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"Splitting" Example Sentences

1. I'm tired and I have a splitting head ache.
2. He looked up, with a large grin splitting his face.
3. If you're serious about not splitting, you need him.
4. Now that's splitting hairs.
5. As my driver prophesied when I was plowing, they warmed me twice--once while I was splitting them, and again when they were on the fire, so that no fuel could give out more heat.
6. Maybe - or by splitting us up.
7. The splitting up of the vascular tube I into separate strands does not depend wholly upon the occurrence I of leaf-gaps.
8. She heard Gabriel shout something that was lost in the roar of the ground splitting apart.
9. I, A) or by splitting off (delamination).
10. Until recently the process has been considered as an actual longitudinal splitting of the flagellum, following upon the separation of the two daughter-kinetonuclei.
11. The division in all cases takes place by constriction, or by a simultaneous splitting along an equatorial plane.
12. As they pass into this position they undergo a longitudinal splitting by which the chromatin in each chromosome becomes divided into equal halves.
13. His muscular back glistened with perspiration as he swung the ax, expertly splitting a chunk of wood.
14. The vamp said something about splitting the sky.
15. Opening her eyes, she raised the axe and let it fall, grimacing at the sounds of flesh splitting.
16. In Spirogyra the pyrenoids are distinctly connected by cytoplasmic strands to the central mass of cytoplasm, which surrounds the nucleus, and according to some observers, they increase exclusively by division, followed by a splitting of the cytoplasmic strands.
17. It has been suggested that synapsis may be connected with the early longitudinal splitting of the thread or with the pairing of the chromosomes, but it is possible that it may be connected with the transference of nucleolar substance to the nuclear thread.
18. The fruit is a capsule splitting generally by three longitudinal slits forming valves which remain united above and below.
19. In any case they have been shown in three genera to develop by the growth and splitting into a series of original paired pronephridia.
20. The smaller branches and the waste portion of the trunks, left in cutting up the timber, are exported as fire-wood, or used for splitting into matches.
21. When the foliation is undulose or sinuous the rocks are said to be crumpled, and have wavy splitting surfaces instead of nearly plane ones.
22. This latter, as well as the heart and the walls of the blood spaces, arises by the modification of mesodermal cells, and the body cavity is formed by the enlargement and coalescence of the blood channels and by the splitting of the fat body.
23. Cuticle of pupa or puparium splitting longitudinally down the back, to allow escape of imago.
24. By reducing terephthalic acid with sodium amalgam, care being taken to neutralize the caustic soda simultaneously formed by passing in carbon dioxide, A" dihydroterephthalic acid is obtained; this results from the splitting of a Para-linkage.
25. As a useful preliminary it is convenient to divide heterocyclic ring systems into two leading groups: (I) systems resulting from simple internal dehydration (or similar condensations) of saturated aliphatic compounds - such compounds are: the internal anhydrides or cyclic ethers of the glycols and thioglycols (ethylene oxide, &c.); the cyclic alkyleneimides resulting from the splitting off of ammonia between the amino groups of diaminoparaffins (pyrrolidine, piperazine, &c.); the cyclic esters of oxycarboxylic acids (lactones, lactides); the internal anhydrides of aminocarboxylic acids (lactams, betaines); cyclic derivatives of dicarboxylic acids (anhydrides, imides, alkylen-esters, alkylenamides, &c.).
26. In the first case the thermal effect of 58.58 calories actually observed must be increased by 2d to allow for the heat absorbed in splitting off two gramme-atoms of carbon; in the second case the thermal effect of 96.96 must be increased by d as above.
27. The frui t is a pod or siliqua splitting by two valves from A "0 D FIG.
28. The Scyths had a method of divination with sticks, and the Enarees, who claimed to be soothsayers by grant of the goddess who had afflicted them, used another method by splitting bast fibres.
29. The fatty matter, however, it must be borne in mind, is the expression of dissimilation of the actual substance of the proteids of the tissues, not of the splitting up of proteids or other carbonaceous nourishment supplied to them.
30. Tripolar division in which the splitting of the loops has commenced.
31. This splitting up of the fats previously combined with albumin in the cell by the action of natural ferments - lipases - and the setting free of the fats under the influence of toxins represent the normal and the pathological process in the production of so-called fatty degeneration.
32. In this process, however, the entire operations of splitting and flattening are retained, and although the mechanical process is said to be in successful commercial operation, it has not as yet made itself felt as a formidable rival to hand-made sheet-glass.
33. The actual conveyance or coursing of the air from the intake to the working faces is effected by splitting or dividing the current at different points in its course, so as to carry it as directly as possible to the places where it is required.
34. To the oldtime belief that languages multiplied by splitting and colonizing, must be added the theory that languages were formerly more numerous, and that those of the Americans were formed by combining.
35. While it cannot be said that the full significance of this very definite phenomenon, consisting of the splitting of the spectral line into a number of polarized components, has yet been made out, a wide field of correlation with optical theory, especially in the neighbourhood of absorption bands, has been developed by Zeeman himself, by A.
36. Minute rods or needles of rutile are also common in slates, and well-formed cubes of pyrites are often visible on the splitting faces.
37. Two men are employed at this operation - one splitting and the other dressing, performing their work in a sitting posture.
38. It is at present somewhat uncertain, therefore, in what cases actual splitting occurs.
39. Investigation has shown that the change is due to the splitting off of sulphuric acid during the process, and that green-coloured chromsulphuric acids are formed thus - ii?
40. These bobbins are then in general taken to the first spinning frame, and there the single strands receive their first twist, which rounds them, and prevents the compound fibre from splitting up and separating when, by the subsequent scouring operations, the gum is removed which presently binds them into one.
41. 3, Floral diagram, the dots 2, Fruit after splitting.
42. Some plants root so freely that they need only pegging down; but in most cases the arrest of the returning sap to form a callus, and ultimately young roots, must be brought about artificially, either by twisting the branch, by splitting it, by girding FIG.
43. Many of the free-growing soft-wooded plants may also be grown from cuttings of single joints of the young wood, where rapid increase is desired; and in the case of opposite-leaved plants two cuttings may often be made from one joint by splitting the stem longitudinally, each cutting consisting of a leaf and a perfect bud attached to half the thickness of the stem.
44. The Rhine in its course through Holland is merely the parent stream of several important branches, splitting up into Rhine and Waal, Rhine and Ysel, Crooked Rhine and Lek (which takes two-thirds of the waters), and at Utrecht into Old Rhine and Vecht, finally reaching the sea through the sluices at Katwijk as little more than a drainage canal.
45. In short, from Ar 3 to Ar t the excess substance ferrite or cementite, in hypoand hyper-eutectoid steels respectively, progressively crystallizes out as a network or skeleton within the austenite mothermetal, which thus progressively approaches the composition of hardenite, reaching it at Ar t, and there splitting up into ferrite and cementite interstratified as pearlite.
46. This formation of cementite through the rejection of carbon by both the primary and the eutectic austenite continues quite as in the case of 1.00% carbon steel, with impoverishment of the austenite to the hardenite or eutectoid ratio, and the splitting up of that hardenite into pearlite at Ari, so that the mass when cold finally consists of (1) 1 Note the distinction between the " eutectic " or alloy of lowest freezing-point, 1130°, B, with 4.30% of carbon, and the " eutectoid," hardenite and pearlite, or alloy of lowest transformation-point, 690° S, with 0.90% of carbon.
47. Here the black bat-like patches are the masses of pearlite plus proeutectoid cementite resulting from the splitting up of the primary austenite.
48. The death of Ali Pasha produced only temporary tranquillity; in a few days (February 12, 1804) the return of Mahommed Bey al-AlIT (called the Great) from England was the signal for fresh disturbances, which, by splitting the Mamelukes into two parties, accelerated their final overthrow.
49. It divides its waters, splitting into many channels, leaving broad central islands; and as the width increases, and the depth during dry seasons diminishes, opportunities for fords become comparatively frequent.
50. "Cup shake" is a natural splitting in the interior of the tree between two of the annular rings.
51. Since Much Smaller Values Are Found For More Complex Molecules, We May Suppose That, In These Cases, The Energy Of Rotation Of A Polyatomic Molecule May Be Greater Than Its Energy Of Translation, Or Else That Heat Is Expended In Splitting Up Molecular Aggregates, And Increasing Energy Of Vibration.
52. The headache is described as splitting; delirium is of the busy type, like delirium tremens.
53. Considerable remains of its town walls, of large irregular, roughly rectangular blocks (the form is that of the natural splitting of the schistose sandstone), still exist, enclosing a circuit of about 11 m.
54. The pioneers of the jute industry, who did not understand this necessity, or rather who did not know how the woody and brittle character of the fibre could be remedied, were greatly perplexed by the difficulties they had to encounter, the fibre spinning badly into a hard, rough and hairy yarn owing to the splitting and breaking of the fibre.
55. In fact, a splitting appears to take place in the process of secretion somewhat resembling that which takes place in the formation of a toxin and anti-toxin.
56. The energy liberated during the oxidation of the nitrogen is regarded as splitting the carbon dioxide molecule, - in green plants it is the energy of the solar rays which does this.
57. There exist in the mud of marshes, rivers and cloacae, &c., however, other anaerobic bacteria which decompose cellulose, probably hydrolysing it first and then splitting the products into carbon dioxide and marsh gas.
58. Electric sparks give at first free sulphur and the trifluoride, the latter at a higher temperature splitting into the pentafluoride and phosphorus.
59. An important element in the story is the connexion of Adonis with the boar, which (according to one version) brings him into the world by splitting with his tusk the bark of the tree into which Smyrna was changed, and finally kills him.
60. The truxillic acids, C,8H1504, which result by the hydrolytic splitting of truxilline, C38H46N208, are phenyl derivatives of cyclo-butane.
61. This construction was further improved (I) by introducing a diaphragm between the two lenses; (2) by altering the distance between the two lenses; and (3) by splitting the lower lens into two lenses.
62. Alteration in the symmetrical arrangement as well as in the completeness and regularity of flowers has been traced to suppression or the non-development of parts, degeneration or imperfect formation, cohesion or union of parts of the same whorl, adhesion or union of the parts of different whorls, multiplication of parts, and deduplication (sometimes called chorisis) or splitting of parts.
63. The splitting of a part so that two or more parts are formed out of what was originally one.
64. The symmetry in the flower is evidently dimerous, and the abnormality in the androecium, where the four long stamens are opposite the posterior sepals, takes place by a splitting, at a very early stage of development, of a single outgrowth into two.
65. They are in addition powerful germicides, and by splitting up water may act as oxidizing agents.
66. Many of these minerals decompose somewhat readily, yielding secondary minerals, which are comparatively soft and have a scaly character, with eminently perfect cleavages, which facilitate splitting into exceedingly thin plates.
67. The Council had been on the verge of splitting for years, severing the effectiveness of their ability to combat Darkyn's demons.
68. This pinching of the line may cause material abrasion, which could lead to splitting of the tubing.
69. The composite structure makes wood very anisotropic: its K c in splitting mode (cracks parallel to grain) is very low.
70. We must be with the masses against the splitting and treacherous trade-union bureaucracy.
71. To become infectious, it has to rid itself of Gag by splitting these proteins into smaller ones, called capsid.
72. Carcass splitting the spinal column.
73. Clef changes can be inserted in a more flexible way - automatically splitting any long notes in parallel parts on the same stave.
74. Consistory court records, Johansen describes the reasons behind the granting of divorces and the splitting up of familial assets.
75. The effect is known as spin-spin coupling or spin-spin splitting.
76. Crumplemeone now crumpling up wax paper or splitting a seam on his pants?
77. Embryo splitting was first used to produce genetically identical sheep ten years ago at Cambridge.
78. I've got a splitting headache I'm going upstairs for a nap.
79. Mung dal is yellow split beans made by splitting green mung beans and discarding the green husk.
80. It is hilarious that an invented prohibition of splitting infinitives should have such an impact even today without people even knowing why.
81. Mixed in with side splitting laughter from the rest of us.
82. Peaceful civil rights marchers were brutally assaulted by police This first extract explains how the young Sands was politicized Society was splitting apart.
83. Many identify the problem as the splitting of the subject matter of A-level mathematics into six separately examined modules.
84. Minimizeo contains a water repellent that exceeds national standards, thereby minimizing wood damage such as splitting and warping.
85. With a splitting headache they would reach the tunnel exit, gasp in the fresh air and usually vomit the black phlegm.
86. This time of year is a perfect time to be lifting and splitting herbaceous plants before they put on too much vegetative growth.
87. Thus Crack willows are often pollarded to reduce the chances of splitting and to quickly provide more timber.
88. The modulation frequency corresponds to the Larmor precession frequency of the spin, or the Zeeman energy splitting of the spin quantum state.
89. Sagittal splitting was also observed.
90. Sophisticated platoon splitting algorithm also makes the Radar Recorder an extremely accurate counting device.
91. Explain the physical cause of the spin-orbit splitting of energy levels (and therefore spectral lines ).
92. The cobalt is still Co 2+ as evidenced by the crystal field splitting of the Co L-edge peak in the absorption spectrum.
93. The concern that has been expressed regarding carcass splitting relates to the possible transfer of material from the damaged spinal cord onto the carcass.
94. This method also avoids splitting the wood at the exit point of the drill hole.
95. Nail together with panel pins, to prevent splitting the wood.
96. Our scheme above involves splitting into two separate files.
97. In 1986 Dunstable was considering splitting from the group.
98. If you find yourself needing heading 3, I suggest splitting the content onto separate pages.
99. The upgrade to the forum with automatic splitting of threads into multiple pages is on its way, before anyone asks.
100. splitting headache I'm going upstairs for a nap.
101. splitting laughter from the rest of us.
102. splitting atoms and a riddle for sifting genes, the mutant appears.
103. splitting pairs is an option by which you can increase your original wager.
104. splitting ratio of k.
105. splitting pass from skipper Marc Lambert found Tommy Mutton, who forced a save from Gerard Doherty.
106. Seven pro-establishment candidates contested the six constituency seats, thus splitting their vote.
107. Matt presented results from the collaborative shear-wave splitting project with the University of Leeds.
108. Nature of problem: The atomic hyperfine splitting is determined by the hyperfine interaction constants AJ and BJ [1] .
109. The HFEA will not license research projects involving embryo splitting with the intention of increasing the number of embryos for transfer.
110. This was achieved by the use of a circular saw which was passed down the back of the carcass splitting the spinal column.
111. Furthermore some of the ear splitting high notes are almost impossible to tune exactly.
112. Four minutes later, Ward again found the target from a superb, defense splitting Simon Davies pass which beat the off side trap.
113. splitting of these atoms gives off large amounts of heat energy which heats a gas used to cool the fuel rods.
114. Tuberosity of the humerus with splitting of the proximal portion of the deltoid muscle.
115. Verge of splitting apart because of linguistic differences.
116. The whole river will turn from peace to a huge mass of surging, splitting white water in a matter of moments.
117. Woodcraft tool, because they were used in splitting trunks and poles.
118. We may distinguish the following series of stages: (I) ovum; (2) cleavage, leading to formation of a blastula; (3) formation of an inner mass or parenchyma, the future endoderm, by immigration or delamination, leading to the so-called parenchymula-stage; (4) formation of an archenteric cavity, the future coelenteron, by a splitting of the internal parenchyma, and of a blastopore, the future mouth, by perforation at one pole, leading to the gastrula-stage; (5) the outgrowth of tentacles round the mouth (blastopore), leading to the actinula-stage; and (6) the actinula becomes the polyp or medusa in the manner described elsewhere (see articles Hydrozoa, POLYP and Medusa).
119. The fruit is a capsule splitting along the septa (septicidal) (fig.
120. This splitting of the air not only lessens the cost of ventilating, but greatly increases its efficiency by permitting the circulation of much larger volumes, and has the added advantage that the effect of an explosion or other accident vitiating the air current is often confined to a single division of the mine, and affects but a small part of the working force.
121. This formation of cementite through the rejection of carbon by both the primary and the eutectic austenite continues quite as in the case of 1.00% carbon steel, with impoverishment of the austenite to the hardenite or eutectoid ratio, and the splitting up of that hardenite into pearlite at Ari, so that the mass when cold finally consists of (1) 1 Note the distinction between the " eutectic " or alloy of lowest freezing-point, 1130°, B, with 4.30% of carbon, and the " eutectoid," hardenite and pearlite, or alloy of lowest transformation-point, 690° S, with 0.90% of carbon.
122. Super Exod., lxxi.), combining into one the first and second commandments of Philo, and splitting his tenth commandment into two.
123. Butchery of the axis is largely confined to splits, mostly associated with separation from other vertebrae, but sagittal splitting was also observed.
124. The sophisticated platoon splitting algorithm also makes the Radar Recorder an extremely accurate counting device.
125. Explain the physical cause of the spin-orbit splitting of energy levels (and therefore spectral lines).
126. Naked as human fear, with a rod for splitting atoms and a riddle for sifting genes, the mutant appears.
127. Splitting pairs is an option by which you can increase your original wager.
128. All couplers are assumed to have the same splitting ratio of k.
129. Nomads hit back when a defense splitting pass from skipper Marc Lambert found Tommy Mutton, who forced a save from Gerard Doherty.
130. Nature of problem: The atomic hyperfine splitting is determined by the hyperfine interaction constants AJ and BJ [1 ].
131. The splitting of these atoms gives off large amounts of heat energy which heats a gas used to cool the fuel rods.
132. Including manual indexing of a cubic cell, labeling HKLs and showing peak splitting when going from cubic to tetragonal cells.
133. Intramedullary Nailing Antegrade - Incision over the greater tuberosity of the humerus with splitting of the proximal portion of the deltoid muscle.
134. Belgium and Canada are on the verge of splitting apart because of linguistic differences.
135. Such wedges were once an important woodcraft tool, because they were used in splitting trunks and poles.
136. Identical Twins - The random occurrence of an egg splitting in two after fertilization produces identical twins.
137. Bradfords are not very sturdy, often splitting in strong storms, so consider other varieties such as Aristocrat if you don't want to have to perform a lot of maintenance or replace your trees after foul weather.
138. Child support is a legal requirement whether the parents are getting divorced, splitting up after cohabitating or never lived together.
139. This could result in the payer receiving a higher income tax refund, since he or she is effectively splitting income with the separated or former spouse.
140. Drill pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood.
141. Nuclear energy is the heat produced by the splitting of uranium atoms in a process called fission.
142. Nuclear energy is heat produced by the splitting of uranium, an unstable element.
143. Nonrenewable energy is produced by the burning, splitting or destroying of another resource.
144. Detractors, however, point out that the waste left behind when the uranium is finished splitting may be poisonous to the environment, and to those who come in contact with it.
145. It appears silymarin has the ability to modify cancer cells and stop them from splitting or duplicating.
146. You'll want a minimal thickness of ¾" so you can staple fabric and batting to the wood without splitting the sheet of plywood.
147. Two-way traverse rods move the drapes from the center of the window to each end, splitting them open in the middle.
148. Splitting a product with a friend is a way to get around the cost (if you split it, you're spending only $10 each-less than an eye shadow that you can't share).
149. Of her clothing label, Bitten, Sarah Jessica Parker told The New York Times that her "fatal flaw is that I have to be involved literally down to splitting the atoms."
150. Purchasing stacks of cardstock or patterned paper and splitting the package with a friend will save you a bundle when compared to the expense of purchasing these items by the sheet.
151. Consider splitting the cost of everything with your date or with a group of friends.
152. The superior absorbency of microfiber bath towels is due to the splitting of the microfibers in a way that increases the fiber's surface and thus the ability to absorb more.
153. Anderson and Lee had a rocky relationship, splitting and reuniting several times before finally divorcing in 1998.
154. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander - We know that Britney and Justin splitting has a bigger celeb factor, but ill-advised Vegas wedding to a former classmate angle just makes this story more fun.
155. She and actor Josh Hartnett were a celebrity couple for two years before splitting in 2006.
156. Sadly, their marriage ended in divorce after splitting in July 2006.
157. Sometimes, the tabloids get it all wrong, but lately it seems, when they are talking about a celebrity couple splitting, they've been spot on.
158. Now, the tabloids get their stories wrong at times, but when it comes to rumors of a couple splitting, they're usually pretty dead on.
159. Don't you just hate it when tabloids report an impending split of a random celebrity couple and the couple, of course, denies it but ends up splitting anyway?
160. The couple, naturally, denied that they were splitting and put on a united front for the tabs.
161. According to some reports, Usher did not state a reason as to why the two are splitting.
162. Rumors have been dogging the couple for years that their relationship was on the rocks, but both parties continued to shoot down any rumor that mentioned the two possibly splitting.
163. In 2009, Jon and Kate Gosselin announced that they were splitting up, using their hugely successful reality show to break the news to viewers.
164. Plan the getaway with several friends and share a room, therefore splitting the fare cost for a lower per-person rate.
165. There is something about gathering wood, splitting it, stacking it just right and watching that first spark catch into a hard-won flame.
166. It is created by splitting a piece of lumber into two pieces with a narrow and wide side, making a wedge shape.
167. You don't want a dress splitting on you when you sit down!
168. Would I enjoy splitting my time between different locations?
169. Of course, longer hair means a bit more maintenance since you will need to be concerned with splitting ends, drying takes longer, and the length can weigh hair down, giving a greasier appearance.
170. It runs like a lazy arcing stroke with Highway 29, splitting the Valley in two.
171. There are up to 200% more histamines present in red wine than in white, prompting specialists to look at the link between varying levels of histamines in red wine and the likelihood of developing splitting headaches.
172. These occur when a heavy object falls onto a person, splitting the skin and shattering or tearing underlying structures.
173. Identical twins represent the splitting of a single fertilized zygote (union of two gametes or male/female sex cells to produce a developing embryo) into two separate individuals.
174. So, if your hair isn't splitting off halfway and you're just looking for a bit more shine, these silicone-based products will protect and gloss your hair.
175. Without it, hair is prone to splitting and breaking.
176. Get regular trims: Well trimmed hair shows less signs of splitting and damage.
177. If you don't think you will use a large number of the same type, how about splitting a quantity with family and friends?
178. It is only fair that your partner know what is happening, and why you are splitting up.
179. Split Shank Diamond Rings: Splitting the band adds greater detail to the setting and a popular Beaudry detail is to inset additional stones into the split.
180. Contemporary engagement rings often have solid cathedral settings, where the ring thickens to form the arches rather than splitting the band.
181. Splitting entrees in half, turning off extra lights and driving in a way that saves gas is all well within Capricorn’s personality.
182. Splitting an adult entrée between two children can be cheaper than buying two kids' meals.
183. Stay gorgeous and keep your ends from splitting by using hair cut coupons.
184. Splitting the cost with a friend and being workout buddies to keep one another on track.
185. From coupon deals to splitting the cost with a workout buddy, there are plenty of ways to get involved with the Slim Training technique without slimming down your wallet.
186. Among the tongue splitting and teeth sharpening, Lizardman has also had most of his body tattooed with a green and black scale pattern.
187. Here's the tip: Try splitting the cost of advertising with another business.
188. Eat several small meals: Instead of eating a lot of food that your body may not need at one time, try splitting your meals up.
189. Try splitting up your day into four equal meals of 250 calories each.
190. The military press targets the other end of the spectrum, splitting the effort between anterior deltoids and upper pecs.
191. At the most unlikely moment, just after the release of one of their most successful albums, 'Our Town, The Greatest Hits', which entered the charts at number 2, Deacon Blue announced that they would be splitting up.
192. The band struggled to carry on, with a second album seeming years away, splitting up looked like their only option.
193. Instead of splitting the semifinalists into three groups of ten like season 1, season 2's semifinalists were split into four groups of eight, for a total of 32 semifinalists, who were then joined by four "wild card" hopefuls.
194. He then made the rather unusual choice of heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma to get his music career off the ground (after splitting up with Axium, a band he had been in since his high school days).
195. MTV The Duel 2 pits 26 former Real World and Road Rules cast members in an intense dog-eat-dog battle with the winners splitting a $300,000 cash prize.
196. Brittle Nails: Characterized by splitting or peeling of the nails, this is usually associated with the natural aging process.
197. The scientific name for splitting fingernails is onychoschizia.
198. Approximately 27 percent of women have splitting fingernails.
199. Other factors that trigger splitting fingernails are aging and dehydration.
200. There are no real "cures" for splitting fingernails, but there are studies that indicate an oral supplement of vitamin B may strengthen nails.
201. Exposing splitting fingernails to rough salon chemicals regularly may worsen the condition.
202. Nail splitting is not normally painful but it is ugly and uncomfortable.
203. The treason trial which opened at Zagreb in March 1909 pursued the parallel aims of intimidating the Serbs of Croatia, of splitting the new-found unity of Serb and Croat and of proving to the outside world the existence of a dangerous Pan-Serb movement organized from Belgrade inside the monarchy and amply justifying the countermove of annexation.
204. The processes involved were gathering the raw material, shredding, splitting, gauging, wrapping, twining, spinning and braiding.
205. The presence of the iron core has been made visible by the splitting of the figure, owing to the unequal contraction of the two metals.
206. Cleve, Lecoq de Boisbaudran and others into erbia, holmia, thulia and dysprosia, but it is still doubtful whether any one of these four splitting products is a single substance.
207. splitting sentence examples. splitting. I'm tired and I have a splitting head ache. 34. 11. He looked up, with a large grin splitting his face. 16. 9. If you're serious about not splitting, you need him. 11. 6. Now that's splitting hairs. 9. 6.
208. Sentence Examples I think the great danger is it splitting into two rather non-communicating factions, north and south. The students have already acquired a built-up hatred towards each other and, by splitting them up, this hatred will only increase.
209. Examples of splitting in a sentence Dana and Danielle will be splitting the cost of the hotel room in half while on vacation together. Although they were supposed to be splitting the household bills equally, it seems like Nia always leaves her roommate stuck paying the full rent.
210. splitting definition is - that splits or causes to split: such as. How to use splitting in a sentence.
211. Description. Sentence splitting is the process of dividing text into sentences. For instance the document Hello world.Hello world again. would be split into the sentences Hello world. and Hello world again. CoreNLP splits documents into sentences via a set of rules.
212. Learn the definition of splitting and how to use it in a sentence. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Easily browse through english vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them.
213. Specifies the separator to use when splitting the string. By default any whitespace is a separator: maxsplit: Optional. Specifies how many splits to do. Default value is -1, which is "all occurrences" More Examples. Example. Split the string, using comma, followed by a space, as a separator: txt = "hello, my name is Peter, I am 26 years old"
214. splitting definition: 1. that splits 2. 3. aching severely: said of the head 4. severe, as a headache
215. In this post, we analyze the problem of sentence splitting for English texts and evaluate some of the approaches to solving it. As usual, good data is key, and we discuss how we use OntoNotes and MASC corpora for this task. The problem at hand. At first glance, it may seem that sentence splitting is relatively easy by NLP standards.
216. Sentence Examples A dying swan ballet and a tap were well choreographed and the ventriloquist act was just one of the sequence of side-splitting acts. This glittering cabaret-style musical shakes up Shakespeare with tap dances, torch songs, tuxedos, sequins and side-splitting sketches.
217. Definition and high quality example sentences with “splitting” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
218. Translations of the phrase splitting IT from english to spanish and examples of the use of "splitting IT" in a sentence with their translations: Could you maybe try splitting it across a couple of these?
219. 283+5 sentence examples: 1. I have a splitting headache. 2. They went into the room by splitting the door. 3. This is just splitting hairs. 4. She was splitting logs with an axe. 5. Women priests are accused of splitting the church. 6. I've had a spl
220. Examples of split in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: People even act as their own psychologists, splitting themselves into…
221. Java String split method explained with the help of examples: splitting based on word, multiple characters, special characters, whitespace etc.
222. splitting as a mental process thus enables us to makes distinctions. Throughout life, splitting serves this exact function: it allows us to take an undifferentiated, confusing mass of experience or information and divide it into categories that have meaning. Without splitting, nothing would make sense to us.
223. This module allows splitting of text paragraphs into sentences. It is based on scripts developed by Philipp Koehn and Josh Schroeder for processing the Europarl corpus . The module is a port of Lingua::Sentence Perl module with some extra additions (improved non-breaking prefix lists for some languages and added support for Danish, Finnish
224. Translations of the phrase NOT splitting from english to finnish and examples of the use of "NOT SPLITTING" in a sentence with their translations: This is not splitting the EU.
225. 'Avoid splitting infinitives whenever possible, but do not suffer undue remorse if a split infinitive is unavoidable for the natural and unambiguous completion of a sentence already begun.' (Burchfield 737-8) It should be noted that the term 'split infinitive' is a misnomer: nothing is being split.
226. Primarily, splitting infinitives is a stylistic choice. English grammar rules suggest that splitting infinitives is not the best way to write or speak. However, this rule is more a guideline than anything else. Novice writers or students new to the English language should probably avoid from splitting infinitives.
227. The string data need to split for different programming purposes. Various ways of splitting string data in bash are shown in this tutorial. Hope, after practicing the above examples, the readers will be able to split any string data based on their requirement. For more information watch the video!
228. Examples of content deletion rather than splitting. In the second case, S2 (or S1) consists mostly of new content. In some instances, S1 (or S2) is so similar to S that no real splitting occurs. In others, the new content put into doubt whether the split-ting of S was motivated by syntactic complexity alone, or were inuenced by the new content. To
229. If you live with borderline personality disorder (BPD), “splitting” may be something you can relate to. For those who may not know, splitting is essentially categorizing things (or people) as good or bad — your classic all-or-nothing situation. With splitting, there is no gray area. For example, a “bad” person does “bad” things, a “good” person does “good” things.
230. Examples . Examples of splitting behavior may include: Opportunities can either have "no risk" or be a "complete con" People can either be "evil" and "crooked" or "angels" and "perfect" Science, history, or news is either a "complete fact" or a "complete lie" Things are either "always" or "never"
231. Fee-splitting definition: the practice of giving part of the fee charged a referred client or patient to a colleague who makes the referral: it is considered an unethical practice in the medical profession
232. 1. All examples are quoted as they are present in the Corpus; and we ignore all mistakes unrelated to sentence splitting. References. Asher N., Vieu L. Subordinating and coordinating discourse relations / Lingua 115 (2005). – p. 591–610. Halliday, M.A.K; Нasan, Ruqaiya. Cohesion in English. – London: Longman Group, 1976. – 374 p.
233. Sentence Splitter. Extracting words and sentences from a text are fundamental operations required by other language processing functions. Word tokenization splits a text into words and punctuation marks.Sentence splitting assembles the tokenized text into sentences.. Recognizing the end of a sentence is not an easy task for a computer.
234. Ear-splitting definition: An ear-splitting noise is very loud. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
235. There are two grammar issues going on with the misplaced "faithfully": modifier placement and verb splitting. Modifier Placement. The first question is does it change the meaning of the sentence to put the adverb "faithfully" at the end of the sentence instead of right before the word "serve"?
236. 1. I'm tired and I have a splitting head ache.: 2. He looked up, with a large grin splitting his face.: 3. If you're serious about not splitting, you need him.: 4. Now that's splitting hairs.: 5. As my driver prophesied when I was plowing, they warmed me twice--once while I was splitting them, and again when they were on the fire, so that no fuel could give out more heat.
237. splitting an input text into words and sentences. for each sentence, comparing phrases in the sentence with known phrases stored in a database, as follows diviser un texte d'entrée en mots et en phrases ; pour chaque phrase , comparer les locutions de la phrase à des locutions connues stockées dans une base de données, de la manière suivante

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