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"Sovereign" Example Sentences

1. Yet Greece was the sovereign power in all the world of ancient culture.
2. Most Gracious Sovereign and Emperor!
3. Special provisions were made respecting appeals from the High Court to the sovereign in council.
4. sovereign the grand khan who lived with the Great Horde in the valley of the Amur.
5. Under a kingly government office bestowed by the sovereign holds the same place which office bestowed by the people holds in a popular government.
6. Avicenna was even raised to the office of vizier; but the turbulent soldiery, composed of Kurds and Turks, mutinied against their nominal sovereign, and demanded that the new vizier should be put to death.
7. Yahweh was not only the lord of the universe and possessed of sovereign power.
8. This charter provided that no war could be declared nor marriage concluded by the sovereign, nor taxes raised without the assent of the states, that natives were alone eligible for high office, and that the national language should be used in public documents.
9. Boris noticed Arakcheev's excited face when the sovereign went out with Balashev.
10. "Our sovereign the Emperor will be here in a moment," said Rostopchin.
11. Langton followed his sovereign to Northampton and persuaded him, at least for the present, to refrain from any serious measures of revenge.
12. In I309 Robert, grandson of Charles, the first Angevine sovereign, succeeded to the throne of Naples, and became the leader of the Guelphs in Italy.
13. He had also, by virtue of an ancient custom, the power of giving the first dish from the king's table to whatever poor person he pleased, or, instead of it, alms in money, which custom is kept up by the lord high almoner distributing as many silver pennies as the sovereign has years of age to poor men and women on Maundy Thursday.
14. Offices and lands came to John Howard by reason of that fellowship. Henry VI., when restored, summoned him to parliament in 1470 as Lord Howard, a summons which may have been meant to lure him to London into Warwick's power, but he proclaimed the Yorkist sovereign on his return and fought at Barnet and Tewkesbury.
15. Or, secondly, the concordat may result from two identical separate acts, one emanating from the pope and the other from the sovereign; this was the form of the first true concordat, that of Worms, in 1122.
16. That arousing of the people by their sovereign and his call to them to defend their country--the very incitement which was the chief cause of Russia's triumph in so far as it was produced by the Tsar's personal presence in Moscow--was suggested to the Emperor, and accepted by him, as a pretext for quitting the army.
17. The recursus ad principem, in some form or other of appeal or application to the sovereign or his lay judges, was at the end of the middle ages well known over western Europe.
18. The older nobility is independent of the possession of land; it is independent of office about the sovereign; it is hard to say what were the powers and privileges attached to it; but of its existence there is no doubt.
19. According to Siegmund von Herberstein (1486-1566), an Austrian envoy who visited Moscow at that period, no sovereign in Europe was obeyed like the grand-prince of Muscovy, and his court was remarkable for barbaric luxury.
20. The result of the war was to make Russia supreme at Constantinople; and before long an opportunity of further increasing her influence was created by Mehemet Ali, the ambitious pasha of Egypt, who in November 1831 began a war with his sovereign in Syria, gained a series of victories over the Turkish forces in Asia Minor and threatened Constantinople.
21. To the joy and pride of the whole army, a personal interview was refused, and instead of the Sovereign, Prince Dolgorukov, the victor at Wischau, was sent with Savary to negotiate with Napoleon if, contrary to expectations, these negotiations were actuated by a real desire for peace.
22. "To the health of our Sovereign, the Emperor!" he cried, and at the same moment his kindly eyes grew moist with tears of joy and enthusiasm.
23. Only recently, talking with one of Platov's Cossack officers, Rostov had argued that if Napoleon were taken prisoner he would be treated not as a sovereign, but as a criminal.
24. All the efforts of those who surrounded the sovereign seemed directed merely to making him spend his time pleasantly and forget that war was impending.
25. But the princes of the house of Savoy were a race of warriors; and what Emmanuel Philibert lost as sovereign he regained as captain of adventure in the service of his cousin Philip II.
26. The pope, Pius VII., who had long been kept under restraint by Napoleon at Fontainebleau, returned to Rome in May 1814, and was recognized by the congress of Vienna (not without some demur on the part of Austria) as the sovereign of all the former possessions of the Holy See.
27. Perceiving the advantage of a visit to the imperial and apostolic court after the Italian occupation of Rome and the suppression of the religious orders, and convinced of the value of more cordial intercourse with the German empire, Visconti-Venosta and Minghetti advised their sovereign to accept both the Austrian and the subsequent German invitations.
28. Of Prussia, the new sovereign of the place, stood in the midst, " looking very uncomfortable."
29. Below Trent—that city and its territory, which previous to the treaty of Lunéville in 1801 was governed by sovereign archbishops, subject only to the German emperors, being now included in the Austrian empire.
30. An attempt made by his uncles to dislodge him proved unsuccessful, and no sooner was the young sovereign firmly settled than he began to meditate an extension of his own dominions.
31. But the instrument unduly exalts itself, and Assyria itself shall suffer humiliation at the hands of the world's divine sovereign (x.
32. The special character of Norman rule in Sicily was that all these various races flourished, each in its own fashion, each keeping its own creed, tongue and manners, under the protection of a common sovereign, who belonged to none of them, but who did impartial justice to all.
33. "Not 'our Sovereign, the Emperor,' as they say at official dinners," said he, "but the health of our Sovereign, that good, enchanting, and great man!
34. A sovereign should not be with the army unless he is a general! said Napoleon, evidently uttering these words as a direct challenge to the Emperor.
35. Yes, I know you have made peace with the Turks without obtaining Moldavia and Wallachia; I would have given your sovereign those provinces as I gave him Finland.
36. In 1032 be was obliged to act in concert with a senate, called pregadi; and in 1172 the grand council, which became the real sovereign of the state, was formed.
37. Countess Bezukhova was present among other Russian ladies who had followed the sovereign from Petersburg to Vilna and eclipsed the refined Polish ladies by her massive, so-called Russian type of beauty.
38. Those speeches were intended for quite other conditions, they were for the most part to be spoken at a moment of victory and triumph, generally when he was dying of wounds and the sovereign had thanked him for heroic deeds, and while dying he expressed the love his actions had proved.
39. "To the health of our Sovereign, the Emperor!" he roared, "Hurrah!" and emptying his glass at one gulp he dashed it to the floor.
40. His proclamation as a reigning sovereign, which she successfully brought about in July 1524.
41. Incidents were related evidently confirming the opinion that everything was going from bad to worse, but whether telling a story or giving an opinion the speaker always stopped, or was stopped, at the point beyond which his criticism might touch the sovereign himself.
42. This donation of Pippin in 756 confirmed the papal see in the protectorate of the Italic party, and conferred upon it sovereign rights.
43. Our sovereign alone has protested against the seizure of the Duke of Oldenburg's territory, and even...
44. This is painful, but, loving my benefactor and sovereign, I submit.
45. It is clear that the man who advocates the conclusion of a peace, and that the Minister should command the army, does not love our sovereign and desires the ruin of us all.
46. He was succeeded by Ferdinand, his son by his second marriage, who was already associated with his wife Isabella as joint sovereign of Castile.
47. On Napoleon's deposition, the island was ceded to him with full sovereign rights, and he resided there from the 5th of May 1814 to the 26th of February 1815.
48. But it will please our sovereign the Emperor Napoleon if we take this bridge, so let us three go and take it!' 'Yes, let's!' say the others.
49. He nodded hurriedly in reply to Chernyshev, and smiled ironically on hearing that the sovereign was inspecting the fortifications that he, Pfuel, had planned in accord with his theory.
50. Your Holiness (he wrote) is sovereign of Rome, but I am its emperor; and he threatened to annul the presumed donation of Rome by Charlemagne, unless the pope yielded implicit obedience to him in all temporal affairs.
51. "No, that's impossible," said he, "for our sovereign appreciated him so highly before."
52. The Empress Elisabeth, however, when asked what instructions she would be pleased to give--with her characteristic Russian patriotism had replied that she could give no directions about state institutions for that was the affair of the sovereign, but as far as she personally was concerned she would be the last to quit Petersburg.
53. To avert the danger of a man of this type succeeding to the throne Peter made a law by which the reigning sovereign might choose his successor according to his own judgment, and two years later he caused his second wife, Catherine Catherine, the daughter of a Lithuanian peasant, to 1, be crowned with all due solemnity, " in recognition of the courageous services rendered by her to the Russian Empire."
54. In 1569 William in his capacity as sovereign prince of Orange issued letters-of-marque to a number of vessels to prey upon the Spanish commerce in the narrow seas.
55. He wrote to Arakcheev, the Emperor's confidant: It must be as my sovereign pleases, but I cannot work with the Minister (meaning Barclay).
56. Having come to an understanding with his father-in-law Podébrad, he was able to turn his arms against the emperor Frederick, and in April 1462 Frederick restored the holy crown for 60,000 ducats and was allowed to retain certain Hungarian counties with the title of king; in return for which concessions, extorted from Matthias by the necessity of coping with a simultaneous rebellion of the Magyar noble in league with Podebrad's son Victorinus, the emperor recognized Matthias as the actual sovereign of Hungary.
57. The native dynasty (Ming) which supplanted them established their residence at Nan-king ("South Court"), but this proved so inconvenient that Yunglo, the third sovereign of the dynasty, reoccupied Ta-tu, giving it then, for the first time, the name of Pe-king ("North Court").
58. Power is vested in a federal parliament, consisting of the sovereign, a senate, and a house of representatives, the sovereign being represented by a governor-general.
59. No place was reckoned to be a town unless it had received a Rise of charter from its sovereign or its local lord.
60. It was stipulated that there was to be toleration for both Catholics and Protestants; that the Spanish king should be recognized as de jure sovereign, and the prince of Orange as governor with full powers in Holland and Zeeland.
61. He carried out the wishes of the new sovereign and after the intrigues of a few months he had the satisfaction of securing the dismissal of Lawrence Hyde, earl of Rochester, from his post as lord treasurer.
62. On the one hand, there was no law except that of force by which an offence could be attributed to the sovereign, the anointed king, the source of justice.
63. The Franko-Papal alliance, which conferred a crown on Pippin and sovereign rights upon the see of Rome, held within itself that ideal of mutually Charles supporting papacy and empire which exercised so the iireat powerful an influence in medieval history.
64. The age of majority of the sovereign is eighteen.
65. When he was presented to his former sovereign, George III.
66. Henceforth the real sovereign was the mayor of the palace.
67. The saviour of his country was coldly received and left unrewarded by his suspicious sovereign.
68. Menaced, however, by Louis' brother-in-law, Otto the Great, and excommunicated by the council of Ingelheim (948), the powerful vassal was forced to make submission and to restore Laon to his sovereign.
69. Both because of the Moorish element in the population of Spain, and because he was also sovereign of Naples and Sicily.
70. Character according to the importance of the place and the pressure it was able to put upon its sovereign.
71. The splendour and luxury of the court of Philip surpassed that of any contemporary sovereign.
72. By this compact the prince was invested with all the prerogatives belonging to the sovereign.
73. Gregory persuaded Tiridates to destroy the last relics of the old paganism, and carried out in the religious sphere his sovereign's policy of detaching Great Armenia from the Sassanid realm and allying it with the GraecoRoman empire and civilization.
74. The impei~ial chancery, without inquiring closely into the deeds furnished by the papal curia, made a deed of gift, which placed the pope in the position of a temporal sovereign.
75. In England, the royal almonry still forms a part of the sovereign's household, the officers being the hereditary grand almoner (the marquess of Exeter), the lord high almoner, the sub-almoner, and the secretary to the lord high almoner.
76. In many countries, such as Germany and Russia, the term has retained its original meaning of an officer on the personal staff, and is the designation of personal aides-de-camp to the sovereign.
77. Like the tsar, he had the official title of " Great Lord " (veliki gosudar), and he had his palace, his court-dignitaries, his retinue, his boyars and his officials all organized on the model of those of the sovereign.
78. "I pray God save the king," Anne herself is reported to have said on the scaffold, "and send him long to reign over you, for a gentler nor a more merciful prince was there never; and to me he was ever a good, a gentle and sovereign lord."
79. Form " domain," which is chiefly used in a non-legal sense of any tract of country or district under the rule of any specific sovereign state, &c. " Domain " is, however, the form kept in the legal phrase " Eminent Domain ".
80. His exile, however, was brief, and some years after his return he became involved in a dispute with his sovereign, Christian III., king of Denmark, because he refused to further the progress of Lutheranism in the island.
81. DEFENDER OF THE FAITH (Fidei Defensor), a title belonging to the sovereign of England in the same way as Christianissimus belonged to the king of France, and Catholicus belongs to the ruler of Spain.
82. The Jews had been expelled from England by Edward I., after a sojourn in the country of rather more than two centuries, during which they had been the licensed and oppressed money-lenders of the realm, and had - through the special exchequer of the Jews - been used by the sovereign as a means of extorting a revenue from his subjects.
83. So far, then, as this declaration is concerned, it is clear that Gramont's responsiblity must be shared with his sovereign and his colleagues (0111vier op. cit.
84. As for Gramont, he had "no conception of the exigencies of this regime; he remained an ambassador accustomed to obey the orders of his sovereign; in all good faith he had no idea that this was not correct, and that, himself a parliamentary minister, he had associated himself with an act destructive of the authority of parliament."
85. The sister of the new sovereign, Princess Alexandra, had a few months before (loth March) married the prince of Wales, afterwards King Edward VII., and his father succeeded to the crown of Denmark in the following November.
86. 5-9 do not arise necessarily from motives of revenge; a young and untried sovereign could not courage which enabled him to hold an even and noble course in the face of dangers and treachery.
87. Of the former class the most conspicuous was the Holy Roman Empire; but in Europe all monarchies were, within certain limits, originally elective; and, after the introduction of Christianity, the essential condition of the assumption of sovereign power was not so much kinship with the reigning family as the "sacring" by the divine authority of the Church.
88. Of France to Haakon VI.; he made himself so agreeable to the Norwegian sovereign that he was invited, a little later, to superintend the reformation of the Benedictine monastery of St Benet Holme at Trondhjem.
89. Thus the Mahratta power was consolidated throughout nearly the whole of Maharashtra under the Brahman peshwa as virtual sovereign, with his capital at Poona, while the titular Mahratta raja or king had his court at the neighbouring city of Satara.
90. On the other hand, the peshwa was careful to obtain the sanction of his nominal sovereign at Satara to every important act of state.
91. Its culminating point was reached about 1750, or about a century after Sivaji first rebelled against his Mahommedan sovereign.
92. This land, held in direct tenure from Jehovah, their sovereign, was in theory inalienable.
93. As this prince belonged, like Firdousi, to the Shiah sect, while Mahmud and Maimandi were Sunnites, and as he was also politically opposed to the sultan, Hasan Maimandi did not fail to make the most of this incident, and accused the poet of disloyalty to his sovereign and patron, as well as of heresy.
94. Firdousi directed his steps to Mazandaran, and took refuge with Kabus, prince of Jorjan, who at first received him with great favour, and promised him his continued protection and patronage; learning, however, the circumstances under which he had left Ghazni, he feared the resentment of so powerful a sovereign as Mahmud, who he knew already coveted his kingdom, and dismissed the poet with a magnificent present.
95. In one respect the new institution marked an enormous advance on titles of nobility, which had been granted nearly always for warlike exploits, or merely as a mark of the favour of the sovereign.
96. You will be the sovereign of a generous nation of eleven millions of men and of important colonies."
97. The autocrat felt cramped and chafed on all sides by the necessity of posing as a constitutional sovereign; and, while losing something of the old rigidity, he lost very much of the old energy, both in thought and action.
98. A supreme priestly rank, that of Rish 'amma: or "head of the people," is recognized, but only in theory; since the time of Pharaoh this sovereign pontificate has only once been filled.
99. In reply to this the French sovereign despatched Andrew as his ambassador to the great Khan Kuyuk; with Longjumeau went his brother (a monk) and several others - John Goderiche, John of Carcassonne, Herbert "le sommelier," Gerbert of Sens, Robert a clerk, a certain William, and an unnamed clerk of Poissy.
100. Venice was now brought face to face with the Franks under their powerful sovereign, who soon showed that he intended to claim the lagoons as part of his new kingdom.
101. He pursued his policy of playing into the hands of the sovereign whilst keeping up the appearances of a Liberal, almost democratic, leader, skilful in debate, a trimmer par excellence, and abler in opposition than in office.
102. Being thus the sovereign of an empire, he, again like Jenghiz Khan, adopted for himself the title of Ying-ming, " Brave and Illustrious," and took for his reign the title of Tien-ming.
103. He had not those rights of sovereign which the Norman kings of England inherited from their AngloSaxon predecessors, or the Capetian kings of France from the Carolings; nor was he able therefore to come into direct touch with each of his subjects, which William I., in virtue of his sovereign rights, was able to attain by the Salisbury oath of 1086.
104. Burgesses was almost equally sovereign within its sphere.
105. Each of these followed the procedure and the law of the high court; but each was independent of the high court, and formed a sovereign court without any appeal.
106. Since the days of Godfrey and Baldwin I., Egypt had been a 3 Manuel was an ambitious sovereign, apparently aiming at a world-monarchy, such as was afterwards attempted from the other side by Henry VI.
107. On the 10th of January 1861 an ordinance of secession, which declared Florida to be a " sovereign and independent nation," was adopted by a state convention, and Florida became one of the Confederate States of America.
108. The favours he received from the sovereign excited the jealousy of the vizier, and he was driven back to Africa (1364), where he was received with great cordiality by the sultan of Bougie, Abu Abdallah, who had been formerly his companion in prison.
109. But even in such questions he allowed some weight to political considerations and the wishes of his sovereign.
110. On the death of the Conqueror (1087) he secured the succession for William Rufus, in spite of the discontent of the Anglo-Norman baronage; and in 1088 his exhortations induced the English militia to fight on the side of the new sovereign against Odo of Bayeux and the other partisans of Duke Robert.
111. Like Wolsey he identified himself with the military aspirations of his sovereign.
112. He then got himself crowned by St Boniface, a ceremony which was new to France and which gave the sovereign immense prestige; henceforth the king of the Franks called himself Gratia Dei rex Francorum.
113. Under the new settlement Athens remained a free and sovereign city - a boon which she repaid by zealous Caesar-worship, for the favours bestowed upon her tended to pauperize her citizens and to foster their besetting sin of calculating flattery.
114. Learning by his own experience and errors, he wisely developed a sovereign prudence which nicely adjusted means to the end in view.
115. The cardinal was brought to trial at Westminster (17th of June 1535) on the charge that he did "openly declare in English that the king, our sovereign lord, is not supreme head on earth of the Church of England," and was condemned to a traitor's death at Tyburn, a sentence afterwards changed.
116. The old Greek cities of the motherland were not formally subjects of the empire, but sovereign states, which assembled at Corinth as members of a great alliance, in which the Macedonian king was included as a member and held the office of captain-general.
117. So far we can point to no instance of a cult of the living sovereign (though the cities might institute such locally) being established by the court for the realm.
118. Thenceforward, in the Hellenistic kingdoms of the East the worship of the living sovereign became the rule, although it appears to have been regarded as given in anticipation of an apotheosis which did not become actual till death.
119. In her private life Maria Theresa was equally the servant of the state and the sovereign of all about her.
120. By an agreement dated the 13th of January 1905 the sultan of Zanzibar ceded his sovereign rights in the Benadir ports to Italy in return for the payment of a lump sum of £144,000.
121. On the death of James in December 1542 he attempted to assume office as one of the regents for the infant sovereign Mary, founding his pretensions on an alleged will of the late king; but his claims were disregarded, and the earl of Arran, head of the great house of Hamilton, and next heir to the throne, was declared regent by the estates.
122. Of such a union the dominions of the sovereign as they exist to-day are only the raw material."
123. Below him ranked the newly converted Moslem aristocracy, who adopted the dress, titles and etiquette of the Turkish court, without relinquishing their language or many of their old customs. They dwelt in fortified towns or castles, where the vali was only admitted on sufferance for a few days; and, at the outset, they formed a separate military caste, headed by 48 kapetans - landholders exercising unfettered authority over their retainers and Christian serfs, but bound, in return, to provide a company of mounted troops for the service of their sovereign.
124. In permanent remuneration of certain services to be rendered to the state, the sovereign assigned to civil or military functionaries territorial regions for the purpose, and with the power, of collecting land taxes imposed by Mussulman and Imperial law, i.e.
125. There are two classes of vakuf: (a) Land so declared either directly by the sovereign or in virtue of imperial authority; (b) lands transformed by their proprietors from mulk into vakuf.
126. " it Polity was thought that in future it would be more consonant with the imperial dignity for the sovereign to remain concealed behind a grating where, unseen, he could hear all that was said.
127. On the 3rd of February 1830 was signed a protocol embodying the principle of an independent Greece under Leopold of Coburg as " sovereign prince."
128. The intervention of the powers, based on the convention of London of the i 5th of July 1840, led to the withdrawal of Ibrahim from Syria, and the establishment by the firman of the 13th of February 1841 of Mehemet Ali as hereditary pasha of Egypt under conditions intended to safeguard the sovereign rights of the Ottoman sultan.
129. But Abd-ul-Hamid had issued a free pardon to the mutineers, and the committee had now decided that the new regime would never be secure while the sovereign favoured reaction.
130. Turkey was willing to concede the fullest local autonomy, but not to abandon its sovereign rights over the island.
131. All this, and the almost mutinous discontent of his generals and his enemies of the court circle, shook his resolution of acting as anvil for the Russians, of whose delay also he was aware, and about the 8th of Octoberhedetermined to march out north-eastward across the French lines of communication and save his sovereign's army by taking refuge if necessary in Saxony.
132. But on the 4th of February Blucher, chafing at this inaction, obtained the permission of his own sovereign to transfer his line of operations to the valley of the Marne; Pahlen's corps of Cossacks were assigned to him to cover his left and maintain communication with the Austrians.
133. In 1820 the city became the principal residence of the sovereign and soon afterwards of foreign consuls, and thus practically the seat of government.
134. When Holland rose in revolt against French domination in 1813, after eighteen years of exile he landed at Scheveningen (on the 19th of November) and was on the 3rd of December, amid universal rejoicing, proclaimed prince sovereign of the Netherlands.
135. Which Dutch and Belgian troops fought side by side under his command, the congress of Vienna further aggrandized him by making him sovereign of the territory of Luxemburg with the title of grand duke.
136. After abolishing the cabinet council system in favour during the rule of the two Annes, and reconstituting the senate as it had been under Peter the Great, - with the chiefs of the departments of state, all of them now Russians again, as ex-officio members under the presidency of the sovereign, - the first care of the new empress was to compose her quarrel with Sweden.
137. The honorary title of count of Galicia has frequently been borne by younger sons of the Spanish sovereign.
138. These were drawn up in the language of the country, a Romance dialect (1288 being the date of the most ancient written code), and are remarkable for the manner in which they define the rights of the sovereign, determining the reciprocal obligations of the viscount and his subjects or vassals.
139. The abbe again declared "it is impossible for me honestly and sincerely to make the act of absolute retractation and submission exacted by the sovereign pontiff."
140. The Khivans contested the advance of the Tekkes, but ultimately, about 1856, the latter became the sovereign power in the country, and remained so until the Russians occupied the oasis in 1883.
141. The idea of the sovereignty of the people was to him utterly abhorrent, and even any delegation of sovereign power on his own part would have seemed a betrayal of a God-given trust.
142. His vision of the ideal state was that of a patriarchial monarchy, surrounded and advised by the traditional estates of the realm - nobles, peasants, burghers - and cemented by the bonds of evangelical religion; but in which there should be no question of the sovereign power being vested in any other hands than those of the king by divine right.
143. From him also the reigning sovereign is lineally descended, and he is the liege lord of whom all the chiefs or nobles hold their lands in feu, for services which they or their ancestors had performed, or in virtue of their relationship to the family.
144. These differences may be arranged in two main groups: (a) Those which have arisen between state and state in their sovereign capacities; (b) Those in which one state has made a demand upon another state, ostensibly in its sovereign capacity, but really on behalf of some individual, or set of individuals, whose interests it was bound to protect.
145. It was held that although generally speaking every sovereign may decide to whom he will accord the right to fly his flag, yet in this case such right was limited by the general act of the Brussels conference of July 1890 relative to the African slave trade, an act which was ratified by France on the 2nd of June 1892; that accordingly the owners and master of dhows who had been authorized by France to fly the French flag before the last-named date retained this authorization TABLE II.
146. In the oldest register of Philip Augustus counts are reckoned with dukes in the first of the five orders into which the nobles are divided, but the list includes, besides such almost sovereign rulers as the counts of Flanders and Champagne, immediate vassals of much less importance - such as the counts of Soissons and Dammartin - and even one mediate vassal, the count of Bar-sur-Seine.
147. In Germany, for instance, there are several categories of counts: (1) the mediatized princely counts (gefiirstete Grafen), who are reckoned the equals in blood of the European sovereign houses, an equality symbolized by the "closed crown" surmounting their armorial bearings.
148. Dom Pedro II.," in honour of the sovereign who encouraged its construction.
149. The two Andradas, who imagined they could govern the young emperor as a sovereign of their own creation, encountered great opposition in the constitutional assembly, which had been opened in Rio in May 1823, to discuss the project of a new constitution.
150. He had given himself up to the influence of the Portuguese; the most popular men who had worked for the independence were banished; and a continual change of ministry showed a disposition on the part of the sovereign to prosecute obstinately measures of which his advisers disapproved.
151. In May each year the sovereign appoints a representative as lord high commissioner to the General Assembly of the Established Church, who takes up his abode usually in the palace of Holyrood, and thence proceeds to the High Church, and so to the assembly hall on the Castle Hill.
152. Of the thirteen parliaments summoned by that sovereign, only one, the last, was held at Edinburgh, but his assassination in the Blackfriars' monastery at Perth led to the abrupt transfer of the court and capital from the Tay to the Forth.
153. As the chief councillor of Prince Zsigmond Bathory, he advised his sovereign to contract an alliance with the emperor instead of holding to the Turk, and rendered important diplomatic services on frequent missions to Prague and Vienna.
154. "Rare," said Mr Gladstone, "is the privilege of any man who, having fourteen years ago rendered to his country one signal service, now again, within the same brief span of life, decorated neither by land nor title, bearing no mark to distinguish him from the people he loves, has been permitted to perform another great and memorable service to his sovereign and his country."
155. To this weakened and terrorized assembly the emperorking explained that he had the right to treat Hungary as a conquered country, but that he was prepared to confirm its constitutional liberties under three conditions: the inaugural diploma was to be in the form signed by Ferdinand I., the crown was to be declared hereditary in the house of Habsburg, and the 31st clause of the Golden Bull, authorizing armed resistance to unconstitutional acts of the sovereign, was to be abrogated.
156. Joseph was an idealist and a doctrinaire, whose dream was to build up his ideal body politic; the first step toward which was to be the amalgamation of all his dominions into a common state under an absolute sovereign.
157. The new sovereign was a lad of eighteen, who for the present was likely to be the mere mouthpiece of Schwarzenberg's policy.
158. In what followed it must always be remembered that Lord Derby began by emphatically rejecting the first Boer draft of a treaty on the ground that no treaty was possible except between equal sovereign states.
159. At the present day the canonization of saints is reserved in the Roman Church to the sovereign pontiff.
160. Shortly after the battle of Carabobo (June 24, 1821), by which the power of Spain in this part of the world was broken, Venezuela was united with the federal state of Colombia, which embraced the present Colombia and Ecuador; but the Venezuelans were averse to the Confederation, and an agitation was set on foot in the autumn of 1829 which resulted in the issue of a decree (December 8) by General Paez dissolving the union, and declaring Venezuela a sovereign and independent state.
161. Dion's idea seems to have been to make Dionysius something like a constitutional sovereign, and with this view he brought him into contact with Plato.
162. He was a strong advocate of the groupflashing system as a means of differentiating lights, and invented an arrangement for carrying it into effect optically, his plan being first adopted for the catoptric light of the Royal Sovereign lightship, in the English Channel off Beachy Head.
163. Of the same character is the use of incense carried in a perfuming pan before the sovereign at his coronation in the procession from Westminster Hall to the Abbey.
164. The present London residence of the sovereign is Buckingham Palace, on the west side of St p James's Park, with beautiful gardens behind it.
165. As a country seat, and though no longer used by the sovereign, is in part occupied by members of the royal family, and possesses a deeper historical interest than the other royal palaces, as the birth-place of Queen Victoria and her residence in youth.
166. The closing of Temple Bar to the sovereign.
167. His summons to the Privy Council on the accession of a new sovereign.
168. Horses and carriages attending the sovereign or royal family, or used by soldiers or volunteers in uniform, were free from toll.
169. The order holds that sovereign authority is of divine sanction, and that the execution of Charles I.
170. For a Prussian official to venture to give uncalled-for advice to his sovereign was a breach of propriety not calculated to increase his chances of favour; but it gave Gentz a conspicuous position in the public eye, which his brilliant talents and literary style enabled him to maintain.
171. Established the council of Artois, with sovereign authority.
172. The divine attributes with which the Semitic kings of Babylonia had been invested disappeared at the same time; the title of " god " is never given to a Kassite sovereign.
173. The British sovereign has 36 "Chaplains in Ordinary," who perform service at St James's in rotation, as well as "Honorary Chaplains" and "Chaplains of the Household."
174. °Vuzgat 'Cyprus 6" of Greenwich 3 Lcio ttud - y East C D 3 and powerful enough to write to the Babylonian court as a sovereign of equal standing.
175. His passion for intrigue is curiously illustrated by his letter to the tsarevich: Alexius at Vienna, assuring his "future sovereign" of his devotion, and representing his sojourn in England as a deliberate seclusion of a zealous but powerless well-wisher.
176. It is possible that Fersen would have spent most of his life at Versailles, but for a hint from his own sovereign, then at Pisa, that he desired him to join his suite.
177. 287): the name of the sovereign who expelled them has been obliterated.
178. It is thus not only a general word for a prince or sovereign, but also the common word for a feudal superior, and particularly of a feudal tenant holding directly of the king, a baron (q.v.), hence a peer of the realm, a member of the House of Lords, constituted of the lords temporal and the lords spiritual; this is the chief modern usage.
179. Mediatus, mediate, middle), the process by which at the beginning of the 19th century, a number of German princes, hitherto sovereign as holding immediately of the emperor, were deprived of their sovereignty and mediatized by being placed under that of other sovereigns.
180. Although he talked of helping his sovereign, his troops took no part in the battle of Agincourt (1415), where, however, two of his brothers, Anthony, duke of Brabant, and Philip, count of Nevers, fell fighting for France.
181. The providence or government of God, while sovereign, is exercised in harmony with the nature of the creatures governed, i.e.
182. Institution was rapid; it emphasized military service as an essential obligation of the vassal; and it spread the vassal relation between individual proprietors and the sovereign widely over the state.
183. He held a portion of a foreign sovereign, the emperor, and other portions of the duke of Burgundy, of two archbishops, of four bishops, and of the abbot of St Denis.
184. The mission, reduced in numbers by the death of its archaeologist, von Haven, again visited Taiz in June 1763, where after some delay permission was obtained to visit Sana, the capital of the province and the residence of the ruling sovereign or imam.
185. It contains also the highest judicial, financial, military and administrative official authorities of Austria, and is the see of a Roman Catholic archbishop. Vienna enjoys autonomy for communal affairs, but is under the control of the governor and the Diet of Lower Austria, while the election of the chief burgomaster requires the sanction of the sovereign, advised by the prime minister.
186. (775) the grandson of a Khazar sovereign ascended the Byzantine throne.
187. But in fact the chief authority was still vested in the nobles, who, both in Pisa and in Sardinia, exercised almost sovereign power.
188. 'Ali, the son of a Cretan renegade, was proclaimed sovereign by the troops under the title of "Bey," and, being a prince of energy and ability, was able to establish the hereditary sovereignty, which has lasted without change of dynasty to the present time.2 Frequent wars with Algiers form the chief incidents in the internal history of Tunisia under the Beys.
189. History and tradition were preserved by the bards, and dramas were enacted before the sovereign and his court.
190. Congress of Peru became the sovereign power of the state.
191. Piero de' Medici, made alliance with the Neapolitan sovereign whose kingdom was claimed by Charles.
192. From this time forth the poet enjoyed the constant favour of the sovereign, though he could never be moulded into a conventional courtier.
193. In 929 he married Edith, daughter of Edward the Elder, king of the English, and sister of the reigning sovereign ZEthelstan.
194. In 1080 the Almoravide sovereign Yusef ibn Tashfin, after besieging and sacking Agadir, built a new town on the site of his camp. The new town, called Tagrart, became the commercial quarter, whilst Agadir remained the royal residence.
195. Only two other mountains in KishiC need be mentioneda volcano (3~,I3 ft.) on the island Sakura-jima, in the extreme south; and Kirishiina-yama (5538 ft.), on the boundary of Hiuga, a mountain specially sacred in Japanese eyes, because on its eastern peak (Takachiho-dake) the god Ninigi descended as the forerunner of the first Japanese sovereign, Jimmu.
196. The sovereign, whether speaking by rescript or by ordinance, never addressed the bulk of his subjects.
197. Sachsen-Koburg-Gotha), a sovereign duchy of Germany, in Thuringia, and a constituent member of the German empire, consisting of the two formerly separate duchies of Coburg and Gotha, which lie at a distance of 14 m.
198. GRAND DUCHY OF BADEN, a sovereign state of Germany, lying in the south-west corner of the empire, bounded N.
199. 1806 he joined the Confederation of the Rhine, declared himself a sovereign prince, became a grand-duke, and received other additions of territory.
200. In his relations with the German empire, too, Frederick proved himself rather a great German noble than a sovereign prince actuated by particularist ambitions; and his position as husband of the emperor William I.'s only daughter, Louise (whom he had married in 1856), gave him a peculiar influence in the councils of Berlin.
201. It was he who after Austerlitz aggrandized the margravate at the expense of Austria; transformed it into a sovereign principality and raised it to a grand-duchy.
202. Louis Auguste de Bourbon, sovereign prince of Dombes, having transferred his parliament to Trevoux, set up a printing press, and was persuaded by two Jesuits, Michel le Tellier and Philippe Lalleman, to establish the Me-moires pour servir d l'histoire des sciences et des arts (1701-1767), more familiarly known as the Journal des Trevoux, long the best-informed and best-written journal in France.
203. When the disasters of the American war had at last made a change of ministry necessary, and the king applied to the Whigs, through the intermediary of Lord Shelburne, Fox made a very serious mistake in persuading the marquess of Rockingham not to insist on dealing directly with the sovereign.
204. Through the fact, however, that from 1501 onwards the Lithuanians and the Poles were ruled over by one sovereign and from 1569 onwards had a common legislature, the former, though ever anxious to break away, gradually sank into a state of dependence.
205. Never since Principal Carstairs had any Scottish clergyman been on such terms with his sovereign.
206. However, after the peace between Charles and Louis in 860 Robert came to terms with his sovereign, who made him count of Anjou and of Blois, and entrusted him with the defence of that part of his kingdom which lay between the Seine and the Loire, a district which had suffered greatly from the ravages of the Normans and the Bretons.
207. He again led the vanguard in the emperor Henry's expedition against Burilas the Bulgarian, and he is represented by the Valenciennes scribe as encouraging his sovereign to the attack in a long speech.
208. KHEDIVE, a Persian word meaning prince or sovereign, granted as a title by the sultan of Turkey in 1867 to his viceroy in Egypt, Ismail, in place of that of "vali."
209. When Charles offered an alternative scheme (1679) for limiting the powers of a Catholic sovereign, Sacheverell made a great speech in which he pointed out the insufficiency of the king's terms for securing the object desired by the Whigs.
210. In the case of important despatches and correspondence, these, with the drafts of answers, are sent first to the permanent under-secretary, then to the prime minister, then to the sovereign and, lastly, are circulated among the members of the cabinet.
211. In 1742 Anand Rao received Dhar as a fief from Bail Rao, the peshwa, the victory of the Mahrattas thus restoring the sovereign power to the family which seven centuries before had been expelled from this very city and country.
212. He was in the place, or stead, of the sovereign.
213. Though the stadtholders of the house of Orange-Nassau were of princely rank and intermarried with the royal families of Europe, they were not sovereign princes.
214. Charles IV., a cautious sovereign with many cares, was as anxious for the maintenance of peace as Casimir himself.
215. Dissatisfaction arose under Aragonese rule from the periodical grants of Malta, as a marquisate or countship, to great officers of state or illegitimate descendants of the sovereign.
216. In That part of the former kingdom of Aragon) was the legitimate sovereign of Malta.
217. Tsar Nicholas's reply to this letter shows in what esteem Count Benckendorff was held by his sovereign: - "Benckendorff went by my permission as my mother invited him to come as a friend of the Danish family.
218. This famous book is an analysis of the methods whereby an ambitious man may rise to sovereign power.
219. The peninsula was, roughly speaking, divided into principalities and sovereign cities, each of which claimed autocratic j urisdiction.
220. The act of liege homage to a particular lord did not interfere with the vassal's allegiance as a subject to his sovereign, or with his duty to any other suzerain of whom he might hold lands.
221. If he had not become sovereign of the Low Countries, as heir of Mary of Burgundy through his father, Philip would in all probability have devoted himself to warfare with the Turks in the Mediterranean, and to the conquest of northern Africa.
222. The abdication of his father on the 16th of January 1556 constituted Philip sovereign of Spain with its American possessions, of the Aragonese inheritance in Italy, Naples and Sicily, of the Burgundian inheritance - the Netherlands and Franche Comte, and of the duchy of Milan, which his father separated from the empire for his benefit.
223. The "service of God and his majesty" was the formula which expressed the belief of the sovereign and his subjects.
224. There is no doubt that Leo recognized Charles as sovereign of Rome.
225. In 1141 the assistance of this Khitaian prince was invoked by the shah of Kharezm against Sanjar, the Seljuk sovereign of Persia, who had expelled the shah from his kingdom and killed his son.
226. At the same time the great powers guaranteed the neutrality of the grand-duchy, and although a member of the German Zollverein, Luxemburg now forms a sovereign and independent state.
227. If faith to him had not been broken he would have been sent back to Bohemia to be punished by his sovereign, the king of Bohemia.
228. Franklin contended that the governor, as a mere agent of the king, could have nothing to do with the assembly's appointment of its agent to the king; that " the King, and not the King, Lords, and Commons collectively, is their sovereign; and that the King, with their respective Parliaments, is their only legislator."
229. From 1809 to 1812 Speranski was all-powerful in Russia, so far as any minister of a sovereign so suspicious and so unstable as Alexander could be so described.
230. In the Anglican Church the bishops (subject to appeal to the sovereign) have the right of excommunicating, and their sentence, if sustained, may in certain cases carry with it civil consequences.
231. Edward's crown" as that with which the late queen was to be crowned, it was actually the state or imperial crown worn by the sovereign when leaving the church after the ceremony that was used.
232. The new sovereign offered him the portfolio for foreign affairs; but Talleyrand signified his preference for the embassy in London.
233. Nevertheless, despite the mystery surrounding him, he was well aware of his imperial origin,and always called himself gosudar(sovereign).
234. Sometimes again it connotes the meaning of "sovereign lord," in which sense it was early assumed by the princes of Sind and by the rulers of Afghanistan and Bokhara, the title implying a lesser dignity than that of sultan.
235. His short administration was one of the most disgraceful and incompetent in English history, originating in an accident, supported only by the will of the sovereign, by gross corruption and intimidation, the precursor of the disintegration of political life and of a whole series of national disasters.
236. Yet Bute had good principles and intentions, was inspired by feelings of sincere affection and loyalty for his sovereign, and his character remains untarnished by the grosser accusations raised by faction.
237. The new sovereign's first proclamation was directed against all such preaching as might lead to contention and the breaking of the common quiet.
238. As supreme governor of the Church of England the sovereign strictly controlled all ecclesiastical legislation and appointed royal delegates to hear appeals from the ecclesiastical courts, to be a " papist " or to " hear Mass " (which was construed as the same thing) was to risk incurring the terrible penalties of high treason.
239. The commonwealth, for example, is still denominated " sovereign," and education is not declared a constitutional duty of the commonwealth.
240. And James II.; she had caused laws and writs to run in her own name, she had neglected to exact the oath of allegiance to the sovereign, though carefully exacting an oath of fidelity to her own government, she had protected the regicides, she had coined money with her own seal, she had blocked legal appeals to the English courts, she had not compelled the observance of the navigation acts.
241. The first decided protests against the exercise of sovereign power by the crown, the first general moral and political revolt that marked the approach of the American War of Independence, took place in Massachusetts; so that the most striking events in the general history of the colonies as a whole from 1760 to 1775 are an intimate part of her annals.
242. In Utrecht, however, power was henceforth concentrated in the gilds, which became not only trade but political associations, which together constituted the sovereign community.
243. The new liberties, as might be expected, did not tend to improve the relations between the town of Utrecht and its ecclesiastical sovereign; and the feud reached its climax (1481-84) in the "groote vorlag," or great quarrel, between the citizens and Bishop David, the Bastard of Burgundy, who had been foisted upon the unwilling chapter by the combined pressure of Duke Philip of Burgundy, his half-brother, and the pope.
244. It is usually said that, at the synod which deposed Benedict, Leo conceded to the emperor and his successors as sovereign of Italy full rights of investiture, but the genuineness of the document on which this allegation rests is more than doubtful.
245. The vast territories acquired by Spain in this brief period were held to be, by virtue of the pope's bull, the peculiar property of the sovereign.
246. Europe is still possessed of some measure of sovereign power in the New World, in Canada, in Guiana and in the West Indian islands.
247. It is a contracted form of khagan (khakan), a word equivalent to sovereign or emperor, used among the Mongol and Turki-nomad hordes.
248. He also defeated in turn the Chola, Pandya and Kerala kings, and by 630 was beyond dispute the most powerful sovereign in the Deccan.
249. One of the most important duties of the warden was the collection from the contractor of the seigniorage which was claimed by the sovereign by virtue of his prerogative as a source of revenue to the Crown.
250. In the sovereign it is 0.2 grain or about 1.62 per moo.
251. As the mean thickness of a sovereign is 0.0466 in., the remedy for weight corresponds to a difference of less than in.
252. As Christianity passed to Gentile soil, the sovereign assembly (ecclesia) of privileged citizens in each Greek city furnished an analogy to the latter usage.
253. The new king was offended by Williams's advice to proceed with caution in dealing with the parliament, with the result that within a few months of Charles's accession the Great Seal was taken from Williams. In the quarrel between the king and the Commons over the petition of right, Williams took the popular side in condemning arbitrary imprisonment by the sovereign.
254. After the prompt suppression of this rebellion, the Committee became sovereign in the direction of Ottoman affairs.
255. There is everywhere a readiness to handle traditional, largely historical, materials with a sovereign freedom, controlled and limited by doctrinal convictions and devotional experiences alone.
256. 77, as Dilllnann has shown), in the Periplus of an anonymous contemporary of Pliny (§ 23) we read that Charibael of Zafar, " the legitimate sovereign of two nations, the Homerites and Sabaeans," maintained friendly relations with Rome by frequent embassies and gifts.
257. Eventually, in 1861, he sold his sovereign rights to the Free State for 4000 and removed with his followers to the district now known as Griqualand East.
258. Waterboer's claims were based on the treaty concluded by his father with the British in 1834, and on various arrangements with the Kok chiefs; the Free State based its claim on its purchase of Adam Kok's sovereign rights and on long occupation.
259. He believes the United States to be a unified republic, a sovereign nation; and not a federation of independent states united only for mutual benefit and protection.
260. At the peace of Posen (11th December 1806) Frederick assumed the title of king of Saxony, and entered the Confederation 'of the Rhine as an independent sovereign, promising a contingent of 20,000 men to Napoleon.
261. The limitations of the compiler's interest in past times appear in the omission, among other particulars, of David's reign in Hebron, of the disorders in family and the revolt of Absalom, of the circumstances of Solomon's accession, and of many details as to the wisdom and splendour of that sovereign, as well as of his fall into idolatry.
262. But in the middle ages, under the influence of the Roman law, and with the belief in the existence of an empire entitled to universal sway, an absolutist theory of sovereignty was developed in the writings of the jurists who revived the study of that law: the emperor was sovereign; "quod principi placuit legis habet vigorem" (Institutes, i.
263. When the power of the emperor was weakened, and the idea of a universal ruler was gone, a new test of sovereignty was applied - that of external independence; the true sovereign states were universitates superiorem non recognoscentes.
264. It may not exist as to some regions of conduct; as to others it may be weak and mutable; only in certain conditions is the sovereign power supreme as to all matters of conduct.
265. Among the different senses in which "sovereign" has been used are the following: a.
266. "Sovereign" may mean titular sovereign - the king in the United Kingdom, the kaiser in Germany.
267. The legal sovereign: the person or persons who, according to the law of the land, legislate or administer the government.
268. C. The political or constitutional sovereign: the body of persons in whom the actual power at any moment or ultimately resides.
269. It was the language of the founders of the American constitution and contemporary political writers; the language, for example, of Paine: "In republics such as there are established in America the sovereign power, or the power over which there is no control and which controls all others, remains where nature placed it - in the people" (Dissertations on Government, i.6).
270. "If the sovereign power is to be understood in this fuller, less abstract sense, if we mean by it the real determinant of the habitual obedience of the people, we must look for its sources much more widely and deeply than the analytical jurists do; it can no longer be said to reside in a determinate person or persons, but in that impalpable congeries of the hopes and fears of a people bound together by common interest and sympathy, which we call the common will" (Green's Works, 2.404).
271. "Though it may be misleading to speak of the general will as anywhere, either actually or properly, sovereign ...
272. Another deduction from the same proposition is that any corporation or private body which appears to exercise sovereign powers together with the state does so only by delegation.
273. A further proposition often stated with respect to sovereignty is that it is unlimited: a proposition which is not true of the legal or political sovereign.
274. There are sovereign and non-sovereign states; international law recognizing both.
275. The phrase half sovereign states was invented by J.
276. States which have complete independence, complete autonomy, external and internal, and which are recognized in international law as sovereign states.
277. Even before the independence of the two firstnamed states, they undoubtedly were for many purposes sovereign.
278. In the middle ages the question was often mooted whether states subject to feudal superiors, or the states forming the empire, were sovereign.
279. According to one common definition they were not: a true sovereign state was universitas quae non superiorem.
280. The prevalent opinion, however, was that sovereignty was compatible with rights such as were possessed by the Reich over the princes of Germany; that there might be fiefs held in full sovereignty; and that vassal states, when subject only to "nude vassalage," were sovereign.
281. The United States was the question whether the individual states of the Union remained sovereign.
282. C. Calhoun, the states had entered into an agreement from which they might withdraw if its terms were broken, and they were sovereign.
283. According to the theory expounded in the Federalist, the individual states did not, after the formation of the constitution, remain completely sovereign: they were left in possession of certain attributes of sovereignty, while others were lodged in the Federal government; while there existed many states, there was but one sovereign.
284. In point of fact, there are fields of action in which A is sovereign, others in which B is sovereign, and certain others in which A and B are jointly or alternately sovereign.
285. To take the American constitution, for example, the states are sovereign as to some matters, the Federal government as to others.
286. According to modern usage the appellation "sovereign state" belongs only to states of considerable size and population exercising without control the usual powers of a state, e.g.
287. It is more accurate to say that as to certain matters the legislature of the Canadian Dominion is sovereign, and as to certain others that it is not (Lefroy, 244; Quick and Garran, Australian Commonwealth, 328; Dicey, 106); and as to some matters they are in fact, if not in form, universitates superiorem non recognoscentes (Quick and Garran, 319); or that they are states in process of making.
288. At all events, the self-governing colonies may be classed as "half sovereign states" or "quasisovereign."
289. "These," he says, "are the marks which make the essence of sovereignty, and which are the marks whereby a man may discover in what man, or assembly of men, the sovereign power is placed or resideth."
290. The vizier stood between sovereign and subjects, representing the former in all matters touching the latter.
291. In modern usage the term is used in the East generally for any important official under the sovereign.
292. The Czechs had set up a national committee, with Kramarz at its head, which adopted the programme of " a Czechoslovak State sovereign and independent."
293. Since the conditions of the age no longer allow the pope to depose a temporal sovereign, the practical application of this conception of the relationship between the spiritual and temporal powers has taken other forms, all of which, however, clearly show that the superiority of the Church over the state is assumed.
294. Attention to the problems of a sovereign's position in England, was.
295. Little love, and when the death of the duke of Clarence's second infant daughter Elizabeth in 1821 made it pretty certain that Princess Victoria would eventually become queen, the duchess felt that the king might possibly obtain the support of his, ministersif he insisted that the future sovereign should be brought up under masters and mistresses designated by himself.
296. It was not till tie following day that the sovereign's style was altered to Victoria simply, and this necessitated the issuing of a new declaration and a re-signing of the peers' roll.
297. But it was arranged that the sovereign's procession to the abbey through the streets should be made a finer show than on previous occasions; and it drew to London 400,000 country visitors.
298. It was an untoward coincidence that Lady Flora Hastings died on the 5th of July, for though, she repeated on her deathbed, and wished it to be published, that the queen had taken no part whatever in the proceedings which had shortened her life, it was remarked that the ladies who were believed to have persecuted her still retained the sovereign's favour.
299. On, and by Stockmar, the prince thus soon took the de facto place of the sovereign's private secretary, though he had no official status as such; and his system of classifying and annotating the queen's papers and letters resulted in the preservation of what the editors of the Letters of Queen Victoria (1907) describe as" probably the most extraordinary collection of state documents in the world "- those up to 1861 being contained in between Soo and 600 bound volumes at Windsor.
300. His acquittal was to be deprecated as establishing a dangerous precedent in regard to outrages on the sovereign.
301. Peel added that a sovereign must do all things in order, not seeking praise for doing one particular thing well, but striving to be an example in all respects, even in dinner-giving.
302. It was the first visit ever paid by a king of France to a sovereign of England, and Louis Philippe was much pleased at receiving the Order of the Garter.
303. Gladstone in 1875, may be quoted: "Although the admirable arrangements of the Constitution have now shielded the sovereign from personal responsibility, they have left ample scope for the exercise of direct and personal influence in the whole work of government....
304. The sovereign as compared with her ministers has, because she is the sovereign, the advantage of long experience, wide survey, elevated position and entire disconnexion from the bias of party.
305. Eventually, on 31st January 1854, Lord John Russell took occasion to deny most emphatically that Prince Albert interfered unduly with foreign affairs, and in both houses the statesmen of the two parties delivered feeling panegyrics of the prince, asserting at the same time his entire constitutional right to give private advice to the sovereign on matters of state.
306. Her letter to the emperor, pervaded with he religious and almost mystic sentiments which predominate in the queen's mind, particularly since the death of Prince Albert, seems to have made a deep impression on the sovereign who, amid the struggles of politics, had never completely repudiated the philanthropic theories of his youth, and who, on the battlefield of Solferino, covered with the dead and wounded, was seized with an unspeakable horror of war."Moreover, Disraeli's two premierships (1868, 1874-80) did a good deal to give new encouragement to a right idea of the constitutional function of the crown.
307. A somewhat different conception of the sovereign's functions was that of Disraeli's great rival, Gladstone, who, though his respect for the person and office of the sovereign was unbounded, not only expected all people, the queen included, to agree with him when he changed his mind, but to become suddenly enthusiastic about his new ideas.
308. It met with much opposition, and Disraeli was accused of ministering simply to a whim of the sovereign, whereas, in fact, the title was intended to impress the idea of British suzerainty forcibly upon the minds of the native princes, and upon the population of Hindustan.
309. In London the day itself was kept by a solemn service in Westminster Abbey, to which the queen went in state, surrounded by the most brilliant, royal, and princely escort that had ever accompanied a British sovereign, and cheered on her way by the applause of hundreds of thousands of her subjects.
310. Soon afterwards her majesty went to Biarritz, and the occasion was made memorable by a visit which she paid to the queen-regent of Spain at San Sebastian, the only visit that an English reigning sovereign had ever paid to the Peninsula.
311. In February she launched the battleship "Royal Sovereign" at Portsmouth; a week later she visited the Horse Show at Islington.
312. In September 1896 the queen's reign had reached a point at which it exceeded in length that of any other English The sovereign; but by her special request all public celebrations of the fact were deferred until the follow ing June, which marked the completion of sixty years from her accession.
313. Infans, young child), a title of the sons of the sovereign of Spain and Portugal, the corresponding infanta being given to the daughters.
314. While a son or daughter of the sovereign of Spain is by right infante or infanta of Spain, the title, alone, is granted to other members of the blood royal by the sovereign.
315. Over in person by the sovereign, could not but recall the Aula Regia, where the Norman kings sat amid their counsellors before equity had arisen to correct law, and before the separation between the three great common law courts had begun.
316. The arrangement was fraught with danger to the public tranquillity, and one of the reforms of the last sovereign was the abolition of the office of "Chao Uparach and a decree that the throne should in future descend from the king to one of his sons born of a queen, which decree was immediately followed by the appointment of a crown prince.
317. The wars with Cambodia continued with varying success for some 400 years, but Cambodia gradually lost ground and was finally shorn of several provinces, her sovereign falling entirely under Siamese influence.
318. The sovereign, Phra Paramendr Maha Mongkut, was a very accomplished man, an enlightened reformer and devoted to science; his death, indeed, was caused by fatigue and exposure while observing an eclipse.
319. Many of his predecessors, too, were men of different fibre from the ordinary Oriental sovereign, while his son Chulalong Korn, who succeeded him in 1868, showed himself an administrator of the highest capacity.
320. Neither eastern nor southern Siam was included in this agreement, but nothing was said to impair or lessen in any way the full sovereign rights of the king of Siam over those parts of the country.
321. Joined the German confederation as a sovereign prince in 1817, and after his death his five sons in succession filled the throne.
322. The friends met again at Kalisch shortly before the signature of the Russo-Prussian alliance of the 10th of February 1813, and Czartoryski was in the emperor's suite at Paris in 1814, and rendered his sovereign material services at the congress of Vienna.
323. On the 10th of August 1 535 the Protestant faith was formally adopted by Geneva, but an offer of help from France having been refused, as the city was unwilling to give up any of its sovereign rights, the duke's party continued its intrigues.
324. For further details as to the development of the priestly caste and wisdom in India the reader must refer to Brahminism; here it is enough to observe that among a religious people a priesthood which forms a close and still more an hereditary corporation, and the assistance of which is indispensable in all religious acts, must rise to practical supremacy in society except under the strongest form of despotism, where the sovereign is head of the Church as well as of the state.
325. 14 1918 the Czechoslovak National Council was constituted as a Provisional Government with all the attributes of sovereign and independent power.
326. In each state the sovereign is still held to be the summus episcopus.
327. On his return to Rome Claudius was impeached by P. Cornelius Dolabella on the ground of having violated the sovereign rights of the people.
328. As an ecclesiastic he was pious, pure, simple in his mode of life, charitable, and a learned and liberal patron of letters; but as a sovereign he proved weak, timid and incapable.
329. sovereign, elected in common, with one diet and one currency.
330. He was not to use the word haeres, not being an hereditary sovereign.
331. For the next eighteen months Chmielnicki ruled the Ukraine like a sovereign prince.
332. Few weeks later the Polish commander-in-chief formed a whole series of conspiracies for the purpose of dethroning his lawful sovereign, and openly placed himself beneath the protection of Louis XIV.
333. All who opposed him, and giving the rich bazaars of the city over to pillage, he converted Astrakhan into a Cossack republic, dividing the population into thousands, hundreds and tens, with their proper officers, all of whom were appointed by a vyecha or general assembly, whose first act was to proclaim Stephen Timofeevich their gosudar (sovereign).
334. While other vassals might hold of a graduated hierarchy of overlords up to the crown, the burgess always held directly of the sovereign.
335. Right in law and equity, and in the concrete for an officer deputed by the sovereign to administer justice, and do right by way of judgment.
336. The Protestant martyrs and Calais between them removed all the alternatives to an insular national English policy in church and in state; and no sovereign was better qualified to lead such a cause than the queen who ascended the throne amid universal, and the Spaniards thought indecent, rejoicings at Mary's death on the 17th of November 1558.
337. No sovereign since Harold had been so purely English in blood; her nearest foreign ancestor was Catherine of France, the widow of Henry V., and no English king or queen was more superbly insular in character or in policy.
338. In the Church of England the word is applied to a private place of worship, attached either to the palaces of the sovereign, "chapels royal," or to the residence of a private person, to a college, school, prison, workhouse, &c. Further, the word has particular legal applications, though in each case the building might be and often is styled a church.
339. But the prophetic societies were in their origin one symptom of that upheaval of national life of which the institution of the human sovereign reigning under the divine King was the chief fruit; they preserved the traditions of that great movement;.
340. MASTER OF THE HORSE, in England, an important official of the sovereign's household.
341. All matters connected with the horses and hounds of the sovereign, as well as the stables and coachhouses, the stud, mews and kennels, are within his jurisdiction.
342. The practical management of the royal stables and stud devolves on the chief or crown equerry, formerly called the gentleman of the horse, who is never in personal attendance on the sovereign and whose appointment is permanent.
343. The clerk marshal has the supervision of the accounts of the department before they are submitted to the Board of Green Cloth, and is in waiting on the sovereign on state occasions only.
344. Exclusive of the crown equerry there are seven regular equerries, besides extra and honorary equerries, one of whom is always in attendance on the sovereign and rides at the side of the royal carriage.
345. They are youths aged from twelve to sixteen, selected by the sovereign in person, to attend on him at state ceremonies, when two of them, arrayed in an antique costume, assist the groom of the stole in carrying the royal train.
346. As well as the superintendence of the royal stables, he had that of the retinue of the sovereign, also the charge of the funds set aside for the religious functions of the court, coronations, &c. On the death of a sovereign he had the right to all the horses and their equipment in the royal stables.
347. Distinct from this officer and independent of him, was the first equerry ("Premier Ecuyer"), who had charge of the horses which the sovereign used personally ("la petite ecurie"), and who attended on him when he rode out.
348. 1 He is less absolute in his doctrine of governmental non-interference when he comes to consider in his fifth book the "expenses of the sovereign or the commonwealth."
349. The vows of this grade are the same as the last formula, with the addition of the following important clause: "Moreover I promise the special obedience to the Sovereign Pontiff concerning missions, as is contained in the same Apostolic Letter and Constitutions."
350. In 1753 Spain and Portugal exchanged certain American provinces with each other, which involved a transfer of sovereign rights over Paraguay; but it was also provided that the populations should severally migrate also, that the subjects of each crown might remain the same as before.
351. And Catherine II., who became their active friends and protectors; and the fathers alleged as a principle, in so far as their theology is concerned, that no papal bull is binding in state whose sovereign has not approved and authorized its publication and execution.
352. Under the Constitution of the 5th of February 1857, subsequently modified in many important particulars, the government of Mexico is described as a federation of free and sovereign states invested with representative and democratic institutions.
353. The state is nominally sovereign within its own boundaries, and the authority of its officers and courts in local questions is supreme except in cases where federal intervention or supervision is provided for by the federal constitution.
354. He supplied the momentum which was necessary to counteract the caution of Burghley and Elizabeth; but it was probably fortunate that his headstrong counsels were generally overruled by the circumspection of his sovereign.
355. Previously the name of the Samanid sovereign, Mansur II.
356. And for a time, in the reign of Masa`ud II_ (1098-1114), Lahore was the place of residence of the Ghaznevid sovereign.
357. In 1176 he conquered Saif-ud-din of Mosul beyond the Euphrates and was recognized as sovereign by the princes of northern Syria.
358. COMITIA, the name applied, always in technical and generally in popular phraseology, to the most formal types of gathering of the sovereign people in ancient Rome.
359. It was not frequently employed as a legislative body after the two assemblies of the tribes, which were easier to summon and organize, had been recognized as possessing sovereign rights.
360. Thou Almighty Sovereign,didst create all things for thy name's sake, and food and drink thou didst give to men for enjoyment, that they should give thanks unto thee; but to us thou didst of thy grace give spiritual food and drink and life eternal through thy servant.
361. They are dipped in water, which is given to ailing cattle and human beings as a sovereign remedy for diseases.
362. After the murder of Kurgan the contentions which arose among the many claimants to sovereign power were arrested by the invasion of Toghluk Timur of Kashgar, a descendant of Jenghiz.
363. At the close of 1369 Hosain was assassinated and Timur, having been formally proclaimed sovereign at Balkh, mounted the throne at Samarkand, the capital of his dominions.
364. In 1807 Schwarzburg-Sondershausen entered the Confederation of the Rhine and became a sovereign state.
365. While nearly all important measures are brought into parliament by the ministers of the sovereign, and nominally under his instructions, the American president cannot introduce bills either directly or through his the secretary of the treasury, the secretary of war, the attorneygeneral, the postmaster-general, the secretary of the navy, the secretary of the interiorthis order to apply only to such officers as shall have been appointed by the advice and consent of the Senate.
366. In 1648 the sovereign courts of Paris procured their momentary suppression in a kind of charter of liberties which they imposed upon the crown, but which was ephemeral.
367. It lodges above 300 monks, and the establishment of the hegumenos is described as resembling the court of a petty sovereign prince.
368. No longer was a trading company to discharge the duties of a sovereign.
369. Some thought that, under a Protestant sovereign, the Canadian Catholics would be rapidly converted to Protestantism.
370. The chief executive authority is vested in the sovereign, as is the supreme command g p of the military and naval forces.
371. He holds office for five years, and his powers are strictly limited, as in the case of the sovereign, all executive acts being done on the advice of his cabinet, the members of which hold office only so long as they retain the confidence of the people as expressed by their representatives in parliament.
372. Enjoys only the powers granted to it by the sovereign states.
373. The donations of Pippin and Charlemagne established him as sovereign de facto; the donation of Constantine was to proclaim him as sovereign de jure.
374. It contains the Albert Memorial Hall and the barracks for the sovereign's bodyguard, used when the king is in residence at Balmoral.
375. Appointments to this office are now made only for special occasions, such as the coronation of a sovereign or the trial of a peer by his peers.
376. During his father's lifetime he ruled Moravia, but when in 1248 some discontented Bohemian nobles acknowledged him as their sovereign, trouble arose between him and his father, and for a short time Ottakar was imprisoned.
377. Sub-leases for a term of years are granted by the crown to private individuals; local control, including the policing of the settlement, is managed by a municipal council elected under regulations promulgated by the British minister in China, acting by authority of the sovereign's orders in council.
378. In protest, the Georgia House of Representatives, holding that the United States Supreme Court had no constitutional power to try suits against a sovereign state, resolved that any Federal marshal who should attempt to execute the court's decision would be " guilty of felony, and shall suffer death, without benefit of clergy, by being hanged."
379. The National government, until the administration of President Jackson, regarded the Indian tribes as sovereign nations with whom it alone had the power to treat, while Georgia held that the tribes were dependent communities with no other right to the soil than that of tenants at will.
380. Adams treated the Cherokees with the courtesy due to a sovereign nation, and held that the United States had done all that was required to meet the obligation assumed in 1802.
381. When once the sovereign power had been thus divided, the natural consequence was civil war and the intervention of the French king, who had long watched for some such opportunity.
382. In 1910 the sultan of Great Comoro ceded his sovereign rights to France.
383. Thus the bituminous and fatty matters found about the mummies and their wrappings were employed as a sovereign remedy, particularly for wounds and contusions, and a brisk trade began in these "exudations" of mummies.
384. In 1469 they recognized Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary, as their sovereign, but in 1490 they came again under the rule of the Bohemian king.
385. Though he carefully guarded his autocratic rights and privileges, and obstinately resisted all efforts to push him farther than he felt inclined to go he acted for several years somewhat like a constitutional sovereign of the continental type.
386. The old city palace facing upon Praca 15 de Novembro, once the residence of the fugitive Portuguese sovereign Dom Joao VI., is a good example.
387. After the death of Theobald in 1161, John continued as secretary to Thomas Becket, and took an active part in the long disputes between that primate and his sovereign, Henry II.
388. Africa had passed to Rome, and Cyrenaica itself, bequeathed by Apion, the last Ptolemaic sovereign, was become (in combination with Crete) a Roman province (after 96 B.C.), this competition told more severely than ever, and the Greek colonists, grown weaker, found themselves less able to hold their own against the Libyan population.
389. In 1837, Luneburg or Hanover, was ruled by the same sovereign as Great Britain, and this personal union was not without important results for both countries.
390. By the law of Hanover a woman could not ascend the throne, and accordingly Ernest Augustus, duke of Cumberland, the fifth son of George III., and not Victoria, succeeded William as sovereign in 1837, thus separating the crowns of Great Britain and Hanover after a union of 123 years.
391. Many of the Hanoverians remained loyal to their sovereign; some of them serving in the Guelph Legion, which was maintained largely at his expense in France, where a paper, La Situation, was founded by Oskar Meding (1829-1903) and conducted in his interests.
392. He was probably the most highly educated sovereign of his day, and amid all his busy active life he never lost his interest in literature and intellectual discussion; his hands were never empty, they always had either a bow or a book" (Dict.
393. Thrice (1164,1167,1168) Amalric penetrated into Egypt: but the contest ended in the establishment of Saladin, the nephew of Shirguh, as vizier - a position which, on the death of the puppet caliph in 1171, was turned into that of sovereign.
394. It was established, we are told, "because simple folks cannot distinguish the spiritual power from the sovereign power, and suppose that a supreme spiritual pastor is a second sovereign, the spiritual authority being regarded as higher and better than the temporal."
395. On the death of Anne in 1714, George, elector of Hanover, eldest son of Sophia (youngest child of the princess Elizabeth), and Ernest, elector of Brunswick-Luneburg, or Hanover, consequently became sovereign of Great Britain and Ireland, and, notwithstanding somewhat formidable attempts in behalf of the elder Stuart line in 1715 and 1745, the Hanoverian succession has remained uninterrupted and has ultimately won universal assent.
396. These incidents led to a representation on the part of the native sovereign to the" governments of Great Britain, France and the United States, and the independence of the islands (recognized by the United States in 1842) was recognized in 1844 by France and Great Britain.
397. And his advisers to combine the native and the foreign elements under one government; to make the king the sovereign not of one race or class, but of all; and to extend equal and impartial laws over all inhabitants of the 1 The first Roman Catholic priests came in 1827 and were banished in 1831, but returned in 1837.
398. About this time the Boeotian League comprised eleven groups of sovereign cities and associated townships, each of which elected one Boeotarch or minister of war and foreign affairs, contributed sixty delegates to the federal council at Thebes, and supplied a contingent of about a thousand foot and a hundred horse to the federal army.
399. The sovereign power was vested in the popular assembly, which elected the Boeotarchs (between seven and twelve in number), and sanctioned all laws.
400. As successor of St Peter and Vicar of Christ, over the Catholic Church, and as sovereign of the former papal states.
401. The choice of the pope was then subject to the pleasure of the sovereign of Germany, against whom the Roman feudal lords, devoted as they were to the old abuses, were in constant revolt.
402. Daimbert, the first patriarch of Jerusalem, was convinced that the Roman Church alone could be sovereign of the new state, and attempted to compel Godfrey of Bouillon to hand over to him by a solemn agreement the town and citadel of Jerusalem, and also Jaffa.
403. Felicitated the new sovereign on his election, and even signed the treaty of Constance with him (1153).
404. " Ye know," he said, " that Rome is the capital of the world, that ye hold your dignities of the Roman pontiff as a vassal holds his fiefs of his sovereign, and that ye cannot retain them without his assent."
405. To warn Eugenius against pride, Bernard reminds him in biblical terms that an insensate sovereign on a throne resembles " an ape upon a housetop," and that the dignity with which he is invested does not prevent him from being a man, that is, " a being, naked,!
406. He wished to be at once pope and emperor, leader of religion and universal sovereign.
407. And John he had exceptionally authoritative adversaries; but after one of the fiercest wars ever waged by the civil power against the Church, Innocent at length gained over John the most complete victory that has ever been won by a religious potentate over a temporal sovereign, and constrained him to make complete submission.
408. In 1213 the pope, became not only the nominal suzerain but, de facto and de jure, the veritable sovereign of England, and during the last years of John and the first years of Henry III.
409. From this time the sovereign of Rome, like other sovereigns, had to submit to French influence.
410. In this case, too, the Sicilian Vespers was the rock on which the hopes and pretensions of the sovereign of Naples suffered shipwreck.
411. That a sovereign like St Louis should be able to associate himself officially with the feudalism of his realm to repress abuses of church jurisdiction; that a contemporary of Philip the Fair, the lawyer Pierre Dubois, should dare to suggest the secularization of ecclesiastical property and the conversion of the clergy into a class of functionaries paid out of the royal treasury; and that Philip the Fair, the adversary of Boniface VIII., should be able to rely in his conflict with the leader of the Church on the popular consent obtained at a meeting of the Three Estates of France - all point to a singular demoralization of the sentiments and principles on which were based the whole power of the pontiff of Rome and the entire organization of medieval Catholicism.
412. The sovereign direction of this enormous monarchy belonged to the pope alone, who was assisted in important affairs by the advice and collaboration of the College of Cardinals, who had become the sole electors to the papacy.
413. There was hardly a sovereign or a government in Christendom against which Pius IX.
414. These were the considerations that had caused 1 By - the Law of Guarantees the pope was recognized as an independent sovereign, with jurisdiction over his own palaces and their extensive precincts and tho right to receive diplomatic representatives accredited to him.
415. The papacy had abandoned none of its pretensions to dominate consciences, not of Catholics only, was again proved in 1910 when, at the very moment when the pope was praising the English people for the spirit of tolerance which led the British government to introduce a bill to alter the form of the Declaration made by the sovereign on his accession into a form inoffensive to Roman Catholics, he was remonstrating with the government of Spain for abrogating the law forbidding the Spanish dissident churches to display publicly the symbols of the Christian faith or to conduct their services otherwise than semi-privately.
416. But in all cases the disciplinary authority is evidently the same; we need only note that acts concerning individuals do not claim the force of general law; the legal decisions serve at most to settle matters of jurisprudence, like the judgments of all sovereign courts.
417. In return for his services, Kublai invested Phagspa with sovereign power over (1) Tibet proper, comprising the thirteen districts of U and Tsang, (2) Khalil and (3) Amdo.
418. In his chief's most important work, the establishment of the Prussian Zollverein, Ancillon had no share, while the entirely subordinate role played by Prussia in Europe during this period, together with the personal part taken by the sovereign in the various congresses, gave him little scope for the display of any diplomatic talents he may have possessed.
419. On certain days the cross was washed, and the water in which it had been washed was a sovereign charm for curing sickness in men and animals and for bringing fertility to the land.
420. The support she received from the French envoy was given on the understanding that she should serve the interests of her native sovereign.
421. The right of the burgesses to self-government and self-taxation is acknowledged and confirmed, they, on the other hand, being held bound to a constitutional obedience and subjection to the sovereign, particularly to the payment of definite imperial taxes, and the rendering of a certain amount of military service (as the ancient municipia had been).
422. She faced the peril boldly, and reconquered her influence over the sovereign, but from this time she must have realized that when the empress was dead she would have to defend herself against her husband.
423. Whatever else Catherine may have been she was emphatically a sovereign and a politician who was in the last resort guided by the reason of state.
424. Catherine would have preferred to control the country through a vassal sovereign of the type of Stanislaus Poniatowski, the old lover whose election she secured in 1763.
425. The amir of the Hadarib was still sovereign of the mainland at the time of J.
426. In France, under the Concordat, the sovereign - and under the republic the president - had the right of nomination.
427. One of the marshal's sons, known as the duke of Liria, was settled in Spain, and was counselled by his father not to shrink from doing his duty and fighting for his sovereign.
428. Since then we discover in the Capitularies of Charlemagne actual mention of "caballarii " as a class of warriors, it may reasonably be concluded that formal investiture with arms applied to the " caballarii " if it was a usage extending beyond the sovereign and his heir-apparent.
429. Then there grew up all over Europe a system of fining the knights who failed to respond to the sovereign's call or to stay their full time in the field; and in England this fine developed, from the reign of Henry II.
430. And such bodies placed under the command of a sovereign or grand master, regulated by statutes, and enriched by ecclesiastical endowments would have been precisely what in after times such orders as the Garter in England, the Golden Fleece in Burgundy, the Annunziata in Savoy and the St Michael and Holy Ghost in France actually were.4 During the 14th and 15th centuries, as well as somewhat earlier and later, the general arrangements of a European army were always and everywhere pretty much the same.5 Under the sovereign the constable and the marshal g or marshals held the chief commands, their authority being partly joint and partly several.
431. In our days when a knight is personally made he kneels before the sovereign, who lays a sword drawn, ordinarily the sword of state, on either of his shoulders and says, " Rise," calling him by his Christian name with the addition of " Sir " before it.
432. It is now therefore peculiar to the British Empire, existing where, although very frequently conferred by letters patent, it is yet the only dignity which is still even occasionally created - as every dignity was formerly created - by means of a ceremony in which the sovereign and the subject personally take part.
433. It consisted of the king and the Black Prince, and 24 knights divided into two bands of 12 like the tilters in a hastilude - at the head of the one being the first, and of the other the second; and to the companions belonging to each, when the order had superseded the Round Table and had become a permanent institution, were assigned stalls either on the sovereign's or the prince's side of St George's Chapel.
434. The original companionship had consisted of the sovereign and 25 knights, and no change was made in this respect until 1786, when the sons of George III.
435. N i colas says, that the right was always restricted in operation to sovereign princes, to those acting under their authority or sanction, and to a few other personages of exalted rank and station.
436. In modern times, however, by certain regulations, made in 1823, and repeated and enlarged in 1855, not only is it provided that the sovereign's permission by royal warrant shall be necessary for the reception by a British subject of any foreign order of knighthood, but further that such permission shall not authorize " the assumption of any style, appellation, rank, precedence, or privilege appertaining to a knight bachelor of the United Kingdom."
437. It consisted of the sovereign and eight knights companions, and fell into abeyance at the Revolution of 1688.
438. In 1703 it was revived by Queen Anne, when it was ordained to consist of the sovereign and 12 knights companions, the number being increased to 16 by statute in 1827.
439. In 1788, to consist of the sovereign, the lord lieutenant of Ireland as grand master and 15 knights companions, enlarged to 22 in 1833.
440. In 1725, to consist of the sovereign, a grand master and 36 knights companions.
441. Exclusive of the sovereign, royal princes and distinguished foreigners, the order is limited to 55 military and 27 civil knights grand cross, 145 military and 108 civil knights commanders, and 705 military and 298 civil companions.
442. It consists of the sovereign, chancellor, secretary and five classes - knights grand commanders, knights commanders, commanders and members of the fourth and fifth classes, the distinction between these last divisions lying in the badge and in the precedence enjoyed by the members.
443. The number of British members has been fixed at twenty-four, with the addition of such foreign persons as the sovereign shall appoint.
444. The sovereign's permission by royal warrant is necessary before a British subject can receive a foreign order of knighthood.
445. " At its constitution the number of the knights was limited to 24, exclusive of the grand master, the sovereign.
446. The members were to be gentilshor y nznes de nom et d'armes et sans reproche, not knights of any other order, and vowed to join their sovereign in the defence of the Catholic faith, the protection of Holy Church, and the upholding of virtue and good morals.
447. The sovereign undertook to consult the knights before embarking on a war, all disputes between the knights were to be settled by the order, at each chapter the deeds of each knight were held in review, and punishments and admonitions were dealt out to offenders; to this the sovereign was expressly subject.
448. The Order of St Stephen of Hungary, the royal Hungarian order, founded in 5764 by the empress Maria Theresa, consists of the grand master (the sovereign), 20 knights grand cross, 30 knights commanders and 50 knights.
449. The order, exclusive of the sovereign and his sons, is limited to 30 knights, who must be of the Protestant religion.
450. Exclusive of the sovereign and princes of the blood, and foreign sovereigns and princes, it consists of twelve capitular knights of the rank of count or Freiherr.
451. It is of one class only, and the sons and nephews of the sovereign are born knights of the order.
452. During the rule of thirty-seven successive grand masters, similarly chosen, the influence and wealth of the order gradually increased until the Knights of Alcantara were almost as powerful as the sovereign.
453. Badge of the Sovereign and Patron).
454. Exclusive of the sovereign and the princes of the blood, the order is limited to 23 Swedish and 8 foreign members.
455. Peltigera canin g, which formed the basis of the celebrated " pulvis antilyssus " of Dr Mead, long regarded as a sovereign cure for hydrophobia; Platysma juniperinum, lauded as a specific in jaundice, no doubt on the similia similibus principle from a resemblance between its yellow colour and that of the jaundiced skin; Peltidea aphthosa, which on the same principle was regarded by the Swedes, when boiled in milk, as an effectual remedy for the aphthae or rash on their children.
456. He came back to assert the ancient doctrine that the sovereign authority resided in his person only.
457. His constant obligations to the emperor drained Brandenburg of money which might have been employed more profitably at home, and prevented her sovereign from interfering in the politics of northern Europe.
458. His arms were successful both in Europe and Asia, and he was the first Ottoman sovereign to be styled "sultan," which title he induced the titular Abbasid caliph to confer on him.
459. Elizabeth, by the mouth of her chief justice, formally rebuked the audacity of the subjects who durst bring such a charge against their sovereign, and challenged them to advance their proofs.
460. In spite of her first refusal to submit, she was induced by the arguments of the vice-chamberlain, Sir Christopher Hatton, to appear before this tribunal on condition that her protest should be registered against the legality of its jurisdiction over a sovereign, the next heir of the English crown.
461. The name appears to have been derived from the Yussuf ben-Serragh, the head of the tribe in the time of Mahommed VII., who did that sovereign good service in his struggles to retain the crown of which he was three times deprived.
462. The Protestants have the same civil rights as the Roman Catholics, and the sovereign may be either Roman Catholic or Protestant.
463. The title of the sovereign is king of Bavaria, that of his presumptive heir is crown-prince of Bavaria, and during the minority or incapacity of the sovereign a regency is declared, which is vested in the nearest male agnate capable of ascending the throne.
464. By this instrument, though Bavaria became an integral part of the new German empire, she reserved a larger measure of sovereign independence than any of the other constituent states.
465. There can be no doubt that he was a busy intriguer, or that the king, acting on the then very generally accepted doctrine that the sovereign has a right to act for the public interest without regard to forms of law, gave orders to Antonio Perez that he was to be put out of the way.
466. The government of the Netherlands is regulated by the constitution of 1815, revised in 1848 and 1887, under which the sovereign's person is inviolable and] the ministers are responsible.
467. The crown prince or heir apparent is the first subject of the sovereign, and bears the title of the prince of Orange.
468. The sovereign alone has executive authority.
469. The heads of departments are appointed and dismissed at the pleasure of the sovereign, usually determined, however, as in all constitutional states, by the will of the nation as indicated by its representatives.
470. All communications from the sovereign to the states-general and from the states to the sovereign, as well as all measures relating to internal administration or to foreign possessions, are first submitted to the consideration of the council of state, which consists of 14 members appointed by the sovereign, who is the president.
471. The state council also has the right of making suggestions to the sovereign in regard to subjects of legislation and administration.
472. The president of the communal council is the burgomaster, who is named by the sovereign in every instance for six years, and receives a salary varying from £40 to over £600.
473. The StatesGeneral were but the delegates of a number of sovereign provinces, and amongst these Holland by its size and wealth (after the occupation by the Spaniards of Brabant and Flanders) was predominant.
474. Leicester, on landing in Holland, was in the presence of the States-General and of Maurice of Nassau invested with the title of governor-general and practically sovereign powers (February 1586).
475. These two provinces were unwilling to have any sovereign but William himself, and after considerable hesitation he agreed to become their Count (24th of July 1581).
476. And Elizabeth of the States - General, as a sovereign power, with whom treaties could be concluded.
477. It became a question of the extent of the rights of sovereign princes under the Union.
478. The conclu sions arrived at were that all sovereign powers resided in the provinces, and that to them severally, each within its own borders, belonged the control of the military forces and of religion.
479. The States-General were but the delegates, the stadholders the servants, of a number of sovereign provinces, each of which had different historical traditions and a different form of government, and one of which - Holland - in wealth and importance outweighed the other six taken together.
480. The consent of the States-General was refused, but by of a secret treaty Holland, under the influence of de Witt, accepted it in their own name as a sovereign province.
481. Under the constitution the king, as hereditary sovereign, possessed full executive powers, and the initiative in proposing laws.
482. sovereignty under a free constitution (Dec. i, 1813), with the title of sovereign prince.
483. The singing of this is followed by bidding prayers for the peace and unity of the church, for the pope, the clergy, all ranks and conditions of men, the sovereign, for catechumens, the sick and afflicted, heretics and schismatics, Jews and heathen.
484. To secede is a sovereign right; secession, therefore, is based on the theory that the sovereignty of the individual states forming a confederacy or federal union has not been absorbed into a single new sovereignty.
485. The right to secede was based, the secessionists claimed, upon the fact that each state was sovereign, becoming so by successful revolution against England; there had been no political connexion between the colonies; the treaty of 1783 recognized them "as free, sovereign and independent states"; this sovereignty was recognized in the Articles of Confederation, and not surrendered, they asserted, under the Constitution; the Union of 1787 was really formed by a secession from the Union of 1776-1787.
486. Two early commentators on the Constitution, St George Tucker in 1803 and William Rawle in 1825, declared that the sovereign states might secede at will.
487. From the historical point of view it may be suggested that neither North nor South was correct in theory in 1861: the United States were not a nation; neither were the states sovereign; but from the embryo political communities of 1776-1787, in which no proper sovereignty existed anywhere, two nationalities were slowly being evolved and two sovereignties were in the making; the North and the South each fulfilled most of the requirements for a nation and they were mutually unlike and hostile.
488. The treaty of Irvine, by which these Scottish nobles agreed to acknowledge Edward as their sovereign lord, is printed in Rymer's Foedera.
489. Indeed, as a sovereign, Dagobert was reckoned superior to the other barbarian kings.
490. In a donative advowson, the sovereign, or any subject by special licence from the sovereign, conferred a benefice by a simple letter of gift, without any reference to the bishop, and without presentation and institution.
491. As sovereign of lands on both sides of the Pyrenees, he was affected by very different influences.
492. Subsequently, as the central power of the German sovereign became weakened, the Rhineland followed the general tendency and split up into numerous small independent principalities, each with its separate vicissitudes and special chronicles.
493. The Belgian constitution stipulates for " freedom of conscience, of education, of the press and also of the right of meeting," but the sovereign must be a member of the Church of Rome.
494. The functions of the king are those that appertain everywhere to the sovereign of a constitutional state.
495. Brabant and Flanders were still indeed under the control of the prince of Orange, and through his influence accepted in 1582 the duke of Anjou as their sovereign.
496. Philip was now nearing his end, and in 1598 he gave his eldest daughter Isabel Albert in marriage to her cousin the archduke Albert, and erected the Netherlands into a sovereign state under their joint rule.
497. Meanwhile from 1692 onwards brighter prospects were opened out to the unfortunate Belgians by the nomination by the Spanish king of Maximilian Emanuel, elector of Bavaria, to be governorgeneral with well-nigh sovereign powers.
498. The crown prince of Bavaria under his father's guardianship should be sovereign of Spain, Belgium and Spanish America.
499. It was desirable that the new sovereign should be able to count upon the friendly support of the great powers, and yet not be actually a member of their reigning dynasties.
500. He pours much hackneyed scorn on the common herd, declares the sovereign to be the source of law, and asserts that popular freedom is dangerous.
501. In both instances, the maintenance of civil peace had been used to justify the sovereign's right to order religious worship.
502. The sovereign's relationship with the public was a touchy subject, since the former could limit freedom of the press.
503. Such a representation reflects the direct implication of sovereigns in scientific patronage on both sides.
504. Religion and its observances were no longer the concern of the sovereign's authority, but had to do with faith.
505. Although human beings can predict solar eclipse in advance, yet, from ancient times, sovereigns have all regarded them as warnings to be fearful.
506. In this case, the citizenry benefit from the sovereign's inability to deal with uncertainty.
507. Trumpet fanfares, liturgical chant, instrumental pieces, motets and secular songs - all enhanced the visual effect and communicative potential of the sovereign's arrival.
508. From the viewpoint of indigenous leaders these titles acknowledged their positions as sovereigns.
509. Neither would it absolve the consciences of either individuals or sovereigns from obligations of wider scope.
510. Moreover, the sovereign's propensity to transgress declines as the penalties from an unsuccessful transgression increase and the benefits of violation decrease.
511. There is something appealing about these sovereigns who seek to rule by love, not force.
512. Puritans and humanists, iconoclasts and sovereigns, topographers and heralds expressed a range of views on how the dead might best be remembered.
513. A sovereign's standard, like the standard foot, may be moved but it doesn't change.
514. Taming the sovereigns: institutional change in international politics.
515. Significantly, in such a society, the sovereign's right of death existed for the sole purpose of protecting and, therefore, sustaining his own life.
516. The paper discussed the role of cattle in constructing enduring connections among kin and affines, patrons and clients, sovereigns and supporters, men and their ancestors.
517. He highlights in par ticular the transformation of tribal commanders into local sovereigns of clearly defined ter ritory.
518. The rating agencies' relationship with sovereigns is not best understood in terms of relative power - which they have gained and lost.
519. Long-lasting notions of civic liberties clashed with the claims of town authorities to rule as sovereigns over their townspeople.
520. In the study of the development of democratization at the domestic level, we have always assumed that unelected sovereigns have transferred powers to elected parliaments in response to public pressures.
521. The theologians interpreted that principle rather restrictively, arguing that only injuries done to oneself, to one's own subjects, or to allied sovereigns counted as a just cause.
522. Moreover, repression and civil strife become more likely as the sovereign's payoff from transgressing and being challenged increases relative to the payoff of not transgressing at all.
523. The ' community of sovereigns ' was invented as a strategy to cope with crisis and against the increasing social and political demands nationalism made on the monarchies.
524. In such a system, the exercise of government was, even more than usual, a negotiation : an exchange between the needs and wishes of sovereigns, subordinates, and subjects.
525. Whatever the sovereign's personal predilections, "he was bound to respect and support in his public office all the recognised religions of the people with a certain measure of impartiality".
526. The coins in this case were 43 sovereigns.
527. We are asked to provide a sum of £220,000 in sovereigns.
528. No, it is orders we want, not inflation; and no debased sovereigns to replace the paper pound.
529. The effect of the order on the sale of gold sovereigns should not be exaggerated.
530. Unhappy it is for those who have the sovereigns; happy it is for those who have the commodities.
531. If he puts that £1,000 into agricultural land he has parted with his thousand sovereigns, but he has still got his £1,000.
532. We say the sovereigns are not in his bank.
533. From that moment on she bought and sold all her boats in sovereigns.
534. Sales of sovereigns may now be made against payment in external sterling or any foreign currency.
535. From the beginning of time it has been the attribute of sovereigns that they made or declared money.
536. Their principal function is to act as the sovereign's personal representative in the county concerned.
537. The number of sovereigns minted in the calendar year 1957 was 2,072,000; in 1958, 8,700,000; in 1959, 1,385,368.
538. They have carefully saved up their sovereigns in the past and invested in former times.
539. The heading covers half sovereigns as well as sovereigns; the number of coins imported is not recorded.
540. Separate figures for the importation of sovereigns of any given year are not available.
541. The couple of sovereigns are received not as compensation for lack of work, but as compensation for pain and suffering.
542. In that time the value of land expressed in sovereigns was very much increased.
543. The minting of sovereigns does not yield a profit.
544. Our earliest sovereigns gave their protection in return for allegiance.
545. A treaty is something which is entered into between independent sovereigns.
546. The royal coat of arms symbolises the monarch as the source and fountain of justice, and it symbolises the presence of the sovereign's majesty.
547. The gold reserve will be in bulk or in the form of sovereigns.
548. Does not this sort of business destroy the special objective of minting these sovereigns with a view to obtaining foreign currency?
549. We are both constitutional monarchies whose reigning sovereigns maintain strict political neutrality.
550. One has heard millions dealt with here as if they were sovereigns, and here is the position.
551. I said that we are going back to square 1; the four hundred golden sovereigns paid in 1911 was an adequate level of remuneration.
552. I do not know if they remitted any money or not at the time sovereigns were selling for 5 dollars 15 cents.
553. Eventually those sovereigns will come back into the banks.
554. There might be an immediate demand for sovereigns for internal circulation.
555. Notes are encashable in legal tender money, which includes sovereigns and half-sovereigns as well as rupees and subsidiary coins.
556. I received it from the hands of a man who obtained many sovereigns for it.
557. What he has got is not like sovereigns in his pocket, but sovereigns in the bank.
558. The coins in this case were 46 sovereigns and 46 half sovereigns.
559. There are goods in the shops, not only for the rich who can pay in gold and sovereigns, but even some goods for the poor.
560. No man should owe allegiance to two sovereigns, as no man can serve two masters.
561. People put sovereigns in that bag and it was impossible to know whose sovereigns were whose once they were there.
562. In 1947, the future of the states formerly ruled by those sovereigns was in the hands of the sovereigns themselves.
563. Is it not still illegal in this country to retain sovereigns in private possession?
564. The citation was done in this way with the sovereign's name followed by the calendar year and the chapter number.
565. In addition, on the title page of each volume of the statutes the sovereign's name will appear as it does at present.
566. The sum of £2,150,000 has been added in sovereigns to the gold standard reserve.
567. Money is metaphysical in its character; it is not a pile of sovereigns in the vaults of a bank.
568. There is nothing to stop banks from selling them, but in fact all the trade in gold sovereigns is done through jewellers.
569. We are getting hard cash, golden sovereigns, for what we are handing over.
570. He goes to the owner of the railway, or whatever caused the accident and receives a couple of sovereigns as compensation.
571. Now it is found more convenient to have small valuable articles called sovereigns, which you have in your pocket.
572. I am sure they would not want any circulars if they exhibited ordinary sovereigns for loan.
573. The protection of sovereigns when sojourning abroad is often carried out in part by officers of their own country.
574. I am not aware that provincial banks refuse to take sovereigns except at face value.
575. There are other sovereigns and there must be some sequence.
576. The sovereign's head on campaign medals from past eras often dates the medal at 20 or 30 years after the campaign took place.
577. In 1839 a fine of two golden sovereigns was a serious matter.
578. She told me that she had seen the heads of five different sovereigns on the stamps which she had to sell.
579. More than that, we are not sovereigns of the mandated territory.
580. People are quite content with the paper notes, and nobody thinks of bothering to get sovereigns.
581. He took a bag of sovereigns and half-sovereigns.
582. The banks used the printing of money and the replacement of gold sovereigns by bank notes to extend credit, to provide the wherewithal for more and more investment and consumption.
583. Is he not satisfied to take a piece of paper of no actual value itself, because he knows that he will get five sovereigns for it?
584. However, as a result, many people no longer understood what they were paying for anything, when 17 shillings became 85p instead of 1.7 new pounds, sovereigns, or whatever.
585. Is it not a fact that people who collect coins in this country are entitled to buy the sovereigns if they are advertised in this way?
586. Finally, what about the idea of a millennium issue—a retail issue of gold, not sovereigns?
587. Much of this consisted of current sovereigns.
588. If, for instance, gold reserves are insufficient to issue £5 gold pieces in our currency, why is it, as is common knowledge, that last year we exported several million golden sovereigns?
589. In 1922, gold sovereigns were in circulation.
590. They paid one or two sovereigns a year to live in these hovels, and were satisfied to let the places get into any state of neglect.
591. The sovereigns are potentially in the land.
592. When you take two sovereigns out of a man's pocket, one for local taxation and one for national taxation, it matters very little to him how they are applied.
593. All occupied territories were restored to their pre-war sovereigns.
594. All that was artificial about the sovereign was his power to command.
595. The former refers to a political system where the national government is sovereign relative to its territorial units (if any).
596. At stake here is the question of what it means to be a sovereign.
597. Approval is also given by the council to all of the sovereign's actions as head of state.
598. Article 3 in part explicitly recognises the sovereign right of states to exploit their own resources pursuant to their own environmental policies.
599. The vassalfor example, a count ("graaf") or duke ("hertog") thus exercised all or part of the sovereign's royal authority.
600. The moral obligation to obey the norm is not yet a political obligation not to resist the might of the sovereign enforcer of the norm.
601. Libya's sovereign wealth fund head plans to ask the United Nations to allow it to invest billions of dollars sitting idle in its accounts, after missing out on some $4.1 billion in potential equity ...
602. "sovereign Lending Group is highly skilled in a wide range of services and is growing the team to reach new heights," the company said in a press release. "If you have been laid off or are looking for ...
603. The head of the world’s largest pension fund said he is looking beyond the safety of sovereign debt as an era of falling rates forces even the most conservative of investors to rethink playbooks.
604. While other companies have cut staff because of the pandemic, sovereign Lending Group, mortgage lender VA loans, has done the opposite. sovereign Lending Group is creating jobs for those looking to ...
605. Wealthy Gulf sovereign wealth funds are supporting the up and coming rivals of electric vehicle incumbent Tesla, Inc – so long the days of Elon Musk tweeting, “Funding Secured.” Saudi Arabia’s Public ...
606. The COVID-19 crisis has made painful sovereign-debt restructurings inevitable for many countries. If the pain can't be avoided, countries should at least make the best of it, with more favorable terms ...
607. sovereign sentence examples. sovereign. Yet Greece was the sovereign power in all the world of ancient culture. 319. 177. Most Gracious sovereign and Emperor! 189. 50. sovereign the grand khan who lived with the Great Horde in the valley of the Amur. 73. 60.
608. 261+6 sentence examples: 1. The Russian Federation declared itself to be a sovereign republic. 2. King George was the sovereign of England. 3. Who holds sovereign power in the state? 4. Is there a sovereign remedy for this condition? 5. In March 1889
609. Examples of sovereign in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: In both instances, the maintenance of civil peace had been used to justify the…
610. sovereign sentence examples: intend to put money away in a stabilisation fund and a sovereign wealth document composed in philadelphia transformed the confederation of sovereign states into a national the most important possibility omitted by this assessment is that of sovereign defaul
611. sovereign in a sentence - Use "sovereign" in a sentence 1. We would certainly not be a sovereign country in that case. 2. Mexico, on the other hand, is a sovereign nation. click for more sentences of sovereign
612. How to use sovereign in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word sovereign? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. It is ceremonially used in the act of crowning a King, Queen or other sovereign. Her Majesty's wishes were that it should be replaced with a Colour bearing the cypher of the sovereign of the day.
613. Examples of sovereign territory in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: However, it appears that the exercise of territorial sovereignty has negative…
614. Examples of sovereign in a sentence While a few people believe Mexico is a part of the United States, it is actually a sovereign country with its own government. The northern part of the city voted to become a sovereign town so it would have the power to manage its own affairs.
615. sovereign definition: A sovereign state or country is independent and not under the authority of any other | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
616. Sovereignty sentence examples. The idea of the sovereignty of the people was to him utterly abhorrent, and even any delegation of sovereign power on his own part would have seemed a betrayal of a God-given trust. 0. 0. His son Khengayi fled to Ahmedabad to seek the assistance of the viceroy,
617. sovereign definition is - one possessing or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty. How to use sovereign in a sentence. sovereign Power Synonym Discussion of sovereign.
618. sovereign definition: sovereign is defined as ruler with unlimited power, the chief or greatest, or independent. (adjective) A king is an example of someone with sovereign powers. The value that is most important to a company is an example of something
619. 188+11 sentence examples: 1. She says the sovereignty of the Crown must be preserved. 2. Talks are being held about who should have sovereignty over the island. 3. Demonstrators demanded full sovereignty for the self - proclaimed republic. 4. China's
620. I'd hope for some real action on marijuana laws, and a determined effort to regain our energy sovereignty.: Politicians proposed popular sovereignty as a means of entrusting the issue to citizens of new territories.: She is currently at work on a book studying the sovereignty motif in Heaney's verse.: Here was the judicial reconciliation of Parliamentary sovereignty with the supremacy of EC law.
621. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "sovereign" The young prince performed his duties with a grace which was surprising for so young a sovereignQueen Victoria was the first sovereign to take up residence at Buckingham Palace. The young prince performed his duties with a grace which was surprising for so young a sovereign.
622. Sovereignty definition: sovereignty is authority to govern a state or a state that is self governing. (noun) An example of sovereignty is the power of a king to rule his people.
623. English words and Examples of Usage use "sovereign" in a sentence No external authority can dictate what happens within a sovereign state. TOP STORIES / Business Banking Is the ECB allowed to buy sovereign bonds? The result was an almost complete turnover of Greek sovereign debt.
624. Translations of the phrase sovereign EXTERNAL DEBT from english to russian and examples of the use of "sovereign EXTERNAL DEBT" in a sentence with their translations: A significant reduction of sovereign external debt was made possible by
625. Translations of the phrase BY sovereign from english to russian and examples of the use of "BY SOVEREIGN" in a sentence with their translations: Employers' associations are governed by sovereign ordinance no. 2951 of 29
626. Use “sovereign” in a sentence | “sovereign” sentence examples یادگیری لغت sovereign در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت sovereign اساتید زبان همیشه شاهد اعتراضات زبان‌آموزان هستند که در حفظ لغات ناکام‌اند و معمولاً
627. Examples of sovereignty in a sentence. The hijackers demanded that China relinquish its claim of sovereignty over Hong Kong. 🔊 The Japanese fought heroically to defend their homeland’s sovereignty. 🔊 “My sovereignty will not be called into question”, cried the Queen. 🔊
628. 1. 1. sovereign Sentence Examples. Yet Greece was the sovereign power in all the world of ancient culture. 314. 175. 610. Example Sentences for "sovereign" The young prince performed his duties with a grace which was surprising for so young a sovereignqueen Victoria was the first sovereign to take up residence at Buckingham Palace.: 2.
629. English words and Examples of Usage use "sovereign" in a sentence In the 19th century, New Englanders who could afford to went to the mountains or the seashore for the fresher, cooler air considered sovereign for physical and mental complaints. What we are witnessing now is many who opposed the war to begin with are rallying around Saddam saying we
630. sovereign definition: A sovereign state or country is independent and not under the authority of any other | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Examples of 'sovereign' in a sentence sovereign. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
631. / examples. sovereigns in a sentence - 16 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Laws are the sovereigns of sovereigns" Louis XIV "Laws are the sovereigns of sovereign" Louis XIV "The solidarity of sovereigns should not be underestimated" "Cargo included gold sovereigns and bales of leather hides"
632. Synonyms for sovereign at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for sovereign.
633. sovereign definition, a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler. See more.
634. How to use sovereign in a sentence. The sovereign list of example sentences with sovereign. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving" Benjamin B. Warfield "The sovereign cure for worry is prayer" William James "Alien. An American sovereign in his probationary state" Ambrose Bierce "Prayer
635. Used in a sentence (click/touch triangles for details) Definition of a person: a nation's ruler or head of state of a political body: not controlled by outside forces More rarely, a sovereign is a British coin used until 1914. They may be a sovereign state, Search for other examples by interest .
636. ‘In India, however, she was an empress, a supreme sovereign to whom other sovereigns owed homage.’ ‘He was the 10th monarch to be buried in the precinct of the chapel, with other sovereigns including Henry VIII, Charles I, George III, Edward VII and George V.’
637. High quality example sentences with “sovereign grant” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
638. Examples of how to use the word sovereign in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
639. High quality example sentences with “is sovereign over” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
640. Definition of sovereign: Entity possessing the attributes of sovereignty. Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects BusinessDictionary
641. sovereign will in a sentence - Use "sovereign will" in a sentence 1. Perhaps sovereign will be a banking presence in New England soon. 2. sovereign will also honor all existing loan agreements or certificates of deposit. click for more sentences of sovereign will
642. Calhoun, with his State-sovereignty doctrines, his partisanship, and his unscrupulous defiance of the Constitution, forfeited his place among great statesmen, and lost the esteem and confidence of a majority of his countrymen, except so far as his abilities and his unsullied private life entitled him to admiration. AUTHORITIES.
643. Definition of sovereign along with example sentences. Vocabulary Builder tool is great for developing a sophisticated vocabulary.
644. Sovereignty definition is - supreme power especially over a body politic. How to use sovereignty in a sentence.
645. Extra Examples. Demonstrators demanded full sovereignty for the self-proclaimed republic. Protesters called on the government to adopt a declaration of sovereignty. We must respect the sovereignty of member states. The group is committed to achieving sovereignty for Quebec.
646. Difficulties in this life serve a purpose in God's sovereign plan: James 1:2–4, 12 Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.
647. See examples of sovereign in English. Real sentences showing how to use sovereign correctly.
648. Information and translations of sovereign state in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . The STANDS4 Network Examples of sovereign state in a Sentence. Idriss Jazairy: Coercion, whether military or economic,
649. Sovereign: 1 n a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right Synonyms: crowned head , monarch Examples: show 194 examples hide 194 examples Messiah the awaited king of the Jews; the promised and expected deliverer of the Jewish people Ahab according to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel
650. sovereign quotes from YourDictionary: The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect the countryand do good service to his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.
651. Examples of sovereign in a sentence: 1. While a few people believe Mexico is a part of the United States, it is actually a sovereign country with its own government. 2. The northern part of the
652. sovereign Meaning in Hindi with Example | sovereign ka matlab kya hota hai Sentence Examples Sentence Examples - Duration: 2:42. LearnTogether 58 views. 2:42. Language: English

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