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"Soundbar" Example Sentences

1. The JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass keeps things simple. It's a single soundbar and wireless subwoofer combo with Bluetooth streaming. There's no fancy video like the Roku Smart soundbar or the flawed JBL Link ...
2. Soundbars are a great alternative to a full home theater system. This new model from Denon has Google Chromecast built in for playing hi-res music wirelessly. It can also be part of a whole-home ...
3. Want a cinematic experience from the comfort of your couch? Why, of course you do! Whether it's the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a binge-worthy Netflix series, a decent soundbar will improve your ...
4. Earlier this year, the audio brand released the Sonos Arc, a streamlined soundbar that offers Dolby Atmos immersive sound in a compact package, all while sitting squarely in Sonos’ clever multi-room ...
5. As a simple add-on for improved audio, a soundbar can really up your entertainment game. Sleek and understated in black, espresso or titanium hues, it blends seamlessly into your living room (or any ...
6. If you're looking for a cheap soundbar that doesn't skimp on connectivity, the latest model from Denon could be a tantalizing option.  Chromecast integration means that you can also control the ...
7. Japanese electronics company Denon reportedly has an affordable new Chromecast-enabled soundbar for those with limited space to work with. Dubbed the ...
8. soundbar deals hunters will want to check out this discount on a great Yamaha soundbar with a built-in subwoofer—get the details.
9. Bluesound Pulse 2i soundbar Review1.1 Performance1.2 Design1.3 Value1.4 Bluesound Pulse 2i soundbar Review Wrap Up 8.5Expert RatingNot many have necessarily heard of the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar, but ...
10. The modern Pheanoo soundbars from Pheanoo Audio Ltd are designed to give users the highest quality sound possible for whatever kind of experience they want. Whether they enjoy watching movies and want ...
11. For many, a soundbar is an essential accessory for their TVs, alongside a streaming device. With the Roku Smart Soundbar, the company took both those accessories and put them into one device.
12. Budget supermarket giant Aldi is set to launch a home entertainment range as part of their Special Buys on September 19. The range includes a TV, soundbar and power board.
13. Examples of 'soundbar' in a sentence Use as an all-in-one soundbar, (2017) This two-box system is made up of a 24inwide soundbar and a 18inx9inx9in wireless subwoofer. Times, Sunday Times (2010) It has a 30- watt sound system with 6 front-firing drivers mounted in an integrated soundbar .
14. Archiwalne modele soundbar; French essay sentence starters Essay examples opening sentence: essay on power of communication, essay on junk food in 150 words, short story meaning essay, essay books upsc argumentative essay group work teeyan festival essay in punjabi directions for essay questions essay on my neighbour for class 7. Sample
15. soundbar definition: a long, slender speaker used with a TV, games console , MP3 player, etc | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
16. soundbar definition: Noun (plural soundbars) 1. A bar containing multiple speakers that can be mounted under or alongside a television, etc. instead of having separate speakers positioned around the room.Origin sound +"Ž bar
17. Soundbars definition: Noun 1. plural form of soundbar
18. Examples of 'soundbar' in a sentence Use as an all-in-one soundbar, (2017) This two-box system is made up of a 24inwide soundbar and a 18inx9inx9in wireless subwoofer. Times, Sunday Times (2010) It has a 30- watt sound system with 6 front-firing drivers mounted in an integrated soundbar.
19. ‘By separating the sound between left, right and centre, the soundbar allows a dedicated channel for dialogue, making films easier to hear.’ ‘The British audio company releases a Wi-Fi-enabled digital radio and iPod dock, and a 'soundbar' using spatial stereo technology.’
20. A natural entertainer, and another chapter in Yamaha's soundbar success story. Today's Best Deals. Yamaha YAS207. Richer Sounds. £269. View. Yamaha YAS207B 200w soundbar PRC Direct. £295. View. Yamaha YAS-207. Peter Tyson. £299. View. See all prices (5 found) Best soundbar £300-£500. Sonos Beam.
21. The Phillips Notebook soundbar SPA 1100 is an economic yet efficient alternative to high-end Soundbars in the market. Its two speakers along with bass reflex, bass optimisation and Class D digital amplifier provides you with ample volume and clarity, all packed into a neat rectangular bar. The Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT II is a mid-range
22. Mit einer soundbar greifen Sie dem TV-Ton unter die Arme. Besonders beliebt: Modelle mit Subwoofer. Hier sind kräftige Bässe garantiert. Wir zeigen Ihnen die jeweils besten Soundbars aus 1.359 Tests. Den letzten haben wir am 08.09.2020 ausgewertet.
23. soundbar Modelleri. Birçok farklı marka, kullanıcı taleplerini göz önünde bulundurarak farklı modellerde soundbar'lar üretir. Soundbar'lar ilk olarak subwoofer'ın varlığına göre, subwoofer destekli olanlar ve olmayanlar şeklinde ikiye ayrılırlar. Subwoofer, soundbar hoparlörlerinden ayrı harici bir hoparlör sistemidir.
24. soundbar im Test – wir zeigen Stärken und Schwächen auf Inzwischen bieten die meisten führenden Hersteller von Sound-Systemen auch kompakte Soundbars in ihrem Produktportfolio an. Bereits ab 100 Euro können die Nutzer ihren Fernseher mit einem separaten Lautsprecher-System ausstatten und die Klang-Schwächen der Geräte ausgleichen.
25. Das beweist die soundbar Yamaha YAS-207, denn im Test der Stiftung Warentest, konnte sie sich auch gegen deutlich teurere Modelle behaupten. Mit einer Note von 1,9 führt der Klangriegel des japanischen Hi-Fi Experten dort momentan die Liste von insgesamt 36 getesteten Soundbars an. Wir haben die wichtigsten Fakten für dich gesammelt.
26. soundbar 5.1 zahrnuje tři přední kanály rozšířené o dva zadní kanály a subwoofer pro lepší prostorový zvuk. soundbar 7.1 nabízí dohromady 7 kanálů, z nichž 4 jsou speciální surround kanály a nachází se po dvojicích vpředu a vzadu. Zbylé 3 kanály jsou standardní – 1 vpředu a poslední 2 vzadu.
27. A soundbar, sound bar or media bar is a type of loudspeaker that projects audio from a wide enclosure.It is much wider than it is tall, partly for acoustic reasons, and partly so it can be mounted above or below a display device, e.g., above a computer monitor or under a home theater or television screen. Basically, in a soundbar multiple speakers are placed in a single cabinet, which helps to
28. The soundbar 700 is an impressive alternative to the Sonos Arc, making up for its lack of Dolby Atmos capabilities with music reproduction that most other soundbars haven’t come close to touching.
29. soundbar Test Check 2020 – Das Wichtigste in Kürze. Wer auf der Suche nach der besten soundbar ist, wird mit vielen Fachbegriffen konfrontiert. Hier die drei wichtigsten Wissensfakten zu Soundbars: Surround Sound: Soundbars sind die Alternativen zu herkömmlichen 5.1 Surround-Sound-Anlagen. Der Raumklang wird durch akustische und
30. The soundbar itself is the aforementioned long, thin speaker, and it can work fine on its own. However, for strong bass performance you need the additional power of a subwoofer. Fortunately, many
31. Soundplate 7 Soundbase 18 soundbar (Listwa) 84 soundbar + Subwoofer 132 soundbar + Głośniki 4 soundbar + Subwoofer + Głośniki 14 Liczba kanałów 2.1 78 2 55 5.1 22 3.1 20 3.0 6
32. soundbar Placement Options- This is a detailed guide and I have explained all best positions for mounting the soundbar with tv. soundbar Placement Options- This is a detailed guide and I have explained all best positions for mounting the soundbar with tv. Monday, September 14 2020.
33. Cumpara acum soundbar si Home Cinema la preturi incepand de la 119.99 lei
34. Zobacz Soundbary w RTV i AGD na A. Najlepsze oferty w atrakcyjnej cenie. Radość zakupów i 100% bezpieczeństwa dla każdej transakcji. Kup Teraz!
35. Sony HTG700 3.1ch 400W soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer. 3.1ch 400W soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer; Compatible with 4K/HDR video sources, including Dolby Vision and HDR10
36. The Samsung HW-Q90R was the brand's all-singing, all-dancing flagship soundbar for 2019 – and in 2020, it has only been pipped by the Sonos Arc for the best soundbar you can buy because it's a
37. Lll soundbar Vergleich 2020 auf ⭐ Die besten 13 Soundbars inklusive aller Vor- und Nachteile im Vergleich Jetzt soundbar sichern!
38. A soundbar, however, includes speakers uses speakers in an enclosed box to replicate surround sound or a stereo effect. Continue reading to learn more about using a soundbar without a subwoofer, I will also discuss why someone may not want to use a subwoofer and the advantages of using a subwoofer.
39. Een soundbar plaats je eenvoudig voor of onder de tv en zorgt voor een beter en voller geluid. Veel soundbars hebben ook een streamingfunctie, zodat je je muziek vanaf je smartphone of tablet draadloos over de soundbar af kunt spelen. soundbars zijn er ook met een draadloze subwoofer voor nog meer bas.
40. Sentence Examples. Whatever it is that's riled him, his ugly, A decent soundbar will provide enough grunt to render an amplifier unnecessary. In their stead came new surfaces stripped of unnecessary features, surfaces meant to reflect a building's function more accurately.
41. Invest in a soundbar that supports current technologies, like Dolby Digital. Only use a receiver is you have to; simple television and active soundbar configurations do not need a receiver! A soundbar is a great start to boosting your sound quality. However, knowing these six tips and tricks can ensure you get the best value for your buck!
42. If ever a soundbar sounded the way its looks, the new Bluesound Pulse soundbar 2i (£799) is the one. Its appearance combines significant proportions with clean, elegant design and impeccable
43. soundbar ; soundbar. Lautsprechereinheit, die unter dem Standfuß eines Flachbildfernsehers oder an der Wand darunter montiert wird. Durch die voluminösere Gehäuseform lassen sich ein Bassreflexsystem und damit tieferer Bass und insgesamt ein volleres Klangvolumen realisieren.
44. The Sonos Beam is our runner-up pick for best mid-priced soundbar. It’s a powerful speaker for its size, and you can expand it into a full-fledged 5.1-channel system by adding a wireless sub and
45. The best soundbar is the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar. The best all-around soundbar you can get is the new Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar.Sennheiser has been moving into the realm of 3D audio for a while now, and the company has taken what it has learned along with its legacy in sound and stuffed it all into one soundbar. While the Ambeo is expensive, it also has all of the newest technologies built
46. The Sonos Beam soundbar is known to be a bit smaller in length than the other Sonos soundbars. It measures around 2.70 x 25.625 x 3.94 in and also weighs about 6.5 pounds. It comes in white or black so you can match it to your décor. It is a smaller soundbar, great for small to medium sized rooms and relatively inexpensive.
47. Obwohl sich Hersteller bemühen mehr Klang in immer kleinere Bauteile zu verpacken, ist heute eine soundbar die einfachste Möglichkeit für guten Sound beim Fernsehen zu sorgen. soundbar Test/Vergleich: Unsere besten Soundbars (07/2020) Es geht gleich ans Eingemachte: Wie immer haben wir zahlreiche beliebte Soundbars genau unter die Lupe genommen.

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