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"Spuddings" Example Sentences

1. spuddings definition: Noun 1. plural form of spudding
2. The price of remorse | #spuddings August 16, 2019 Not Just A Blogger, Not Quite A Person August 16, 2019 Next. Prev. Culture. Some thoughts from an activist the government doesn’t listen to | #spuddings. by KirstenHan 8 years ago. Activism. To The Straits Times from a former member of the silent majority. | #spuddings
3. Spudding definition: Noun (plural spuddings) 1. (drilling) The initial drilling of a well; a test drilling.Verb 2. Present participle of spud.
4. English [] Noun []. spudding (plural spuddings) (drilling) The initial drilling of a well; a test drilling.1941, James George Needham, Paul Bigelow Sears, Aldo Leopold, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, A Symposium on Hydrobiology, page 36, From these spuddings the approximate percentage loss of capacity can be estimated, but no reliable volume figures are obtained because the exact

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