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"Stewardesses" Example Sentences

1. Laundry Laundry service will be available, similar to that of a hotel, provided by the cabin stewardesses.
2. You had the stewardesses at one end, the young men at the other, because that's likely how it would work.
3. Cabin Service All cabins will be cleaned on a daily basis by the Russian stewardesses.
4. The mixed drinks of rum served a better distraction, as well as the friendly stewardesses.
5. The first flight air stewardesses were introduced by Boeing Air Transport in 1930.
6. So Jenny suggests we become airline stewardesses and see the world that way!
7. You had the stewardesses at one end, the young men at the other, because that 's likely how it would work.
8. So Jenny suggests we become airline stewardesses and see the world that way !
9. Seems young? You're right. Airlines preferred unmarried, childless stewardesses. The average age of tenured stewardesses was 32-35. The no-marriage rule was relaxed in 1957, though some airlines still ...
10. Rubi is joined by new stewardesses, Elizabeth Frankini, Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters, and Ashling Laura. When Frankini hopped aboard to serve as a stewardess, she was expecting to see Chastain.
11. stewardesses won a fight with British Airways to wear a toggle - thanks to The Sun. Menopausal crew had accused bosses of age discrimination after the clasp around the scarf was banned from the ...
12. At first, there was no standard uniform that the very first stewardesses had to wear. On May 5, 1939, a 20-year-old woman from Moscow named Elsa Gorodetskaya officially became the first stewardess ...
13. On the flight, the couple told their hopeful story to the stewardesses, who passed his story along to the pilots. “They gave him a bottle of wine,” Rebecca Scrivner said with a smile. “We get off the ...
14. For airline stewardesses, they now have to grapple with even more things to do and take note of when they are working in the aircraft. In a video posted on the Singapore Airlines (SIA ...
15. stewardesses could be up to five times more likely to contract breast cancer. And cabin crew of both sexes are three times more likely to suffer the deadliest form of skin cancer. Four studies ...
16. The food looks edible, there appears to be ample leg room, and airline stewardesses’ weight was monitored more than boarding passengers. There were no metal detectors or security to speak of.
17. This softcore drama is an examination of one night in the lives of three airline stewardesses. They share an apartment based in Los Angeles so that they can accept trans-Pacific route assignments.
18. First, the stewardesses have to collect goggles, which will be worn in addition to their surgical masks. She also shared the care kit that SIA will provide for passengers on the flight ...
19. The girls donned the sarong kebaya and learnt customer service skills from SIA stewardesses as part of the junior cabin crew experience, one of the add-on options of the tour programme ...
20. She also provided encouragement to the stewardesses as she said she knew their job is not easy. Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung, 56, was ranked third as she is courteous and does not put on airs too.
21. “She was a great leader. She was also very patient, she had stewardesses under her that like, didn’t even have that much experience or didn’t know how to do things.” Adding, “And she ...
22. “The air stewardesses were so badly abused it was a disgrace. “Dublin Airport now cater and facilitate such unruly behaviour by selling individual cans of beer and the flight descended into a ...
23. Roger forms an elaborate plan involving swapping identities to help Steve get a date with a girl at his school, while Stan and Francine become air stewardesses to thwart an evil plot to blow up ...
24. The Irish flying company sells a photo collection of its stewardesses advertised as the "2008's hottest calendar". FACUA-Consumers in Action has denounced Ryanair for using its female workers as a ...
25. Elizabeth Frankini and Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters are the two new stewardesses. James Hough, who is a massive flirt, and Shane Coopersmith, who is a newbie to yachting, are the new Deckhands.
26. A comment about your latest ad. Message to the 4 Karen’s you hired to espresso moral outrage at pictures of Kelly standing next to 2 stewardesses in short skirts ( reminiscent of Trump with two ...
27. It takes a little while to earn someone’s trust and see how they work. It’s the same with myself and my stewardesses, so I understand from his point of view, it takes time to get to know me ...
28. A few seasons ago, one of Rosbach’s stewardesses, Kat Held, also had anxiety medication on board. Unlike Ferrier, Held was not let go by Rosbach. “With Kat, it was pretty simple,” Rosbach ...
29. This time it's air stewardesses who are in search of their ideal men: that dates it, all right. Not that the men are considered to be ideal, but that air stewardesses in those days were considered ...
30. It takes a little while to earn someone’s trust and see how they work. It’s the same with myself and my stewardesses, so I understand from his point of view, it takes time to get to know me ...
31. “Every Young Chick Wants to Fly,” a 1969 short documentary about stewardesses. From greeting passengers, to sexy attire, to maintaining a “bland to warm personality,” prepare to be ...
32. I said “No, that’s shallot.” Do air stewards and stewardesses wear plane clothes? If you go for a job as a painter at an aircraft factory and get it have you passed the interview with flying colours?
33. Visa requirements were not enforced by the police at European airports, but by stewardesses at check-in desks in Lagos, Jakarta and Istanbul. Thanks in part to the perfecting of passports and ...
34. But when the airlines stopped taking applications for stewardesses, as they were called then, because of the war, she volunteered for the Navy. Millie applied to be an Army nurse, but was turned ...
35. “We still have a long way to go,” Holmes said. “But if they laid off all these stewardesses and pilots, they would never be able to turn the economy around quickly. So, I think government ...
36. The co-pilot claimed he flew "all over the world" with Epstein, and alleged that the financier employed very young stewardesses and had "bedrooms" in the back of the plane, according to Fisten.
37. Examples of how to use the word stewardesses in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
38. Use "stewardesses" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. stewardesses in a sentence. Stewardesses; 1. When the plane starts to toss about and one of the stewardesses. 2. Occasionally, one of the stewardesses stopped to offer coffee or liquor. 3. 10. 47 sentence examples: 1.
39. 4- The stewardesses smile and are extremely gracious, bowing respectfully and pleasantly.. 5- They were good to us them stewardesses.. 6- In 1945, Alaska Airlines hired its first stewardesses.. 7- A skill all Delta Air Lines stewardesses are trained in. . 8- Heavily made-up stewardesses serve up fatty meals and stale rolls.. 9- stewardesses for Women’s Rights folded in the spring of 1976.
40. Examples of stewardesses in a sentence: 1. These women were enthusiasts of all ages and degrees, who proffered themselves, at the beginning of the war, as stewardesses and nurses.
41. Boeing sentence examples. I could no more make a paperclip than I could make a Boeing 747. 22. 3. The first flight air stewardesses were introduced by Boeing Air Transport in 1930. 2. 0. transcontinental service with the Boeing 707. 2. 0. In 2000 Boeing announced a plan for a supersonic airliner - the Sonic Cruiser. 1. 0.
42. Blazing stewardesses in a sentence - Use "blazing stewardesses" in a sentence 1. Adamson's perseverance _ and something of his style _ is exemplified by the 1975 production " Blazing stewardesses ." 2. Before Larry's death, the Stooges were scheduled to co-star in the R-rated film " Blazing stewardesses ". click for more sentences of blazing stewardesses
43. 58 sentence examples: 1. The current economic climate is particularly difficult for fledgling businesses. 2. Pan Am trained its fledgling stewardesses in Miami, Florida. 3. It was invested in fledgling biotechnology companies. 4. It seems he gave the
44. What does stewardesses mean? Information and translations of stewardesses in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of stewardesses in a Sentence. Sarah Begbie: I earned probably just over $3,200 per month. This was, however, tax-free money and I, of course, had no living expenses,
45. Two descriptive terms tend to jump out at you: The first is "party boat": the St. Petersburg Times 'Adam C. Smith reminds readers today of an account from Gregory Zuckerman's book, The Greatest Trade Ever, that describes a Summerwind jaunt to the Black Sea that involved "Ukrainian strippers" and "stewardesses from coastal towns" that were hired
46. Translations of the word stewardesses from english to finnish and examples of the use of "STEWARDESSES" in a sentence with their translations: who tries to pick up stewardesses , are you?
47. stewardesses definition: Noun 1. plural form of stewardess
48. Sentence Examples. The kid, the son of wealthy attorneys in New Rochelle, N.Y., is a notorious computer hacker. She made snide remarks to the stewardesses and sneered at the little kid across the row. The soft kid slippers she wore on her feet made a sound like short quick sniffs.
49. Translations of the phrase FLIGHT stewardesses from english to spanish and examples of the use of "FLIGHT STEWARDESSES" in a sentence with their translations: the applicant who is a flight stewardess can only compare herself to
50. Examples of stewardesses in a Sentence; इसके उदाहरण stewardess. 1989, Sue Grafton, "E" is for Evidence, Fiction, Crimeline, ISBN 9780553279559 : The stewardess released us like a pack of noisy school kids and I dogtrotted toward the gate. stewardess
51. 'Air stewardesses step into the role of portraying their front region, as the job requires them to.' And finally: 'Control of infectious diseases is very important in case an academic breaks out.' Thanks to Rebecca Attwood at for her amusing article in Times Higher Education Supplement which gave Will and Guy the idea to add examples to our site.
52. ‘They looked, for the most part, to be models, airline stewardesses, executive secretaries, fashion buyers and boutique managers.’ More example sentences ‘When investment bankers and airline stewardesses dream of chucking it all to become candy artisans, this is the chocolate they dream of making.’
53. Examples of stewardesses in a Sentence; 문장 stewardess. 1989, Sue Grafton, "E" is for Evidence, Fiction, Crimeline, ISBN 9780553279559 : The stewardess released us like a pack of noisy school kids and I dogtrotted toward the gate. stewardess
54. stewardesses is the longest word that can be typed with only the left hand. Click for more interesting facts Kristian Sidén sentence 1 & 3 is correct but it depends on what context you're using the sentence as in if you're speaking in general then sentence 1.
55. Traduzioni in contesto per "stewardesses" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: With him hitting on the stewardesses.
56. How to say stewardesses in English? Pronunciation of stewardesses with 1 audio pronunciation, 12 translations, 2 sentences and more for stewardesses.
57. Practical examples. Automatically generated examples: "The woman, 49, who claimed to be with a 12-year-old child, had to be held down by three stewardesses after she flew into a rage, forcing the flight to land at the airport in Essex." Mail Online, 2 September 2019
58. The longest word along with reverberated that you can type with your left hand. stewardesses are women flight attendants.
59. Record yourself saying 'stewardesses' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen. You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily. Look up tutorials on Youtube on how to pronounce 'stewardesses'. Focus on one accent: mixing multiple accents can get really confusing especially for beginners, so pick one accent (US or UK) and stick to it.
60. This sentence contains an antecedent (the girl), (The plane whose stewardesses are from Miami has just landed.) 2. so the rest of this post consists mainly of examples. The sentences in each group only contain the corresponding relative adjective, so it will be easier for you to see and understand each of them.
61. Search Ludwig and find the best examples of use! Sentence examples similar to keep as souvenir from inspiring English sources. 60. Mid-20th-century outfits that TWA and Braniff stewardesses kept as souvenirs will be offered on Wednesday in an Augusta Auctions sale at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in Manhattan.

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