a future state of existence by present good conduct.
460. The subject - the descent of Christ into Hades to succour the souls of the just, as related in the apocryphal gospel of Nicodemus - is introduced in a kind of prologue; then follows the dispute between "Dominus" and "Satan" at the gate of Hell; the gatekeeper runs away, and the just are set free, while Adam, Eve, Habraham, David, Johannes and Moyses do homage to the deliverer.
461. In those troubled times Rousseau and Millet unburdened their souls to their friends, and their published lives contain many letters, some extracts from which will express the ideals which these artists held in common, and show clearly the true and firmly-based foundation on which their art stands.
462. Speaking in 1853 of the political issues of the spiritual philosophy which he had taught during his lifetime, he says, - "It conducts human societies to the true republic, that dream of all generous souls, which in our time can be realized in Europe only by constitutional monarchy."
463. In 1872 he had been given the honorary degree of doctor of philosophy by Munich University; in 1888 Cambridge gave him the honorary degree of LL.D., and in 1889 Oxford the D.C.L.; and in 1890 he was made a fellow of All Souls.
464. Those, then, who had to hear penitents unburden their souls were driven to the use of Roman writers on the subject.
465. They regard good and evil and space as ultimate substances which come into direct contact with the minute souls in everything.
466. Any injury done to the "souls" being one of the worst of iniquities, the good monk should not wash his clothes (indeed, the most austere will reject clothes altogether), nor even wash his teeth, for fear of injuring living things.
467. Baptism and extreme unction only were continued, lest souls should be lost; and marriages were permitted but not inside the walls of churches.
468. The population of Ireland in 1901 had decreased to 4,457,000 souls.
469. 7-11, include a special injunction of strict abstinence (" ye shall afflict your souls " 5) from evening to evening.
470. The souls of the virtuous pass after death into ever new incarnations of greater perfection, till at last they reach a point at which they can be re-absorbed into the Deity itself; those of the wicked may be degraded to the level of camels or dogs.
471. The Hauran Druses increased by the middle of the 19th century to 7000 souls.
472. All souls were tried once, with equal privilege; all fell, save one, who steadily clave to the Logos, and thus merited to become in due time the human soul of Jesus Christ.
473. Human birth in a grossly material body is partly due to the pre-temporal fall of souls; here we see in Origen the Greek, the dualist (mind and matter), the ascetic, and to some extent the kinsman of the Gnostics.
474. One line runs north-westwards from Volo by way of Velestino (the ancient Pherae) to Larissa, which is situated on the Salambria (Peneius), and has a population of 18,000 souls, including 2000 Jews.
475. They were also required to watch over the souls of the flock and report to the bishop the cases of those who had sinned or were in need of spiritual help. "You deacons," says the Apostolical Constitutions (4th century), "ought to keep watch over all who need watching or are in distress, and let the bishop know."
476. 617 ff.) he seems to make human souls responsible through their power of choice for the destinies which they meet with during their respective lives.
477. About 50,000 souls.
478. The Lord's Supper is a spiritual feast where Christ attests that He is the life-giving bread, by which our souls are fed unto true and blessed immortality.
479. Four years later he was elected warden of All Souls' College, Oxford.
480. In 1648 he was ejected from All Souls' by order of parliament, and imprisoned for some months, but he regained the wardenship in 1659.
481. Seq.: "such harmony is in immortal souls, but.
482. But these varying conceptions with their religious meaning become religiously productive only in the souls of religious heroes, who are the authors of new religions, mediators of the religious life, founders of religious communities.
483. Between these years the numbers fluctuated widely-1852 showing the highest total, 190,322 souls, and 1905 the lowest, 30,676 souls.
484. The number of the spies, the number of souls that went down into Egypt with Jacob, and the ark being made of acacia wood.
485. Savage man also believes that many of his own tribe-fellows have the power of assuming the shapes of animals, and that the souls of his dead kinsfolk revert to animal forms.
486. Very frequently he is the judge of souls, and sends the good and bad to their own places of reward and punishment.
487. The most highly developed All-Father is the Baiame or Byamee of the Euahlayi tribe of north-western New South Wales, to whom prayers for the welfare of the souls of the dead are, or recently were, addressed - the tribe dwelling a hundred miles away from the nearest missionary station (Protestant).'
488. The bringer of good luck, and the conductor of men's souls down the dark ways of death.
489. So in still later tradition, all the sons of Jacob with the exception of Joseph find their last resting-place at Hebron, and in Jewish prayers for the dead it is besought that their souls may be bound up with those of the patriarchs, or that they may go to the cave of Machpelah and thence to the Cherubim.
490. Less responsible for the eternal salvation of mens souls in the other world.
491. His passion for absolutism made him consider himself master of souls as well as bodies, and Bossuet did nothing to contravene an opinion which was, indeed, common to every and the sovereign of his day.
492. The materials of the work come chiefly from Aristotle, but they are conceived in a Platonizing spirit, which places as the bond of all things a universal soul of the world with its partial or fragmentary souls.
493. (In this way philosophy tried to account for the phenomenon of prophecy, one of the ruling ideas of Islam.) But the active intellect is not merely influential on human souls.
494. The permanence of individual souls he supports by arguments borrowed from those of Plato.
495. He claims to have shown that the dogmas of the eternity of matter and the permanence of the world are false; that their description of the Deity as the demiurgos is unspiritual; that they fail to prove the existence, the unity, the simplicity, the incorporeality or the knowledge (both of species and accidents) of God; that their ascription of souls to the celestial spheres is unproved; that their theory of causation, which attributes effects to the very natures of the causes, is false, for that all actions and events are to be ascribed to the Deity; and, finally, that they cannot establish the spirituality of the soul, nor prove its mortality.
496. Dungeons & Dragons and Dark souls might not feel compatible, but the two can be blended marvelously into a Dark Souls-themed campaign.
497. Tallahassee’s Black pastors put out a call to voters to take advantage of the last day of early voting, launching the recurring souls to the Polls event. Standing on the steps of Bethel ...
498. These games take some inspiration from Dark souls — borrowing genre conventions like super difficult boss fights, penalties for death, and purposeful combat — and twist them to add some new features, ...
499. "In essence, it makes Dark souls 3 even more addictive, if that’s what you wanted (or didn’t know you needed, which rest assured, you do)." Before installing Cinders, be aware of two things ...
500. Developer Cold Symmetry has announced that its Dark Souls-inspired RPG Mortal Shell launches on August 18 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The studio shared a release date trailer showcasing the ...
501. Dark souls has been one of the most influential series of games to hit the market in the last decade. These are some of the best games that offer challenging and rewarding gameplay. FromSoftware ...
502. The Souls-like genre is becoming more and more popular as the days go on with several games popping up with heavy From Software influences. Though, I won’t complain because the Soulsborne games ...
503. souls sentence examples. She felt the truth in his words, perhaps because their souls had touched when they first met the day before. 123. 7. Rather than taking souls and risking a run-in with him or his dealers, the demons snatched the dead or killed whomever they wanted and brought them here, where they'd have more time for soul extraction
504. Examples of soul in a sentence, how to use it. 24 examples: But the frequent link between visiting a church and praying for the souls of…
505. Translations of the phrase FOUR souls from english to swedish and examples of the use of "FOUR SOULS" in a sentence with their translations: All four souls taken exactly the same time.
506. How to use souls in a sentence. The souls list of example sentences with souls. Log in. souls / examples. souls in a sentence - 23 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "There is in souls a sympathy with sounds" William Cowper "Words have ruined more souls than any devil's agency" Eric Hoffer "Avarice has ruined more souls than
507. souls definition: Noun 1. plural form of soul She felt the truth in his words, perhaps because their souls had touched when they first met the day before.; Rather than taking souls and risking a run-in with him or his dealers, the demons snatched the dead or killed whomever they wanted and brought them here, where they'd have more time for soul extraction.
508. High quality example sentences with “dark souls” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
509. How can I put and write and define heart and souls in a sentence and how is the word heart and souls used in a sentence and examples? 用heart and souls造句, 用heart and souls造句, 用heart and souls造句, heart and souls meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
510. CM 278953 The Emperor prayed for the souls of the deceased. CM 2953753 We pray for the souls of our brothers and sisters. CK 667882 A room without books is like a body without a soul. CK 270215 The soul of man is larger than the sky and deeper than the ocean. CM 292500 He got down on his knees and prayed for the souls of the deceased.
511. High quality example sentences with “hearts and souls” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts several options are on the table
512. Repose of souls in a sentence - Use "repose of souls" in a sentence 1. The church is named the Sacred Heart for the Repose of Souls, and is dedicated to the Catholic belief in Purgatory, a place between hell and heaven, where souls go to expiate minor or venial sins in order to be worthy of paradise. click for more sentences of repose of souls
513. Examples of souls in a Sentence; 문장 soul. Besides, most of these designes were abortive, or aborsive rather, like those untimely miscarriages not honoured with a soul or the shape and lineaments of an infant. Mind and soul according well. - Alfred Tennyson
514. Extra Examples. May God have mercy on my soul. an argument for the immortality of the soul; The dog was howling like a soul in torment. The messenger god, Hermes, leads dead souls into the underworld. Missionaries saw it as their task to save souls.
515. Synonyms for souls at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for souls.
516. How to use all the souls in a sentence. The all the souls list of example sentences with all the souls. all the souls / examples. all the souls in a sentence - 12 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "All the souls in purgatory shall suffer and burn" "Whining about all the souls you tortured in hell" "I shall find there all the
517. There Are 7 Types Of souls In The World. June 20, 2017. 8341. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Prior to our earthly journey, we pick a specific role to play. We don’t pick this role consciously, but rather as a type of energy that our soul intuitively chooses with a purpose to evolve even more.
518. Information and translations of souls in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . The STANDS4 Network Examples of souls in a Sentence. Theodore Roosevelt, "Man in the Arena" Speech given April 23, 1910:
519. Sentence with the word metempsychosis. The second doctrine is commonly known as metempsychosis, the transmigration of souls or reincarnation, the last name being the most correct.. It must have grown up among a people to whom the idea of metempsychosis was well known, but who at the same time held a skeptical view of that doctrine.. This passage contains the explanation of what might be called
520. ‘Mothering is a journey we experience with our whole selves: our senses, our souls, our emotions, our minds.’ ‘It's happy music, but it comes from our souls, from our emotional scars.’ ‘These images, this news, does something to us, eats away at our souls and sense of hope for the world.’
521. Examples of souls in a Sentence; 문장 souls. It's a village of 800 souls. 관련 링크: en souls; en soulster; en soulscot; en soulsick; en soulsters; 출처:
522. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word souls: . See souls used in context: 100 poetry verses, 82 Shakespeare works, 51 Bible passages, 19 definitions
523. Great souls die and our reality, bound to them, takes leave of us. Our souls, dependent upon their nurture, now shrink, wizened. Our minds, formed and informed by their radiance, fall away. We are not so much maddened as reduced to the unutterable ignorance of dark, cold caves. And when great souls die, after a period peace blooms, slowly and
524. See examples of souls in English. Real sentences showing how to use souls correctly.

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