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transform, change, alter, convert, metamorphose, vary, modify, transmute, mutate, rearrange,

"Transfigured" Example Sentences

1. A flood of brilliant, joyful light poured from her transfigured face.
2. The old oak, quite transfigured, spreading out a canopy of sappy dark-green foliage, stood rapt and slightly trembling in the rays of the evening sun.
3. The author himself says that it is transfigured realism - which is realism in asserting objective existence as separate from subjective existence, but anti-realism in denying that objective existence is to be known.
4. It is true that the author did not see that he was passing from transfigured realism into materialism.
5. But whether the great gods of polytheism were really transfigured ancestors is very doubtful.
6. However this may be, remnants of their primitive superhuman qualities cling to the Celtic heroes long after they have been transfigured, under the influence of Christianity and chivalry, into the heroes of the medieval Arthurian romance, types - for the most part - of the knightly virtues as these were conceived by the middle ages; while shadowy memories of early myths live on, strangely disguised, in certain of the episodes repeated uncritically by the medieval poets.
7. Such is the modern " Acatalepsia," which arises from denying the evidence of the senses, and from citing the transfigured realism of Spencer instead of the original realism of Aristotle, about whom Balfour speaks as follows: " It would be difficult, perhaps impossible, to sum up our debts to Aristotle.
8. They saw Jesus transfigured in a radiance of glory: Elijah appeared with Moses, and they talked with Jesus.
9. It is true that Spencer's " transfigured realism" contains much that was not dreamt of by Hume.
10. The homeliest details of the farmer's work are transfigured through the poet's love of nature; through his religious feeling and his pious sympathy with the sanctities of human affection; through his patriotic sympathy with the national greatness; and through the rich allusiveness of his art to everything in poetry and legend which can illustrate and glorify his theme.
11. After yet another three years' space the author of La Legende des siecles reappeared as the author of Les Miserables, the greatest epic and dramatic work of fiction ever created or conceived: the epic of a soul transfigured and redeemed, purified by heroism and glorified through suffering; the tragedy and the comedy of life at its darkest and its brightest, of humanity at its best and at its worst.
12. The latter's cheerful man-of-the-world scepticism is transfigured in Pascal to a deep distrust of human reason, in part, perhaps, from anti-Protestant motives.
13. The city of Rome was transfigured.
14. This then is his transfigured realism, which, as far as what is known goes, is idealism, but as far as what exists goes, realism - of a sort.
15. He had left Oxford just before the beginning of that Catholic revival which has transfigured both the inner spirit and the outward aspect of the Church of England.
16. To the theory of knowledge Spencer contributes a "transfigured realism," to mediate between realism and idealism, and the doctrine that "necessary truths," acquired in experience and congenitally transmitted, are a priori to the individual, though a posteriori to the race, to mediate between empiricism and apriorism.
17. The " antirealism," which takes the lion's share in " transfigured realism," is simply a development of the phenomenalism of Hume.
18. So far as this main point of transfigured realism is steadily maintained, it is a compound of idealism and realism, but not materialism.
19. He is conceived as controlling or overcoming the forces of nature; and though an earlier mythology has supplied some of the ideas, yet, as with the opening chapters of Genesis, they are transfigured by the moral purpose which animates them, the purpose to subdue all things that could frustrate the destiny of God's anointed (v.
20. Creation will once again glow with the reflected glory of God as the ' transfigured cosmos '.
21. This hope is for the people on this earth though transfigured.
22. One minute I was lost in solitary thoughts, the next I was in a world transfigured by collective energy.
23. transfigured cosmos ' .
24. 16:28), He took His three foremost disciples and ascended Mount Tabor, where He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became white as the light. Suddenly, together ...
25. Two scenes from the Gospel of Matthew are depicted in Raphael’s Transfiguration: At the top, Christ has climbed Mount Tabor with the Apostles, and there he is transfigured—appearing in his ...
26. On the last Sunday of the Epiphany, Feb. 26 at 10 a.m., guest artist Emily Drexler will perform works for both violin and viola in "The Violin transfigured." The program will be at the Church of ...
27. Other notable artists would execute the image of Christ transfigured following the original design of Dean Abueva. Amado Castrillo did the images in the second park in Dagupan in 1983, the company ...
28. But Theo's tragedy is transfigured when he discovers that his twisted fingers have been imbued with strange powers. Soon enough, the boy's hands fall into the wrong hands (Bogus faith healing is just ...
29. All the while, however, a transfigured world is coming together—and the capacity to begin perceiving it, too, as it pieces itself together, over and over, in myriad mobile configurations.
30. Concerts are "transfigured Night": 7:30 p.m. July 31 and "Au Revoir, Beethoven!": 4 p.m. Aug. 2. They will be screened free at and will be available through Sept. 1. Through ...
31. transfigured sentence examples. A flood of brilliant, joyful light poured from her transfigured face. 26. 10. The old oak, quite transfigured, spreading out a canopy of sappy dark-green foliage, stood rapt and slightly trembling in the rays of the evening sun. 15. 8.
32. transfigured definition: 1. past simple and past participle of transfigure 2. to change the appearance of a person or thing…. Learn more.
33. How to use transfigured in a sentence. The transfigured list of example sentences with transfigured. transfigured in a sentence - 6 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "It'd be better if I transfigured Mr" "But murder transfigured them" "But murder transfigured them" "His face was transfigured when he sang" "The young
34. 28 sentence examples: 1. They are transfigured by the healing powers of art. 2. Her face was transfigured. 3. Ann's whole face was transfigured by the early morning light. 4. The new furniture has transfigured the old house. 5. Their faces became tra: 16.
35. 28 sentence examples: 1. They are transfigured by the healing powers of art. 2. Her face was transfigured. 3. The new furniture has transfigured the old house. 4. Their faces became transfigured with joy. 5. Her face was transfigured by happiness. 6.
36. Transfiguration sentence examples. transfiguration. Moreover the end is not conceived as a transfiguration of the world, but as a liberation of the spirit from its unnatural union with the sensual. 23. 13. 41-56), the transfiguration (Mark ix. 14. 19. transfigured; transfigures
37. transfigured definition: Verb 1. simple past tense and past participle of transfigure
38. Sentence Examples for transfigure. Her countenance transfigured with the arrival of the guests. How to use transfigure in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of transfigure.
39. Examples of how to use the word transfigured in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
40. Transfiguration definition: 1. a transfiguring or being transfigured 2. [T-]Bible the change in the appearance of Jesus on the mountain: Matt. 17 3. [T-] a church festival (Aug. 6) commemorating the Transfiguration
41. Transfigure definition: To be transfigured means to be changed into something great or beautiful . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
42. Sentence Examples for transfigure. Her countenance transfigured with the arrival of the guests. How to use transfigure in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of transfigure. 12. Examples of how to use the french word transfigurer in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. 5.
43. Used in a sentence she cried, "O my child, my darling!" lifting toward him a face that was transfigured with joy and love. Mark Twain -- The Prince and The Pauper. It is a precious, world-transfiguring stare when a girl looks at you with love in her eyes for Search for other examples by interest . Interest — Source. General — Google
44. transfigured quotes from YourDictionary: Time has transfigured them into Untruth. The stone fidelity They hardly meant has come to be Their final blazon, and to prove Our almost-instinct almost true: What will survive of us is love.
45. ‘Within a very short period, humanity has no doubt transfigured the face of the earth by obliterating space and time through the revolution in communications and urbanisation of the world.’ ‘A young girl, intent on her guitar-playing, with a sun-reddened face and wind-tangled, light-shot hair, is transfigured by her own music.’
46. Transfiguration definition: the act or an instance of transfiguring or the state of being transfigured | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
47. Suddenly, the woman is transfigured in an array of bright lights. These journeys are reflected and transfigured in his poetical work. The Seagram Building is also about transfiguring the commonplace. In Oistrakh's hands, even these miniatures are upgraded, transfigured. It's difficult to see transfigure in a sentence .
48. 1 They are transfigured by the healing powers of art. 2 I don’t have any open wound healing is slaughtered,nobody knows my heart setbacks. 3 This enables the healing process to continue uninterrupted. 4 According to local lore, the water has healing properties. 5 The medical establishment is taking healing increasingly seriously.
49. Search Ludwig and find the best examples of use! Sentence examples for the responsibility to oversee from inspiring English sources. 7. the gods of the Middle Kingdom, incensed such a senseless killing, at transfigured Hu Tianbao into Tu Er Shen, with the responsibility to oversee the relationships of gay men. Huffington Post. 8
50. transfigured campaigns arrive ready-to-use and include all the files you'll need for your weekly communications! Simply upload, post, publish and share. They can also be customized with your parish branding and information. Save time. Stop the endless online image search. We do the work of finding relevant public domain and rights-released
51. Transfigure: 1 v change completely the nature or appearance of “The treatment and diet transfigured her into a beautiful young woman” “Jesus was transfigured after his resurrection” Synonyms: metamorphose , transmogrify Type of: change by reversal , reverse , turn change to the contrary v elevate or idealize, in allusion to Christ's
52. Sentence Examples. She decides to transcribe his notes on the typewriter in case anyone should ever have to read it. Finally one day Jeanne got tired of trying to transcribe my notes that were scribbled on numerous bits of paper in longhand. which you must try to imagine transfigured by her voice and the sunset.
53. Use transfigurest in a sentence, transfigurest meaning?, transfigurest definition, how to use transfigurest in a sentence, use transfigurest in a sentence with examples transfigures (third person present) · transfigured (past tense) · transfigured (past participle) · transfiguring (present participle) - transform into something more : 4. 2.
54. The transfiguration of Jesus is a story told in the New Testament when Jesus is transfigured and becomes radiant in glory upon a mountain. The Synoptic Gospels (Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36) describe it, and the Second Epistle of Peter also refers to it (2 Peter 1:16–18).It has also been hypothesized that the first chapter of the Gospel of John alludes to it John 1:14).

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