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"Sugars" Example Sentences

1. The higher sugars call for no special notice.
2. She placed it on a tray with the creamer and sugars then handed it to Gerry.
3. They possess a delicate Laticiferous layer of protoplasm, with numerous small nuclei lining Tissue the walls, while the interior of the tube (corresponding with the cell-vacuole) contains a fluid called latex, consisting of an emulsion of fine granules and drops of very various substances suspended in a watery medium in which various other substances (salts, sugars, rubber-producers, tannins, alkaloids and various enzymes) are dissolved.
4. Sugars are also liable to fermentation.'
5. In this respect the plasma behaves in a similar manner towards the sugars as does the living yeast cell.
6. The sugars are taken up from the circulation and stored in a less soluble form - known as " animal starch " - in the liver and muscle cells; they play an important part in the normal metabolism of the body.
7. Cane sugar has been known for many centuries; milk sugar was obtained by Fabrizio Bartoletti in 1615; and in the middle of the 18th century Marggraf found that the sugars yielded by the beet, carrot and other roots were identical with cane sugar.
8. It is convenient to divide the sugars into two main groups: monosaccharoses (formerly glucoses) and disaccharoses (formerly saccharoses).
9. The first term includes simple sugars containing two to nine atoms of carbon, which are known severally as bioses, trioses, tetroses, pentoses, hexoses, &c.; whilst those of the second group have the formula C12H22011 and are characterized by yielding two monosaccharose molecules on hydrolysis.
10. All sugars are colourless solids or syrups, which char on strong heating; they are soluble in water, forming sweet solutions but difficultly soluble in alcohol.
11. The remaining oxygen atom is aldehydic or ketonic, for the sugars combine with hydrocyanic acid, hydroxylamine and phenylhydrazine.
12. Before proceeding to the actual synthesis of the sugars, it is advisable to discuss their decompositions and transformations.
13. It is seen that aldoses and ketoses which differ stereochemically in only the two final carbon atoms must yield the same osazone; and since d-mannose, d-glucose, and d-fructose do form the same osazone (d-glucosazone) differences either structural or stereochemical must be placed in the two final carbon atoms.3 It may here be noticed that in the sugars there are asymmetric carbon atoms, and consequently optical isomers are to be expected.
14. Fischer's a-acrose therefore led to the synthesis of the dextro and laevo forms Gf mannose, glucose and fructose; and these substances have been connected synthetically with many other sugars by means of his cyanhydrin process, leading to higher sugars, and Wohl and.
15. We may notice that the pentoses differ from other sugars by yielding furfurol when boiled with hydrochloric acid.
16. In Java and Mauritius, where very clean canes are grown, double-bottomed defecators are generally used, and to them, perhaps as much as to the quality of the canes, may be attributed the very strong, fine sugars made in those islands.
17. After the juice has been defecated or purified by any of the means above mentioned it is sent to the evaporating apparatus, hereinafter described, where it is concentrated to 26° or 28° Beaume, and is then conducted in a continuous stream either into the service tanks of the vacuum pan, if dark sugars are required, or, if a better colour is wanted, into clarifiers.
18. Scale as the heat most proper to be used and applied in order to secure and preserve the colour and crystallizability of the sugars, and most easily to be obtained with precision and uniformity by means of the water bath and steam bath, yet when circumstances or choice may render the same desirable I do make use of higher temperatures, although less beneficial."
19. On other estates the second sugars, or sugars produced from boiling molasses alone, are not purged to dryness, but when sufficiently separated from their mother-liquor are mixed with the defecated juice, thereby increasing its saccharine richness, and after being converted into syrup in the usual manner are treated in the vacuum pan as first sugars, which in fact they really are.
20. When Cuba was the chief sugar-producing country making clayed sugars it was the custom (followed in refineries and found advantageous in general practice) to discharge the strike of crystallized sugar from the vacuum pan into a receiver heated below by steam, and to stir the mass for a certain time, and then distribute it into the moulds in which it was afterwards clayed.
21. When centrifugals were adopted for purging the whole crop (they had long been used for curing the second or third sugars), the system then obtaining of running the sugar into wagons or coolers, which was necessary for the second and third sugars' cooked only to string point, was continued, but latterly " crystallization in movement, a development of the system which forty years ago or more existed in refineries and in Cuba, has come into general use, and with great advantage, especially where proprietors have been able to erect appropriate buildings and machinery for carrying out the system efficiently.
22. In a process employed with great success in some refineries the raw sugars are washed before being melted, and thus a purer article is obtained for subsequent treatment.
23. Apart from modifications in the details of sugar refining which have come into use in late years, it should be mentioned that loaf sugar made in conical moulds, and sugars made otherwise, to resemble loaf sugar, have practically disappeared from the trade, having been replaced by cube sugar, which is found to be more economical as subject to less waste by grocers and housekeepers, and also less troublesome to buy and sell.
24. The seventh article provided that bountied sugars (sucres primes) must be excluded from import into the territories of the signatory powers, by absolute prohibition of entry or by levying thereon a special duty in excess of the amount of the bounties, from which duty sugars coming from the contracting countries, and not bountyfed, must be free.
25. The British delegates wrote that it appeared that there were at that time but two methods of securing the suppression of the bounty system - an arrangement for limitation of the French and Russian bounties acceptable to the other sugar-producing states, in return for the total abolition of their bounties; or, a convention between a certain number of these states, providing for the total suppression of their bounties, and for the prohibition of entry into their territory of bounty-fed sugars, or countervailing duties prohibiting importation.
26. Exportation had long ceased, partly owing to the bountied competition of beet sugar, and partly because the people had become able to afford the consumption of a greater quantity than they produced; and German and Austrian sugars were pouring into the country to supply the deficiency.
27. Licht of Magdeburg; and the prices are obtained from statements supplied by importers into the United States of the cost in foreign countries of the sugars which they import.
28. It would appear that the purchasing power of the inhabitants of India has increased of late years, and there is a growing demand for refined sugar, fostered by the circumstance that modern processes of manufacture can make a quality of sugar, broadly speaking, equal to sugar refined by animal charcoal, without using charcoal, and so the religious objections to the refined sugars of old days have been overcome.
29. Alcohol is produced by fermentation from vegetable substances containing starch or sugar, from fermentable sugars produced by the hydrolysis of cellulosic bodies, and synthetically from calcium carbide and from the ethylene contained in coal and coke-oven gases.
30. Among the enzymes already extracted from fungi are invertases (yeasts, moulds, &c.), which split cane-sugar and other complex sugars with hydrolysis into simpler sugars such as dextrose and levulose; diastases, which convert starches into sugars (Aspergillus, &c.); cytases, which dissolve cellulose similarly (Botrytis, &c.); peptases, using the term as a general one for all enzymes which convert proteids into peptones and other bodies (Penicillium, &c.); lipases, which break up fatty oils (Empusa, Phycomyces, &c.); oxydases, which bring about the oxidations and changes of colour observed in Boletus, and zymase, extracted by Buchner from yeast, which brings about the conversion of sugar into alcohol and carbondioxide.
31. Soc., 1900, 77, p. 69), and sugars are readily oxidized in the presence of ferric chloride (0.
32. Hydrates, such as starches and sugars; fats; proteids, such as meat and eggs; salts; and last, but not least, water.
33. The nitrates, chlorides, sugars and fats, as also the metals lead, bismuth and antimony, have a specific cohesion nearly equal to that of mercury.
34. These bacteria therefore employ SH 2 as their respiratory substance, much as higher plants employ carbohydrates - instead of liberating energy as heat by the respiratory combustion of sugars, they do it by oxidizing hydrogen sulphide.
35. For example, various sugars - lactose, glucose, saccharose, &c. - are added to test the fermentative action of the bacterium on these substances; litmus is added to show changes in reaction, specially standardized media being used for estimating such changes; peptone solution is commonly employed for testing whether or not the bacterium forms indol; sterilized milk is used as a culture medium to determine whether or not it is curdled by the growth.
36. By their fermentative action on various sugars, &c., though in this case such properties may become modified in the course of time.
37. It may be prepared by the lactic fermentation of starches, sugars, gums, &c., the sugar being dissolved in water and acidified by a small quantity of tartaric acid and then fermented by the addition of sour milk, with a little putrid cheese.
38. Sugars, Starches, Gums, Gelatin, &c. - Although these and allied bodies are used in various ways as remedies, their action is for the most part purely mechanical or dietetic.
39. The power of green plants, not even specialized in any of these directions, to absorb certain carbohydrates, particularly sugars, from the soil was demonstrated by Acton in 1889.
40. The cell sap contains various substances in solution such as sugars, inulin, alkaloids, glucosides, organic acids and various inorganic salts.
41. Compounds containing an oxy in addition to an aldehydic or ketonic group) undergo both condensation and oxidation when treated with phenylhydrazine, forming compounds known as osozones; these are of great importance in characterizing the sugars (q.v.).
42. Of this enormous output, from 98.3% upward went to the United States;' of whose total importation of all sugars and of cane sugar the proportion of Cuban cane - steadily rising - was respectively 49.8 and 53.7% in the seasons of 1900-1901 and 1904-1905.
43. It appears to be synthesized in the plant tissues from carbon dioxide and water, formaldehyde being an intermediate product; or it may be a hydrolytic product of a glucoside or of a polysaccharose, such as cane sugar, starch, cellulose, &c. In the plant it is freely converted into more complex sugars, poly-saccharoses and also proteids.
44. The study of the action of ozone on caoutchouc has thrown new light on the complex question of the chemical structure of this substance, and discloses relationships with the sugars and other carbohydrates from certain of which levulinic acid is obtained by oxidation.
45. Fischer, by the action of baryta water, obtained the synthetic sugars aand 0-acrdse (Berichte, 1889, 22, p. 360).
46. The sugars obtained from honey were investigated by Lowitz and Proust, and the latter decided on three species: (I) cane sugar, (2) grape sugar, and (3) fruit sugar; the first has the formula C12H2201,, the others C 6 H 12 0 6.
47. The whole story of the different sugars existing in the planttheir relations and their several functionsrequires renewed investigation.
48. In 1894 and 1895, Fischer, in a remarkable series of papers on the influence of molecular structure upon the action of the enzyme, showed that various species of yeast behave very differently towards solutions of sugars.
49. Among the analytical methods worked up by him the best known is that for the estimation of sugars by "Fehling's solution," which consists of a solution of cupric sulphate mixed with alkali and potassium-sodium tartrate (Rochelle salt).
50. Wohl (Ber., 1893, 26, p. 730) in the " breaking down " of the sugars.
51. Glycogen is formed by the action of a ferment on the carbohydrates - the starches being converted into sugars.
52. This list has been considerably developed by the discovery of natural as well as of synthetic sugars.
53. Ruff's processes, leading to lower sugars.
54. Does not require a crystallizer in movement to prepare it for purging in the centrifugals, but it is convenient to run the strike into the crystallizer and so empty the pan at once and leave it ready to commence another strike, while the second sugars will be better for twenty-four hours' stirring and the third sugars for forty-eight hours' stirring before going to the centrifugals.
55. They are characterized by their unicellular nature, their power of rapid budding, their capacity for fermenting various sugars, and their power of forming endogenous From Strasburger's Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer.
56. The characters employed by experts for determining a species of yeast are the sum of its peculiarities as regards form and size: the shapes, colours, consistency, &c., of the colonies grown on certain definite media; the optimum temperature for spore-formation, and for the development of the "veils"; and the behaviour as regards the various sugars.
57. For oxidizing purposes bromine is generally employed in aqueous and in alkaline solutions, one of its most important applications being by Emil Fischer (Berichte, 1889, 22, p. 362) in his researches on the sugars.
58. Deidre was seated for a minute before a red-faced nun brought out a tray with a plate heaped with food and a coffee pot with creamer, sugars and mug.
59. Acetaldehyde still needs to be broken down into sugars and whatnot by the enzyme acetaldehyde still needs to be broken down into sugars and whatnot by the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.
60. Saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which breaks down starchy carbohydrate foods into simpler sugars that can be absorbed into your body.
61. Components contributing most to the caries process are fermentable carbohydrates including cooked starches, added or naturally occurring sugars.
62. The people who have succeeded against the odds in obtaining normal blood sugars have in effect changed their personal destiny regarding diabetic complications.
63. In reality, babies do need moderate amounts of sugars in their diet as a readily digestible energy source.
64. A prime example is provided by sugars, which can be represented as straight-chain molecules or as cyclic ethers.
65. Extrinsic sugars is associated with reduced levels of tooth decay i.
66. The toxic effects of mercury fillings, poor diet - especially sugars.
67. Apart from the essential oils, enzymes, and trace elements, honey is simply a rich source of the sugars fructose and glucose.
68. Full-bodied pale ale which should impart a delicate hop character behind the residual sweetness of the malt sugars.
69. It complements the action of insulin by slowing gastric emptying, which delays the absorption of sugars from food.
70. Imino sugars that determine glycosidase inhibition than those that determine glucosyltransferase inhibition.
71. Invert sugars and colors.
72. How do you know orange juice hasn't had sugars or water added?
73. Ketone groups in reducing sugars are involved in reacting with (reducing) test reagents such as Benedict's solution.
74. Kipper tie " is taken with milk and two sugars.
75. Sift flour into bowl and add margarine, sugars and baking powder.
76. Billington's Unrefined sugars are simply produced to lock in, rather that refine out, the natural molasses of the sugar cane.
77. Muscovado sugars have a comparable grain size to soft brown sugars.
78. Orange juice hasn't had sugars or water added?
79. Pentose sugars.
80. Compound lipids contain phosphoric acid, sugars, nitrogenous bases or proteins, and include the phospholipids, glycolipids and lipoproteins.
81. The first is that the sugars in dried grapes do not include any sucrose or glucose, only fructose.
82. In bakery mixes Meritose provides a source of fermentable sugars to promote yeast activity and it may be used to substitute sucrose economically.
83. Humans are clearly not adapted to consume refined sugars.
84. Sulfur dioxide, sugars, or oils are contained in the fruit.
85. Our portfolio increasingly includes other products fermented from cereal sweeteners, sugars or molasses.
86. Tupelo honey has the least concentrations of the sugars that have the greatest effect on blood sugar.
87. Unicellular, microscopic plant that causes the fermentation of sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide.
88. Vitamin B1 or Thiamine is essential for the conversion of carbohydrates into simple sugars called glucose which produces energy.
89. The resulting solution is called wort which is high in dissolved sugars.
90. Yeast overgrowth on her foot and under her tummy, Victoria had to cut out all sugars.
91. For example, some species hydrolyse came sugar and maltose, and then carry on fermentation at the expense of the simple sugars (hexoses) so formed.
92. Fischer next suggested that enzymes can only hydrolyse those sugars which possess a molecular structure in harmony with their own, or to use his ingenious analogy, "the one may be said to fit into the other as a key fits into a lock."
93. To this attitude he offered uncompromising opposition, and by the synthetical production of numerous hydrocarbons, natural fats, sugars and other bodies he proved that organic compounds can be formed by ordinary methods of chemical manipulation and obey the same laws as inorganic substances, thus exhibiting the "creative character in virtue of which chemistry actually realizes the abstract conceptions of its theories and classifications - a prerogative so far possessed neither by the natural nor by the historical sciences."
94. After the juice has been defecated or purified by any of the means above mentioned it is sent to the evaporating apparatus, hereinafter described, where it is concentrated to 26° or 28° Beaume, and is then conducted in a continuous stream either into the service tanks of the vacuum pan, if dark sugars are required, or, if a better colour is wanted, into clarifiers.
95. A comparatively small stream strikes the wheel with a pressure equivalent to a great head, say 300 ft., and as the quantity of water and number of jets striking the wheel can be regulated with the greatest ease and nicety, each machine can without danger be quickly brought up to its full speed when purging high-class sugars, or allowed to run slowly when purging low-class sugars, until the heavy, gummy molasses have been expelled; and it can then be brought up to its full speed for finally drying the sugar in the basket, a boon which all practical sugar-makers will appreciate.
96. The very large quantity of output made available for export under these exceptional conditions brought about the flooding of the British and other markets with sugars at depressed prices, not unfrequently below the prime cost of production, to the harassment of important industries carried on by British refiners and sugar-growing colonies.
97. Such are sugars (glucose, mannite, &c.), acids (acetic, citric and a whole series of lichen-acids), ethereal oils and resinous bodies, often combined with the intense colours of fungi and lichens, and a number of powerful alkaloid poisons, such as muscarin (Amanita), ergotin (Claviceps), &c.
98. Appreciate the importance of sugars as solutes in the cellular liquid.
99. No preservatives, chemicals, sulfur dioxide, sugars, or oils are contained in the fruit.
100. Apparently tupelo honey has the least concentrations of the sugars that have the greatest effect on blood sugar.
101. Yeast - a simple, unicellular, microscopic plant that causes the fermentation of sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide.
102. Vitamin B1 or Thiamine is essential for the conversion of carbohydrates into simple sugars called glucose which produces energy.
103. To deal with her eczema and the yeast overgrowth on her foot and under her tummy, Victoria had to cut out all sugars.
104. Avoid those that have added sugars and preservatives.
105. They tout the fact that no refined sugars, unnecessary salt, or harsh spices are found in their foods.
106. By 1997, every food was free of added refined sugars and chemically modified starches.
107. The company also designs foods that fulfill its "No Junk Promise" by eliminating excessive sodium, unnecessary refined sugars, and high fructose corn syrup.
108. Yeast is added to the fermented grapes, which converts the natural sugars released by the grapes into the alcohol.
109. A piece of fruit that is too ripe will smell too sweet, as the sugars in the fruit become more intense as it ages.
110. Cinnamon has been shown to help balance sugars in the body, and kelp supports the adrenal system.
111. Vodka is made by fermenting and distilling the simple sugars from a mash of grains or vegetable matter (barley, rye, potatoes, beets, wheat and others).
112. The plant matter is broken down into simple sugars and starches and then fermented and distilled into alcohol.
113. It is an alcohol-based fuel made by distilling plants that have been broken down into simple sugars.
114. The sugars come from plant products like corn, wheat, molasses, sugar cane and sugar beets.
115. The most common use of biomass today is to break down the biomass into sugars and starches.
116. Ethanol fuel is also a form of bioenergy created by breaking down plants into starches and sugars, fermenting and creating a wood alcohol.
117. By fermenting the sugars in plants and plant matter, scientists have discovered that they can generate an alcohol called ethanol.
118. This type of fuel is commonly generated from crops that contain a high amount of sugars and starches.
119. Vinegar is derived through a process of fermentation, which arises when sugars are broken down by yeast and bacteria.
120. Insulin is required by the body in order to properly process blood sugars.
121. A diet full of processed foods and sugars will likely have a negative effect on your health over time.
122. These colored sugars are good for any sugar cookie recipe that you happen to have.
123. Foods such as grains and sugars are carbohydrates.
124. Avoiding simple carbohydrates (sugars), while keeping complex carbohydrates (starches and fibers), will help you lose weight, or maintain your weight, without detrimental health effects.
125. Sugars need to be kept at a minimum in order for diabetics to maintain their blood glucose level.
126. Proper use of insulin is important in order for diabetics to stay healthy and help the body process sugars.
127. The American Diabetes Association is a good source of information regarding the exchange rate of sugars as well as several good recipes for diabetics.
128. More specifically, they digest the sugars in the milk and produce lactic acid, which makes the milk curdle and solidify, just like animal rennet does.
129. They are foods the probiotics consume, mostly sugars of some sort.
130. Juicing removes indigestible parts of the beets but preserves their natural sugars and fresh, clean taste.
131. Many yogurts loaded with fillers and additional sugars often kill off their cultures.
132. Surprisingly little, except for some of the flavor combinations, and the lowered amounts of sugars included.
133. In a food processor, mix together the oatmeal, wheat germ, graham crackers, sugars, salt and butter.
134. Carbonized bamboo has been steamed to a point in which the naturally occurring sugars in the wood are "cooked" until they caramelize, turning the bamboo into a warm brown color, similar to that of brown sugar.
135. This process converts the grain's natural starches into easily digested vegetable sugars.
136. In Type II diabetes, the body becomes inefficient at absorbing sugars in the blood.
137. Secondary fermentation ends when the yeast consumes all of the sugars, a process usually requiring several months or even years.
138. At that point, they add aguardente, a neutral grape spirit, which stops fermentation leaving the residual sweetness from the remaining sugars that did not ferment into alcohol.
139. So, picking during the cool times helps keep those sugars under control.
140. Cloying is a negative description generally given for sweet wines that are not balanced in acid structure, residual sugars and tannins.
141. When dairy products are ingested, the lactose reaches the digestive system and is broken down by lactase into the simpler sugars glucose and galactose, which can then be absorbed into the bloodstream.
142. Galactose-One of the two simple sugars (glucose is the other one) that makes up the protein, lactose, found in milk.
143. Other simple sugars include glucose (the form in which sugar circulates in the blood) and galactose (produced by the digestion of milk).
144. Simple sugars can be absorbed by the small intestine.
145. Along the way, specific enzymes are needed to process different types of sugars.
146. When people with fructose intolerance ingest fructose or sucrose (cane or beet sugar, table sugar), complicated chemical changes occur in the body due to the absence of the enzyme needed to process these sugars.
147. Maintaining a good diet, one low in sugars and fats and high in phytoestrogens and complex carbohydrates, may prevent some of the symptoms of PMS.
148. Mucus is a complex mixture of salts, water, sugars, and proteins that cleanses, lubricates, and protects many passageways in the body, including those in the lungs and pancreas.
149. Sweets, especially if sweetened with refined sugars, should be reduced or avoided altogether.
150. A diet high in fats and processed foods made with refined flours and sugars can actually suppress the immune system.
151. Diabetes-A disease characterized by an inability to process sugars in the diet, due to a decrease in or total absence of insulin production.
152. Processed (packaged foods) and refined foods (white flour products, white rice) and refined sugars (white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, and products made with them) should be avoided in all diets.
153. Cardiac defects are not unusual in the babies of women with abnormal blood sugars during that time.
154. The body's primary energy source is glucose, a simple sugar resulting from the digestion of foods containing carbohydrates (primarily sugars and starches).
155. When blood sugars are high (i.e., over 249 mg/dl, or 13.8 mmol/L) for prolonged periods of time, ketones build up in the bloodstream to dangerous levels.
156. Sometimes children will experience a decreased need for insulin once blood sugars are brought under control following diagnosis.
157. These vitamins help the body break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars to be used for energy.
158. The simple sugars used by the bacteria are glucose, sucrose, and lactose.
159. Mucin-A protein in saliva that combines with sugars in the mouth to form plaque.
160. Plaque-A sticky, colorless film of bacteria, sugars, and mucin that forms on teeth and causes tooth decay.
161. In reactive hypoglycemia, blood glucose levels drop to 70 mg/dl approximately four hours after a meal is eaten, causing the same symptoms of low blood sugars that can occur in people with diabetes.
162. Also rare is fasting hypoglycemia, a condition in which blood sugars are 50 mg/dl or lower after an over-night fast or between meals.
163. If a child or teen with diabetes starts experiencing low blood sugars without any symptoms, he or she may be developing hypoglycemic unawareness and the child's physician should be notified immediately.
164. If levels are 70 mg/dl (3.9 mmol/L) or lower, they should take 15 grams of a fast-acting carbohydrate (e.g., glucose tablets, Life Savers, regular cola), wait 15 minutes, and test their blood sugars again.
165. For children with diabetes, eating or drinking large quantities of carbohydrates in an attempt to push blood glucose levels back to normal can result in hyperglycemia, or blood sugars that are too high.
166. The best way to prevent hypoglycemia is to check blood glucose levels frequently and treat falling blood sugars before they become dangerously low.
167. Reactive hypoglycemia-A rare condition in which blood sugars drop below normal levels approximately four hours after eating.
168. The energy components of the diet are sugars, starches, fats, and oils, and these occur in relatively large amounts in the diet.
169. Carbohydrate intolerance is the inability of the small intestine to completely process the nutrient carbohydrate (a classification that includes sugars and starches) into a source of energy for the body.
170. Simple sugars include glucose (the form in which sugar circulates in the blood), fructose (found in fruit and honey), and galactose (produced by the digestion of milk).
171. These simple sugars are important because they can be absorbed by the small intestine.
172. Two simple sugars linked together form a disaccharide.
173. Disaccharide sugars present in the diet are maltose (a product of the digestion of starch), sucrose (table sugar), and lactose (the sugar in milk).
174. These disaccharides must be broken down by enzymes into two simple sugars so that they can be absorbed by the intestine.
175. Polysaccharides are much more complex carbohydrates made up of many simple sugars.
176. Sugars that are not broken down into one of the simplest forms cause the body to push fluid into the intestines, which results in watery diarrhea (osmotic diarrhea).
177. An over-the-counter product marketed by the brand name Beano contains the enzyme alpha-galactosidase that works with the body's digestive system to break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars that are easily digested.
178. The body's ability to process and use nutrients like fats and sugars is also altered.
179. Bones, soft tissue, and organs throughout the body begin to enlarge, and the body changes its ability to process and use nutrients like sugars and fats.
180. The nutritional assessment includes a review of the child's fiber intake as well as his or her usual consumption of sugars such as sorbitol and fructose-common culprits of diarrhea.
181. A diet high in refined foods, prepared foods, sugars, and fats will not provide sufficient quantities of essential minerals.
182. In the United States, it is relatively easy to provide a balanced diet with essential nutrients if a wide variety of whole foods are prepared for family meals and snacks, while avoiding refined and prepared foods high in fats and sugars.
183. For the child with diabetes, fluctuations in blood sugars can cause swelling of the cornea of the eye, leading to transient increases in myopia, which stabilize once the diabetes is controlled.
184. Prevention focuses on strengthening the immune system by eating a healthy diet low in sugars and high in fresh fruits and vegetables, practicing meditation or using other means to reduce stress, and getting regular moderate exercise.
185. The flowers that hummingbirds are most attracted to produce nectar that is 25 percent sugars made up of mostly sucrose.
186. When your body digests these foods, they break down into simple sugars (glucose) and your body uses the sugars for energy.
187. Pure pressing filters out impurities and excess sugars, and leaves only the best juice for our consumers.
188. We removed the large amounts of sugars and calories associated with 100 percent juices but left the positive customized nutritional package so that consumers can enjoy the superior healthful refreshment of Fit 'N Lean.
189. Only 10 calories per 8 oz glass, very low in carbohydrates and sugars.
190. Cook them just until the sugars in the fruit caramelize, remove them from the grill and serve them with ice cream.
191. JLK: Our new juicer has six unique and clever patents on it, whereby we can juice soaked seeds and nuts and combine them with fruits and vegetables that give us a perfect balance of protein, fats and natural sugars.
192. For those of you who are a bit hypoglycemic, this tonic can be consumed because the protein and fats in the almond milk help mitigate the influx of natural sugars going into the bloodstream.
193. Xanthan gum is made by fermenting simple sugars using a particular bacteria, whereas guar gum is a natural part of the guar bean.
194. Pre-cooking is preferable since the process of cooking the vegetables can capitalize on the sugars.
195. Slowly add the sugars, alternating the brown and white sugars, and beat well after each addition.
196. In separate bowl, cream the butter, maple syrup, brown and white sugars, baking powder and cinnamon, should you decide to include it.
197. Cream the sugars into the shortening and peanut butter until well-blended.
198. In order to keep their blood sugars stable, kids need two snacks per day.
199. However, many of the cheaper brands of cat food will have corn meal as a filler, chemical preservatives, added sugars, and by-products that are not healthy for your cat to eat on a regular basis.
200. Soft drinks are an incredibly high source of refined sugars.
201. These products often contain hidden sugars that sabotage weight-loss efforts and induce cravings for sweet foods.
202. For the healthy child of normal weight, the only dietary restriction should be sugars; fats, proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy products should all be included, in reasonable, manageable portions.
203. Artificial sweeteners are allowed, but no sugars.
204. They have plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but can be loaded with natural sugars.
205. A common theory is that eating too many low-quality carbohydrates and sugars can cause wild mood swings.
206. It should be limited in the amount of fatty foods and sugars consumed.
207. All low carb diets eliminate sugars, white flour and white rice.
208. Steer clear of processed sugars, excess starches, and foods made with white flour.
209. Sugars and carbohydrates are limited, while fruits, vegetables, protein-rich foods, and whole wheat breads and cereals are encouraged.
210. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body and can cause a spike in blood sugar as surely as sugars can, When eating a lot of carbohydrates, it is important to eat protein as well.
211. Dr. Atkins believes that the real reason people suffer from weight problem is the over abundance of refined carbs, including sugars and white flour in their diet.
212. Foods such as watermelon are not recommended because although they contain plenty of water, they are also high in sugars and therefore have a high GI.
213. In fact, your body will respond positively to the infusion of natural sugars from fruits, and you will find yourself craving artificial sugars less over time.
214. They are converted into sugars in the body, which are then used to fuel the brain, muscles and bodily functions.
215. Concentrated sugars are planned according to an individual's blood glucose response.
216. Technically the diet should be moderate in concentrated sugars but each individual's body handles diabetes differently so moderate is at different levels for people.
217. Americans are forgoing the prescribed vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and instead eat foods high in sugars, sodium, and saturated fats.
218. Avoid or limit beverages and foods with added sugars.
219. Several of the pre-packaged foods contain artificial sugars which can have a laxative effect for some people.
220. Simple carbohydrates are vastly made from simple sugars which means when you consume them you gain a small bit of energy but a slot of it will be broken down and stored in your body as fat.
221. These include things like certain breads, packaged organic oats (Quaker oats and others that contain flavorings are packed full of simple sugars), muesli and brown rice.
222. Many athletes consume a vast amount of carbohydrates in order to maintain their weight and energy level because they burn off sugars and fats quite rapidly.
223. This stance also translates to the carbohydrates you are allowed to eat on this diet, where high-GI carbs such as sugars and highly processed foods are eschewed in favor of high-fiber vegetables, nuts and so on.
224. Because the first phase of the diet has dieters avoiding breads, pastas, sugars, etc., most physicians advise those who want to follow the South Beach Diet during pregnancy, to skip the first phase altogether.
225. Following this diet can help you change poor eating habits by teaching you to cut out sugars, white flour, and many "bad" carbohydrates.
226. Additionally, these meals offer very little nutrition as they're mainly composed of sugars and carbohydrates; leaving patrons to feel hungry and wanting eat more later in the day.
227. The white breads, sugars and animal fats that are packed into most fast foods contain very few vitamins and minerals.
228. The diary includes sugars and fat but notes that these are not specific food groups.
229. Beneath each day's entries is a chart that includes a list of food groups including an "other" category for sugars and fats.
230. It is processed in your body much in the same way that other simple sugars are - by a release of insulin to control the level of sugar in the blood.
231. During digestion, the body breaks down starch and sugars, turning them into glucose.
232. Simple carbs are sugars and complex carbs are starches.
233. Complex carbohyd rates are preferable because they provide a steady stream of energy that does make glucose levels spike as significantly as sugars do.
234. The fiber aids digestion and it prevents the blood from absorbing sugars all at once.
235. Low fat dairy products are typically too high in carbohydrates and milk sugars for most low carb diets.
236. Eat fruits and other sugars at separate meals.
237. Eat sugars and starches at separate meals, as fruits are easily processed and may be contained when combined with foods that require digestion.
238. Another beneficial effect on the body is that soluble fiber slows the absorption of sugars from foods in the stomach and helps regulate sugar absorption.
239. It is high in natural sugars, so anyone sensitive to sugar should moderate fruit intake.
240. This is significant to GERD sufferers because foods that take longer to digest are usually more likely to trigger acid reflux attacks.Simple sugars and table salt both tend to increase the osmolarity of stomach contents.
241. Given the chance, most children will naturally enjoy healthful foods and come to prefer the endless variety offered by whole foods over the monotony of processed sugars and fats.
242. NXT modeled SUSTA on nature; like fruits and vegetables, SUSTA contains healthful fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients, and is low in natural sugars.
243. Carbohydrates are sugars your body uses for energy; however, not all carbohydrates are created equal.
244. There is a long list of prohibited foods: dairy, caffeine, coffee, tea, alcohol, soda (even diet or sugar free), all starches, cooked vegetables, juices, sugars, and most fats.
245. Extra Foods - This group, which is not generally considered part of the food groups, includes oils, fats and sugars.
246. Limit your intake of alcohol, salt and added sugars.
247. Dried fruits are okay in a pinch, but tend to be full of concentrated sugars.
248. Apple juice has very little fiber and the sugars in it are concentrated.
249. Aim for low glycemic index foods, but sweeteners and naturally occurring sugars can make up as much as 10 percent of your total daily calories.
250. Work with a dietician to plan meals and snacks that are lower in calories, sugars and saturated fats to improve your total health along with your blood sugar profile.
251. Any food containing sugar, natural sugars and sugar derivatives are extremely high in carbohydrates and cause an immediate and large spike in blood sugar.
252. This is because carbohydrates -- especially simple carbohydrates containing simple sugars -- lead to spikes in blood sugar that require more insulin to be released.
253. Limit your consumption of high-sugar foods, especially baked goods, candy, and beverages with added sugars.
254. When you eat carbohydrates and sugars, your blood glucose rises and your pancreas releases insulin.
255. Many diabetic baked goods contain less fat, calories and sugars and make a great replacement for those on a diet.
256. Finally, at the very top are fats, nuts, seeds, oils, and sugars.
257. Simple carbohydrates contain one or two sugars and have a marked impact on blood glucose.
258. Complex carbohydrates contain three or more sugars.
259. One is Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure;" this diet eliminates hidden sugars in the diet to burn belly fat.
260. When you eat foods containing sugars, your blood glucose levels rise and your pancreas releases insulin to help control this response.
261. The new plan focuses on whether foods contain protein and fiber as opposed to foods which are high in sugars and carbohydrates.
262. Alpha hydroxy acid is actually derived from fruit and milk sugars, but it can cause skin irritation.
263. If you are eating foods high in sugars, fats, and oils, like fast food burgers and fries, other fried foods, or sweets, this may be causing a negative reaction in your skin.
264. This makes the social networking site seem a bit more than just people randomly shouting "I'M HAVING TWO SUGARS IN MY COFFEE NOW" or automatic advertising.
265. If all the added sugars we consumed came from our nightly ice-cream cone, or the chocolate bar we stole from the kids, or maybe that tablespoon of maple syrup we threw on our pancakes this morning, ...
266. But what is being referred to here are the simple sugars that are often added to processed foods that need to be cut back. These are recommendations from the American Heart Association and the ...
267. The surface of every living cell, and even viruses, is covered in a mess of glycans: long, branching chains of simple sugars linked together by covalent bonds. These cell-surface sugars are ...
268. A Fife farm manager hopes to prove the benefits of using the Brix meter – a measure of the sugars in a plant – to drive crop nutrition decisions in a series of on-farm trials. David Aglen, farm ...
269. Europe’s soft drinks industry has reduced added sugars in drinks by an average of 14.6% between 2015 and 2019; contributing to a reduction of 26% since 2000.
270. A Fife farm manager hopes to prove the benefits of using the Brix meter – a measure of the sugars in a plant – to drive crop nutrition decisions in a series of on-farm trials. David Aglen ...
271. Here, Khan et al. studied the effect of high-sugar diet on colitis in rodent models and showed that a diet high in simple sugars aggravated colitis in mouse models when administered before or after ...
272. The experiments were carried out in male Swiss mice. One group was given a typical cafeteria diet, high in added sugars (for example, sweet rolls and pastries), and another was given a high-fat ...
273. Simbhaoli sugars Ltd has informed BSE that the Register of Members & Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from December 15, 2020 to December 21, 2020 (both days inclusive) for the ...
274. Researchers of the University of Twente mimicked the cell surface on a molecular scale, including the sugars to which the virus attaches. Binding is complex, not only because the number of binding ...
275. All carbohydrates, whether complex (chains of sugars connected to each other) or simple (individual sugars), will impact blood sugar. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest, and thus have a ...
276. Major market players present in the market and profiled in the report are: Sdzucker United Kingdom Ltd, Taikoo Sugar Ltd., Imperial Sugar, Tate & Lyle Sugars, Domino Foods Inc., Cargill Inc., Nanning ...
277. Ethanol is ethyl alcohol. Produced by the fermentation of sugars, the chemical compound is found in antiseptics, liquors, and fuels, amongst many other places. Unfortunately for your car and your ...
278. Rajshree sugars & Chemicals Limited has informed the Exchange regarding Newspaper advertisement Extract of statement of Unaudited financial results for the quarter and half year ended 30th ...
279. A research team from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona - Spain) has observed that following a diet rich in fats and sugars from ultra-processed foods (such as sweet rolls and pastries ...
280. Knowing that certain sugars are present in higher abundance on breast cancer cells than normal cells, the team is identifying patterns of different sugars on small fragments shed by breast cancer ...
281. Tate & Lyle sugars is warning supermarkets of sugar and syrup supply issues next year Julia Kollewe Tate & Lyle sugars is one of the few large companies that have publicly backed Brexit.
282. The worst culprit are 'added sugars', also called free sugars, which refer to the sugars that are added to a whole range of processed foods and drinks, including microwave meals, pasta sauces ...
283. Minister T. Harish Rao warned management of Trident sugars located in Zaheerabad to pay arrears of ₹12.74 cr. to farmers before Nov. 18 or face action under the Revenue Recovery Act (RR Act).
284. What are the different types of sugars and their side effects? Here's everything you need to know about sugar, including what to look for on nutrition labels and the four main types of sugar.
285. Tate & Lyle sugars has told its customers that, as it stands, the company will struggle to deliver its products there in the New Year. Two food manufacturers and a major international distributor ...
286. But if you add sugar to apple juice, they will be called extra sugar. Some natural sugars quickly absorb in our body, such as watermelon. Watermelon comes in high glycemic index (GI), then the ...
287. Rana sugars Ltd. a Rana Group company was founded in 1992 in collaboration with Punjab AgroCorporation. In year 2002 RSL has setup a Demonstration Co–generation Project to produce extra power ...
288. Shree Renuka sugars Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1995. Its today's share price is 9.94. Its current market capitalisation stands at Rs 2117.85 Cr. In the latest quarter, company has reported ...
289. The matter considering of Mawana sugars Limited as 'Sick Company' under the provisions of the Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions) Act, 1985 is pending by BIFR. The Board of Directors of ...
290. No candies please, and avoid food with added sugars The World Health Organization (WHO) is launching a public consultation on its draft guideline on sugars intake. When finalized, the guideline ...
291. Additionally, it limits or eliminates added sugars, refined carbs, highly processed snacks, and red and processed meats. One review of 11 studies found that following a Mediterranean eating plan ...
292. RANA sugars LTD. has reported financial results for the period ended September 30, 2020.The company has reported total income of Rs.145.19 crores during the period ended ...
293. The FDA is committed to providing information to manufacturers regarding the new Nutrition Facts label, which is why today we are also seeking information on certain sugars and sweeteners that are ...
294. Sodas and other acidic sweetened drinks, in particular, can damage tooth enamel. Because of the health impact of added sugars, the American Heart Association’s recommendation is to limit added sugars ...
295. Facts & Factors (FnF), a leading market research consulting company recently published a research study report on “Updated Research on Rare sugars Market Analysis 2020 Size & Share Report ...
296. An up-to-date intelligence study by Global Speciality sugars Market Growth 2020-2025 provides the present scenario of the market and offers a comparative assessment of the market. The report provides ...
297. Some sugars used by manufacturers in foods and drinks you buy may be different than what you traditionally think of as sugar, like sucrose or table sugar. These sugars meet the chemical definition ...
298. sugars such as isomaltulose 'need to be excluded from the 'total sugars' and 'added sugars' definition and counted as neutral carbohydrates' She added: "It’s the physiological carbohydrate ...
299. Of equal economic importance, according to scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), is the amount of sugars ...
300. We have with us M Manickam CMD Sakthi sugars talks about the reason why sugar industry has not yet seen spike in the demand. Watch the video to get your answers. CNBC-TV18 is India's No.1 Business ...
301. Managing diabetes isn’t as simple as just eating right and exercising. Many factors impact our blood sugars, and we might not even know it. Here are some that may surprise you. When you’re ...
302. The following manufacturers are included in this report: Sudzucker United Kingdom Ltd, Tate & Lyle Sugars, Cargill, Inc, Imperial Sugar, Nordic Sugar A/S, American Crystal Sugar Company ...
303. Shree Renuka sugars Limited has commenced operations at its port based refinery at Haldia today. “The company has commenced operations at its port based refinery at Haldia (West Bengal ...
304. And Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), is the amount of sugars that can be produced from the ligno-cellulosic biomass that can be converted into fuels. In the production of biofuels from woody ...
305. sugars sentence examples. The higher sugars call for no special notice. 4. 2. She placed it on a tray with the creamer and sugars then handed it to Gerry. 4. 4.
306. Examples of sugar in a sentence, how to use it. 21 examples: Therefore, a separation between sugars and organic or silage acids was needed…
307. Use ‘sugars’ in a sentence | ‘sugars’ example sentences . 51- Glycoconjugates sugars may be linked to other types of biological molecule to form glycoconjugates.. 52- Torsional Effect Disarming sugars can also be accomplished by adding 1,3-dioxane and 1,3-dioxolane protecting groups onto sugars.
308. 16- Cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy.. 17- The truth about refined sugars and carbohydrates .. 18- A diet rich in sugars will particularly stimulate insulin production.. 19- Increase amounts of added sugars and fats.. 20- Fiber and sugars are types of carbohydrates.. 21- In a large bowl cream together both sugars and butter.. 22- Add in both sugars and combine until incorporated.
309. sugars definition: Noun 1. plural form of sugarVerb 2. third-person singular simple present indicative form of sugar
310. High quality example sentences with “of which sugars” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts. several options are on the table.
311. High quality example sentences with “caramelization of sugars” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Sentence examples for caramelization of sugars from inspiring English sources. 4. exact. 56.
312. Examples of Cellular Respiration in a sentence While breaking up sugars, the woman’s body cells are creating energy through cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is a process in which cells take apart food molecules and use their atoms as a source of energy.
313. For most of the world's population, carbohydrates including sugars are a source of energy that is sourced from plant-based food types. Carbohydrates are found in many natural foods as well as being an ingredient in many pre-prepared or processed foods.
314. sugars are categorized based on the number of sugar monomers present in the compound: Monosaccharides are comprised of a single sugar molecule (Examples include fructose, glucose, mannose and galactose). Disaccharides are comprised of two sugar molecules (Examples include sucrose and lactose).
315. Biological importance of sugars . Polymer formation Simple sugars, particularly monosaccharides, can create natural polymers. Oligosaccharides, for instance, are polymers comprised of up to ten simple sugars. Examples are raffinose, maltotriose, and maltotetraose. Polysaccharides are longer polymers.
316. Translations of the word sugars from english to swedish and examples of the use of "SUGARS" in a sentence with their translations: Five sugars and extra milk, just how
317. In 2003, a team of international experts recommended that added sugars make up no more than 10% of your diet, or about 12 teaspoons (50 grams) for a 2,000-calorie diet.
318. Translations of the word sugars from english to finnish and examples of the use of "SUGARS" in a sentence with their translations: Proteins and sugars . German Italian Dutch French Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
319. Let's take a look at examples of complex carbohydrates and sort through the good and the bad. Reaching for simple carbohydrates may be a quick way to fill your stomach or to fulfill a craving, but the simple sugars are quickly digested, meaning hunger will return sooner.
320. Fermentable sugars in a sentence - Use "fermentable sugars" in a sentence 1. Honey is sometimes used as a sweetener or source of fermentable sugar. 2. Chemically, the heat changes the starch in the root to a fermentable sugar. click for more sentences of fermentable sugars
321. Alternately, this named reaction can be controlled by limiting the availability of the amino acids in the reaction. Examples of typical reducing sugars that participate in the Maillard reaction include fructose, glucose, maltose, lactose, and ribose.
322. Examples of a supporting sentence Example 1. Let’s consider the following main idea: It is also digested by your body more quickly than natural sugars, and puts a tremendous strain on your liver. Consuming high amounts of high fructose corn syrup can also cause inflammation of the intestines, diabetes, and heart disease.
323. How to use refined in a sentence. The refined list of example sentences with refined. refined in a sentence - 22 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Contentment is, after all, simply refined indolence" Thomas C. Haliburton "Affected simplicity is refined imposture" La Rochefoucauld "Lauren never lets us have refined sugars
324. The most fundamental type is the simple sugars called monosaccharides. These simple sugars can combine with each other to form more complex types. Examples are glucose, galactose, and fructose. The combination of two simple sugars is called a disaccharide. Examples are sucrose, maltose, and lactose.
325. Examples of sugars in a Sentence; 문장 sugar. A common cry at Coventry on Good Friday is: One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns, / Butter them and sugar them and put them in your muns. off-brand sugar; Throughout Mexico, paletas are made with fresh fruit and not much sugar, pretty much the opposite of commercial sorbets and sherbets sold here.
326. Nucleotide sugar in a sentence - Use "nucleotide sugar" in a sentence 1. This enzyme participates in starch and sucrose metabolism and nucleotide sugars metabolism. 2. This enzyme participates in nucleotide sugars metabolism and glycerolipid metabolism. click for more sentences of nucleotide sugar
327. New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Descriptive words Definitions Homophones Similar sound Same consonants Significant mentions of sugars: See sugars used in context: 1 rhyme, several
328. The sentence could be correct as "A lot of sugars have been added to the milk". I consider your answer correct, but wanted to point out that there is a case where "have" would be correct and "sugar" would need to be changed to "sugars". – Keeta - reinstate Monica Feb 14 '17 at 20:06
329. Simple carbohydrates or simple sugars - These carbs are broken down and digested very quickly, but most simple carbs contain refined sugars and very few essential vitamins and minerals. Examples include table sugar, fruit juice, milk, yogurt, honey, molasses, maple syrup and brown sugar.
330. Information and translations of sugars in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . The STANDS4 Network Examples of sugars in a Sentence. Julia Wolfson:
331. Disaccharides, or complex sugars, are formed through dehydration synthesis reactions that combine two monosaccharides, or simple sugars. Both types of sugars are types of carbohydrates , made up
332. Soon their sugars will surge to perfection and they'll be snatched from their verdant beds to be transformed into California's new oenological darling. It's a brand-new season, and merlot is the star. 6. After the process is done, Electives sentence examples.
333. Disaccharide Definition. A disaccharide, also called a double sugar, is a molecule formed by two monosaccharides, or simple sugars. Three common disaccharides are sucrose, maltose, and lactose.They have 12 carbon atoms, and their chemical formula is C 12 H 22 O 11.Other, less common disaccharides include lactulose, trehalose, and cellobiose.
334. There are thousands of enzymes in the human body, here are just a few examples: Lipases – a group of enzymes that help digest fats in the gut. Amylase – helps change starches into sugars.
335. Sugars, which are formed by the plant during photosynthesis, are an essential component of plant nutrition. Like water, sugar (usually in the form of sucrose, though glucose is the original photosynthetic product) is carried throughout the parts of the plant by the vascular system. Phloem, the
336. She writes the following sentence: "A chloroplast contains thylakoid stacks, called stroma, that are surrounded by fluid-filled grana." oxygen and high-energy sugars and starches. examples should he include in his list?

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