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"Workplace" Example Sentences

1. There was prejudice in the workplace culminating in her resignation a year ago.
2. The first two weeks of June were a never-ending list of chores and activities jammed full with last minute preparations, one workplace crisis following another, and an annoying series of details that demanded Dean's attention.
3. We are trying to create diversity in the workplace.
4. Sensory acuity In the workplace, communication is a constant process.
5. If risks are identified by the assessment, information about them should be given to all women of childbearing age in the workplace.
6. Ageism in the workplace.
7. Appropriation of personal discourses into the discourse of the workplace.
8. If you are studying with us in your workplace please talk to your nominated assessor.
9. Assessor in the workplace: this may be a senior member of staff.
10. Learning brokerage in the workplace: Some preliminary findings.
11. Brokerage in the workplace: Some preliminary findings.
12. Bullying in the workplace also see the TUC site.
13. In order to achieve a heart beat award hospital and workplace canteens and schools have to comply with a wide range of criteria.
14. If your workplace had a rest room consider taking a catnap at lunchtime if you really need to catch up on sleep.
15. Combat bullying in the workplace also see the TUC site.
16. Competence in the workplace.
17. A: Candidates are usually assessed in their normal workplace by an Assessor who is a person recognized as occupationally competent.
18. Organizations in all sectors need to demonstrate compliance, which has become a key driver for the use of assessments within the workplace.
19. That way, the inspections of workplace learning and of adult and community provision will be treated as part of a seamless continuum.
20. It is aimed both at workers employed by contractors and at those who have contractors in the workplace.
21. In the workplace men, and women now, are expected to laugh at dirty jokes, and even tell dirty jokes, and even tell dirty jokes.
22. Disadvantaged in the workplace.
23. Discrimination in the workplace over sexual preference illegal.
24. Dovetail any income protection plan into her workplace arrangements.
25. Static Terminators We help our clients protect their people and equipment by eliminating 95% of the harmful static electricity in their workplace.
26. Epiloguethor's epilog was also informative along with the useful contact numbers and workplace counseling organizations.
27. Equality in the workplace.
28. Eradicateations can underline their commitment to eradicating bullying and harassment in the workplace by having a dedicated policy.
29. By combining ergonomics and cutting edge design Perific is a wireless optical mouse that you easily can adapt to your workplace.
30. Attention needs to be given to risk assessment, employe training and workplace ergonomics.
31. Exposure limits set for any substance used in the workplace.
32. Fatalityclass="ex">Workplace fatalities in the 16-24 age range occur at a rate of more than one a month.
33. Fatalityfrom a height are a major cause of workplace fatalities.
34. Feel safe from attack, in their own homes, at school, on the street, or at their workplace.
35. Fire extinguishers exist in the workplace staff should be trained in the use of them.
36. Fm listeners will be asked to go around their workplace collect.. .
37. Jazz fm listeners will be asked to go around their workplace collect.. .
38. Genetic testing in the workplace is illegal in Norway.
39. Managing Discipline and grievance more buy Help your managers take the fear and stress out of dealing with discipline and grievance in the workplace.
40. About Us The big idea To make affordable, unique, beautifully handmade pieces for your home, office, workplace.
41. Identify the trouble spots and take what steps you can to make the workplace more harmonious and enjoyable to work in.
42. Homophobia in the workplace.
43. During this period the traditional intermixture of workplace and dwelling was replaced by a new pattern dominated by the specialized office building.
44. In the workplace men, and women now, are expected to laugh at dirty jokes, and even tell dirty jokes.
45. Mike Couzens examines this hot topic among many workplace learning and development practitioners.
46. It is suggested that the introduction of a workplace parking levy may lead to the introduction of car clubs at work.
47. Levyidance on the strategic use of demand management measures such as road charging and workplace car parking levies.
48. However local circumstances may require you to adapt or amend the assessment for each workplace or work activity.
49. He has managed community mediation and family mediation services, and helped set up over 30 workplace mediation services.
50. During the reciprocal visit in the UK by the German apprentices, British Telecom's trainees acted as workplace mentors.
51. Workplace nurseries Employers who provide a workplace nursery can allow their employees to use the facilities with absolutely no tax charges.
52. Nurseryincludes opening three new workplace nurseries, covering five of our business units.
53. A main objective will be to resolve problems within the workplace rather than parties having to go through the tribunal system.
54. Occur in the workplace.
55. We commute to work further - the average trip is 45 minutes, to a workplace where we submit to increasingly onerous hours.
56. I would like to present below a slightly paraphrased Learner's Charter, for learners and learning in the workplace.
57. The annual Workplace Report shift pay survey gives details of over 200 shift pay rates across the five main shift patterns.
58. Ballot administration Workplace ballots are no longer lawful and consequently all industrial action ballots must be fully postal.
59. The HSC are keen to gather more specific information on good practice preventive strategies physiotherapists adopt to avoid injury in the workplace.
60. Prosecute for manslaughter over a workplace death.
61. At the heart of his work here is the attempt to dramatically increase the financial return on investment in using psychometrics in the workplace.
62. He decides to set up a pirate radio station using equipment ' borrowed ' from his old workplace.
63. Radon in the workplace for local businesses.
64. As a general rule our policy on alcohol is to disallow the taking of alcoholic refreshments whilst in the workplace.
65. Can you arrange to meet with your steward or workplace rep to talk about how to take the issue forward?
66. Rife in the workplace.
67. People should feel safe from attack, in their own homes, at school, on the street, or at their workplace.
68. Guidance On Fire safety At Work This section provides useful sources of information on fire safety in the workplace.
69. Secondhand smoking in the workplace.
70. A Chartered Manager demonstrates ability and professionalism across the full range of management skills through continuing self-development and positive impact in the workplace.
71. Sexism in the workplace is eradicated and that all employees are paid equally for the job they do.
72. At a previous workplace, employers perpetrated verbal sexual harassment and repeated verbatim things said at my home and accommodation.
73. Shinning example of Walt Disney's ability to use sparkling humor to drive home the important message about workplace safety.
74. Shop floor level to discuss workplace issues.
75. Fire precautions Does the workplace have a smoke detector?
76. Spirituality in the workplace can create gray-haired revolutionaries.
77. Stress in the workplace is becoming a big problem.
78. Thus job insecurity, job loss and job changes would be contributory factors in increasing workplace stress in employees.
79. Such person in every workplace with UNISON members.
80. Thermal comfort in the workplace.
81. Thorium in the workplace.
82. Coming in your ears everyday 10am til 2pm on The Workplace Request... And every Monday Night 6pm til 10 on The Only Alternative.
83. Cigarette smoke is the second most common asthma trigger in the workplace.
84. Unaware of the extent of workplace stress.
85. Undeniable that change in the workplace is often a traumatic process, even when the status quo is problematic or even unsustainable.
86. Today's digital workplace has made document access a lot simpler.
87. And the group of women who are entering the workplace most rapidly are mothers of children up to age four.
88. It provides reps with practical help to organize the workplace.
89. The EOC's ongoing investigation into transforming the workplace is looking, with employers, at how to do this.
90. The Accessible Office contains information about creating an inclusive workplace.
91. Negotiating the workplace learning environment and co-ordinating training were also seen as major staff development issues.
92. To hear about the importance of a healthy workplace in improving productivity.
93. The conference will also discuss how to improve patient safety and learn from mistakes to ensure a safer workplace for all.
94. An example of this is hearing loss as a result of a noisy workplace.
95. Tidiness is a big theme in the modern workplace.
96. workplace reps.
97. Workplace parking levies take the form of a license fee, and employers must apply for a license if they provide workplace parking levies take the form of a license fee, and employers must apply for a license if they provide workplace parking.
98. workplace stress.
99. workplace nurseries, often with rates depending on your salary level.
100. workplace hazards.
101. workplace accidents.
102. Learning Outcome 6 Learning Outcome: Manage documents in a recreation industry workplace.
103. As this shows, the word is now used to describe the options available to an employe to raise concerns about workplace wrongdoing.
104. Wrongdoing in the workplace.
105. Are thus enumerated: (1) any premises in such a state as to be a nuisance or injurious to health; (2) any pool, ditch, gutter, watercourse, privy, urinal, cesspool, drain or ashpit so foul or in such a state as to be injurious to health; (3) any animal so kept as to be a nuisance or injurious to health; (4) any accumulation or deposit which is a nuisance or injurious to health; (5) any house or part of a house so overcrowded as to be dangerous or injurious to the health of the inmates, whether or not members of the same family; (6) any factory, workshop or workplace not already under the operation of any general act for the regulation of factories or bakehouses not kept in a cleanly state or not ventilated in such a manner as to render harmless as far as practicable any gases, vapours, dust or other impurities generated in the course of the work carried on therein that are a nuisance or injurious to health, or so overcrowded while work is carried on as to be dangerous or injurious to the health of those employed therein; (7) any fireplace or furnace which does not as far as practicable consume the smoke arising from the combustible used therein, and which is used for working engines by steam or in any mill, factory, dye-house, brewery, bakehouse or gas work, or in any manufacturing or trade process whatsoever; and (8) any chimney not being the chimney of a private dwelling-house sending forth black smoke in such quantity as to be a nuisance.
106. Everywhere you turned, people were speculating about, or building models of, the "House of Tomorrow," the "Car of Tomorrow," or the "Workplace of Tomorrow."
107. This case may have significant ramifications for future cases of workplace bullying which are pursued through the civil courts.
108. And if you got any qualms about workplace inspections, there 's a TUC guide to that too.
109. People should also remember the levels of racism in the workplace.
110. Officers from Kerrier 's Health and Safety team recently run a seminar relating to radon in the workplace for local businesses.
111. Dianah Worman, CIPD Diversity Adviser, says, ' Figures show age discrimination is still rife in the workplace.
112. Guidance On Fire Safety At Work This section provides useful sources of information on fire safety in the workplace.
113. September: TUC pass a motion at Congress on secondhand smoking in the workplace.
114. Business is committed to ensuring that sexism in the workplace is eradicated and that all employees are paid equally for the job they do.
115. This program is a shinning example of Walt Disney 's ability to use sparkling humor to drive home the important message about workplace safety.
116. These laws also provide for the establishment of Works Councils at shop floor level to discuss workplace issues.
117. That 's how spirituality in the workplace can create gray-haired revolutionaries.
118. Stress in the workplace is becoming a big problem.
119. It aims to have one such person in every workplace with UNISON members.
120. It does not address issues of thermal comfort in the workplace.
121. Nuclear data used in the analysis of thorium in the workplace.
122. Their ease of use and low cost have made them ubiquitous in the workplace environment, but at what price?
123. The survey also revealed that more than 50% of workers believe their employers are unaware of the extent of workplace stress.
124. It 's undeniable that change in the workplace is often a traumatic process, even when the status quo is problematic or even unsustainable.
125. It 's a language that chimes with the propositional logic of the workplace, the language of league tables and utilitarian calculation.
126. Today 's digital workplace has made document access a lot simpler.
127. The EOC 's ongoing investigation into transforming the workplace is looking, with employers, at how to do this.
128. Negotiating the workplace learning environment and co-ordinating training were also seen as major staff development issues.
129. This prospective agreement is subject to ratification by the GMB in consultation with ASDA workplace reps.
130. Workplace parking levies take the form of a license fee, and employers must apply for a license if they provide workplace parking.
131. Inadequate provision of any of these can increase the risk of workplace stress.
132. Some large employers provide workplace nurseries, often with rates depending on your salary level.
133. Health & Safety policy 28 April - International Workers ' Memorial Day Worldwide millions die each year as a result of workplace hazards.
134. The aim of the guide is to reduce the annual cost of workplace accidents.
135. The charity Public Concern at Work provides free confidential advice to workers who have concerns about wrongdoing in the workplace.
136. Derek sought enlightenment from his professors so that he could be more successful in the workplace after graduating.
137. Keep a schedule of your activities and your child's activities in a prominent place in your home and at your workplace.
138. Spelling and pronunciation difficulties: When parents give their children any type of exotic name, they need to give a lot of thought to what the child's life will be like, whether in school or in a workplace environment.
139. Be sure the retailer has a return policy in case you decide the phone isn't for you once you have tested it out in your workplace.
140. Send a letter by certified mail telling the debt collector to cease phone contact both at home and the workplace.
141. Ergonomics is the study of human capabilities in relation to the workplace environment.
142. Keeping copies of the list throughout the home, school or workplace will ensure that people stay focused on reducing waste.
143. A list that helps to focus you, your family and friends, people in the workplace and the wider community on the issues regarding waste is a great way to help raise awareness.
144. Indeed, the scent is known for being clean, invigorating and crisp, lending it a versatility that makes it appropriate for the workplace, casual lunches and fancy dinner dates alike.
145. It can give you that polished image you're after for the workplace, or can transform you into a sexy siren for a hot date.
146. Presentation: Maybe you have an important workplace presentation or conference to address.
147. Work Related Stress: There are times when your workplace can cause more stress than your personal life.
148. Working with a new boss or colleague that you don't like, conflict in the workplace, or a variety of other factors can lead to increased stress and anxiety at work.
149. As stress can often be caused through workplace situations, a stress reducing device that can be carried discretely can be very beneficial.
150. Some people function best in a highly structured workplace, while others find this very stressful.
151. They are common in the workplace, but they can also be used at home, as part of a relaxing vacation, or any time you need some stress relief.
152. In certain instances, laughter is a great way to reduce stress in the workplace.
153. Unexpected layoffs, increased job responsibilities, and a high-stress job can all make anger management in the workplace a challenge.
154. The angry exchange of words in the workplace doesn't have to escalate into a persistent feud.
155. Finding common ground in the midst of a disagreement is a great way to manage anger in the workplace.
156. Some conflict occurs in virtually every workplace.
157. The key to managing workplace anger is organization and planning to prevent unnecessary conflicts, taking full responsibility for actions, and working through disagreements to reach common ground.
158. Workplace anger doesn't have to mean violence or job loss.
159. Knowing the strategies for managing stress in the workplace can help you feel more at peace and find the time for other areas you enjoy in life.
160. Finding strategies for managing stress in the workplace is necessary if you find yourself stressed out and suffering from burn out.
161. These are common complaints in the workplace, so you are not alone.
162. Stress reduction activities are easy ways to reduce personal, family, and workplace stress.
163. Walking for just 15 minutes on your lunch break, or before or after work, can help relieve workplace stress and ensure you do not bring work-related tension home at night.
164. Stress is a widespread problem in the workplace.
165. Being able to answer the question, "What is work stress?" can help you determine if your workplace is stressful, and once you know that answer, you can take steps to make your job more relaxing and enjoyable.
166. In its broadest terms, the definition of work stress is any type of stressor directly related to one's workplace, coworkers, type of job, and similar employment characteristics.
167. To get more enjoyment from your work: Get involved with recreational opportunities at your workplace or find ways to get your employer involved with the community through volunteer efforts.
168. Join committees in which you can have a direct impact on the workplace, and make suggestions to your boss about improving company morale.
169. To make your work physically relaxing: Dress appropriately for the climate in your workplace, and wear layers that can be adjusted throughout the day if necessary.
170. Keep a scented candle or other air freshener in a relaxing scent nearby, and use it to give yourself a quick olfactory getaway from the workplace.
171. Work stress can be many things, but by understanding the stressors you face at work you can be better prepared to deal with them and enjoy a more relaxing workplace.
172. Work Life Balance offers on-site and online classes for managing stress in the workplace.
173. In the workplace, business and stressors contribute to a number of problems, including poor worker performance, negative attitudes, and days absent from the job.
174. As the stress level at the company increases, it's common for the effect to infiltrate the entire business, which means it's crucial to find strategies for managing stress in the workplace.
175. Find ways to measure stress and attitudes in employees and improve workplace conditions and pressures.
176. Stress in the workplace can be helped with the right combination of management and strong communication.
177. Stress management in the workplace is a major concern for both employers and employees.
178. In today's fast paced world, stress is everywhere including the workplace.
179. Employees suffering from workplace stress are more likely to become ill or have a work related accident or injury.
180. Many employers are realizing the effects that stress has on their employees and are instituting stress management programs in the workplace.
181. Some companies are bringing programs to their employees, such as the one offered by Work Life Balance, to teach employees and managers the skills they need to reduce and manage workplace stress.
182. Another method of reducing stress in the workplace is instituting a stress management and relaxation center within the company building.
183. Time Management in the Workplace talks about organization, using lists, having an agenda, and using time wisely at work.
184. Employee Poor Time Management Skills is an article that discusses motivation in the workplace and ways to help employees gain these skills.
185. Research by a professor at Marshall University, Chris LeGrow, found that 70% of workplace jokes focused on making fun of coworkers based on age, weight and sexual orientation.
186. Each company profile features information on what type of position a teen would fill in the company and a description of the workplace environment, along with information on how to apply for a job.
187. Narconon has divisions devoted to drug prevention and education, peer leadership training for students, and workplace drug prevention and training.
188. However, cars can be deadly; violence in the workplace can be deadly; obesity can most certainly be deadly not to mention all the other hundreds of dangers one might run into.
189. To find out about stop smoking programs through your workplace or health insurance, contact your employer directly.
190. The community aspect of the college includes child care options, flexible class schedules as well as workplace skill development, financial aid and more.
191. This debt puts an extra strain on families and places students at an immediate disadvantage as they leave school and enter the workplace.
192. Pursuing an online MBA from Clemson University is a good decision if you are interested in gaining new skills and making yourself marketable in the workplace.
193. Accreditation is important particularly for students who plan to transfer to another program and for those who want to rely on their credentials in the academic world or workplace.
194. Typical patients would include those with natural hearing loss due to aging, hearing loss due to an injury in the workplace such as loud noise, and those with a hearing defect due to trauma at birth, genetic disorders and viral infections.
195. Finally, both colleges and universities are designed to prepare students for the workplace and expose them to enriching topics and methods that they may not otherwise encounter.
196. The curricula that you design will be for a range of students, from those in kindergarten through middle school, high school, and continuing education from adulthood to entering the workplace.
197. You can also expect to take courses in workplace education, theory and practice, production, instruction, and online media.
198. First, think about the conversation areas, the task lighting needed above a workplace, and lastly, the statement that you want to make.
199. Sweatpants belong on the track or in the gym, never in the workplace.
200. You can show some flair with a nice vintage tie and matching handkerchief, but gauge your workplace carefully to be sure this is acceptable.
201. Providing employees with a business attire dress code description helps get everyone on the same page when it comes to proper dress in the workplace.
202. With that in mind, these hats, socks, gloves, belts, bags, suspenders and aprons are all designed with durability and workplace necessities in mind.
203. With the trend moving towards a more casual workplace, a more relaxed dress shirt is appropriate in many workplace environments.
204. They are very appropriate for the workplace but can easily be worn to any formal affair.
205. For the workplace or most daily business, men of all ages wore suits.
206. A professional dress code belongs in a formal workplace setting.
207. Business Casual is very popular right now for the workplace.
208. It is best not to take relaxed too far in the workplace.
209. Shorts, flip flops and anything soiled or stained do not work for the workplace.
210. Keeping a polished appearance is always important for the workplace.
211. One of the few times it's probably best to not wear a tie is at a workplace such as a construction site where everyone works on difficult and dirty tasks, and wearing a tie might even be dangerous.
212. While sneakers are incredibly easy to slip into, they don't belong in the workplace (unless you work at an athletic store or summer camp).
213. To look your best in the workplace and to be taken seriously, keep the following eight professional tips in mind.
214. Dressing professionally does not always mean a suit and tie, unless that is a requirement of your workplace.
215. Keeping professional dress tips in mind can guarantee that you shine at the workplace.
216. Casual Male: Whether you're supporting your favorite soccer team or seeking a rugged golf shirt for the outdoor workplace, you'll find it here.
217. This look can be worn on casual Fridays or during the week, if your workplace enforces a relaxed dress code.
218. Additionally, these retailers can be rather expensive and may not be conveniently located to your home or workplace.
219. Dress them up with a pair of knee-high nylons and dress shoes for the workplace.
220. It can be worn in the workplace as well as for a night on the town.
221. A woman by the name of Roslyn Jaffe recognized a need for women's designer clothing as well as functional but fashionable clothing for the workplace.
222. Though pant suits are ideal for the workplace, there are many styles designed strictly for more relaxed moments.
223. Lead hazards can be found in homes and in the workplace.
224. LoveToKnow Safety is your best source for information on everything related to safety, from home and school safety to your workplace environment.
225. Never offer your social security number, your phone or cell number, your workplace address, or other personal info.
226. Free games about safety in the workplace are not only fun, but they can be a useful teaching tool.
227. Ideally, everyone in the workplace is equally interested in and responsible for keeping it a safe place.
228. Encourage workers to play free games about safety in the workplace in teams to get a spirit of teamwork going.
229. Newer employees feel they are part of the team and that other people in the workplace are looking out for them.
230. Workers who demonstrate a good knowledge of workplace safety policies are given a scratch off game card.
231. Several OSHA Workplace Safety Programs have been put in place to reduce accidents and injuries on the job.
232. A business or organization participating in the OSHA Alliance program signs an agreement with the government agency to work together to reach their goals for safety in the workplace.
233. These goals may include safety training, providing information in Spanish or other languages spoken in the workplace, and sharing findings about health hazards on the job.
234. This example of OSHA Workplace Safety Programs involves employers, employees, or trade organizations to work together to implement safety programs in the workplace.
235. The OSHA Voluntary Protection Program involves management, employees, and OSHA consultants working together to improve safety in the workplace.
236. Companies benefit from being involved in this program through fewer health and safety incidents that lower productivity in the workplace.
237. Safety should be something that everyone in the workplace should be conscious of all the time.
238. Have you ever had anyone ask you the question, why is workplace safety important?
239. However, workplace accidents can occur in any work environment or place of business.
240. One of the duties of an employer is keeping his workers safe from illness and injury in the workplace.
241. Include employees in discussions on policies involving safety issues and in identifying existing and potential workplace hazards.
242. Encourage workers to report any workplace hazards they encounter.
243. Post workplace safety slogans,signs and posters that reinforce safe work habits.
244. Make certain that all mangers and supervisors are trained to recognize potential workplace hazards.
245. Naturally, safety in the workplace is important for the worker but it is also important for the company.
246. Many workers spend most of their day in the workplace and expect it to be as safe and free from potential hazards as possible.
247. Naturally, personal safety is important however management also must consider the financial costs of workplace accidents.
248. The morale and productivity of fellow employees is also often affected when a workplace injury occurs.
249. The next time someone asks you the question, why is workplace safety important? you can explain to them why it could be the difference between life and death.
250. This "Job Safety and Health" poster provides details about employee and employer rights and responsibilities regarding workplace health and safety as specified by the OSH Act.
251. To find out more about workplace use of safety goggles, visit the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
252. Cashiers who are hired for workplaces where they use a station outfitted with a belt, scanner and chute for purchases tend to have fewer physical health complaints in the workplace.
253. Employee safety topics should be addressed in every industry to keep the workplace safe.
254. Workplace safety is still a problem in many countries where they do not have laws to protect employees.
255. Following workplace safety tips helps reduce your chances of becoming one of the millions of workers who are injured on the job.
256. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than four million workers in the United States suffered a workplace injury in 2009.
257. Regardless of your type of business or place of employment, you run the risk of sustaining a personal injury in a workplace accident.
258. Many of the types of workplace accidents and injuries that occur are more common to specific types of jobs, workplace environments and industries.
259. However, there are many general workplace safety tips that can help you stay safe and injury free.
260. Everyone in the workplace should be aware of its location and trained in its proper use.
261. If a fire or other type of emergency situation occurs in the workplace, remaining calm is the best way to help yourself and others.
262. Workplace safety slogans and safety posters placed where they are easily seen by workers are a great way to reinforce the rules of work safety.
263. The Occupational Safety and Health Act and the agency of the federal government that enforces the law, commonly known as OSHA, is responsible for making sure that all businesses provide a safe workplace for their employees.
264. They ensure that the employers are in compliance with the safety regulations and codes for their specific industry, conduct workplace inspections and enforce penalties if there are violations.
265. Do not become one of the many workplace injury statistics.
266. By being aware of workplace safety tips and following them, you are less likely to be involved in a workplace accident or sustain a work-related injury.
267. To reduce the overall number of accidents and injuries at work, safety needs to be a top priority for everyone in the workplace.
268. Grab what you can and move these items to a higher level in your home or workplace.
269. Retirement gifts are a way to commemorate a coworker's, friend's, family member's or neighbor's newfound life of relaxation away from the workplace.
270. Older citizens may face discrimination in the workplace.
271. You must decide if this particular workplace is right for you.
272. Consider trying to put together a group at your church, your gym, or your workplace.
273. With Baby Boomers moving into their 60s, issues surrounding aging in the workplace need to be addressed.
274. Another piece of legislation that refers to aging in the workplace is the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act of 1990.
275. Signs in the workplace should be placed in well-lit locations and be easy to read.
276. Consider certain positions such as office management and customer service areas where an older senior can make valuable workplace contributions.
277. Aging in the workplace does not have to be a negative experience for employers or co-workers.
278. Mature adults bring a wealth of knowledge to the workplace.
279. When you were working, you had plenty of people to socialize with in your workplace.
280. The right gift means it will be appropriate and pleasing to the one who receives it and will add to the memorable experience of saying good-bye to the workplace and crossing the threshold into the life of retirement.
281. This is a classy reminder of his life in the workplace and the position he held.
282. If your job necessitates wearing this type of eyewear, take the time to shop around for the style and lens options that meet your personal preferences and needs while also providing sufficient protection in your workplace.
283. Walt Disney World is the workplace of over 62,000 individuals.
284. Poisons are common in the home and workplace, yet there are basically two major types.
285. One workplace psychologist estimates that businesses in the United States lose more than $10 billion annually due to problems related to stepfamily issues, working parents, and other marital stresses.
286. Children are most likely to get a corneal abrasion while playing, while adults are more likely to sustain an abrasion in the workplace.
287. Injuries to the head can be caused by traffic accidents, sports injuries, falls, workplace accidents, assaults, or bullets.
288. The doctor will also ask if anyone else in the patient's family or workplace is sick.
289. There are a number of different strategies that working mothers use to balance the demands of workplace and family.
290. Workplace child care facilities did not grow at the same rate: a 1995 survey found that only 10 percent of the nation's 681 major employers offered on-site care programs to their employees.
291. Given the failure of either home or workplace demands to ease significantly, working mothers routinely sacrifice time for themselves, and many report high levels of stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
292. It can replace either all or part of one's hours at the workplace, and a telecommuter can work either part- or full-time.
293. Sleep deficits are known to make people more susceptible to infectious illnesses as well as automobile or workplace accidents.
294. Performance assessments can be either individual or group-oriented and may involve application of real-life or workplace skills (for example, making a piece of furniture in woodshop).
295. Generally, with treatment and long-term participation in therapy, adjustment in social settings and in the workplace can be made in adulthood.
296. Allergy is the single largest reason for school absence and is a major source of lost productivity in the workplace.
297. Many people neglect this part of their feng shui applications, focusing on other areas of the home or not realizing they can apply the same basic principles to their workplace, even though it may be part of a large building complex.
298. The Feng Shui Desk for Success Toolkit provides instructions for creating the perfect feng shui desk and workplace.
299. Teens don't need to be as concerned about making a professional statement with their hair, though those who do have jobs will need to be aware of any workplace grooming requirements.
300. The mohawk hairstyle is perfect for a night out at the club or for daily adventures, yet may cause quite a controversy in the workplace.
301. If you're trying to channel a serious and determined look in the workplace or are hoping to add a little mystery to your appeal, why not richen up your locks and take a walk on the dark side?
302. A guy's choice to wear long hair needs to conform to his hair type, face shape, image, personality, lifestyle, and the expectations of his workplace.
303. Parents can also design lessons plans for high school students around career choices to better prepare them for college or the workplace.
304. On the other hand, some worry that a lack of exposure to these threats does not prepare the child for similar encounters in the workplace later in life.
305. Efficiency is arguably the most important thing in the German workplace.
306. Planned meetings and punctuality make the German workplace what it is.
307. The term "hostile work environment" is used to describe serious workplace misconduct.
308. Workplace harassment should not be confused with your boss or coworkers simply being rude, annoying, or disrespectful.
309. A boss, manager, or supervisor who is purposely trying to create an unpleasant work environment to force an employee to quit his or her position is also guilty of workplace harassment.
310. Dealing with workplace harassment can be very stressful.
311. Although serious workplace violence is rare, you don't want to take unnecessary chances when it comes to your safety.
312. If you decide that taking legal action is the best way to resolve your workplace difficulty, keep in mind that there is a 45 day time limit for filing a formal compliant.
313. Educating yourself about this serious workplace issue can help protect you, your co-workers, and your employer.
314. It's essential for all members of a company's staff to be aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to keeping the workplace free from conduct that is, or could be construed as, hostile environment harassment.
315. Sexual harassment is a serious problem in the modern workplace.
316. Any behaviors that can be construed as sexual in nature or that involve treating co-workers or employees differently because of their gender can create a hostile environment in the workplace.
317. It goes on state that the company operates a drug-free workplace and that using, distributing or possessing drugs or controlled substances while engaging in work-related activities is grounds for termination of employment.
318. Sears is a drug-free workplace and job seekers are required to submit to a drug test after being offered a position and before starting work.
319. Any position that becomes overly competitive can similarly create a detrimentally stressful workplace.
320. Distance from your workplace is an important consideration, but it's also a good idea to consider traffic patterns.
321. You must work for the federal, state, or local government, or your company must employ at least 50 people who work within 75 miles of your workplace.
322. This look is not only extremely comfortable (clothing is made of silk, spandex, and rayon), but it is professional enough for a business-attire workplace.
323. Pintuck shirt outfit-The blouse and semi-casual pants make this great for a semi-professional workplace.
324. Scheduling your workplace review before your maternity leave is a better choice than having a performance review while on maternity leave.
325. Some employers have misconceptions about pregnant women or new mothers in the workplace.
326. Write up a plan that sufficiently breaks down your workplace tasks and show who will cover what while you are on leave.
327. Decide if you can continue to contribute to the workplace (and if you want to) during your maternity leave.
328. Most techniques that work for finding discount workplace clothing will work well if you're looking for maternity work clothing.
329. For women who are already pregnant and work outside of the home, your workplace may offer a maternity leave pay policy.
330. The amount of time you have for maternity leave may be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months; a lot depends on your workplace and insurance.
331. Also make sure your workplace has a private area that you can pump while at work - the bathroom does not count.
332. Be sure that your workplace has a designated area for mothers.
333. It may depend on recommended maternity leave, your personal preferences, and, in some cases, how safe your workplace is.
334. You can find out if your workplace is safe by completing a workplace pregnancy risk assessment.
335. If that doesn't help, contact The U.S. Department of Labor; they can advise you about workplace compliance issues and about what to do next.
336. If you're concerned about getting fired because of high risk pregnancy, your best bet is to be very educated on all topics related to pregnancy maternity leave laws and workplace rights.
337. The truth is that fashion goes a long way in the workplace, and several items have withstood the test of time and proven to be office stalwarts.
338. For example, a spicy cinnamon sweater over a black dress is perfect for the workplace; it's feminine and classy, but doesn't look over-the-top.
339. Shoes: Though everything from flats to heels can pass muster at the workplace, one classic shoe that no woman should be without is the black pump.
340. There are a few items that will just never be appropriate for the workplace.
341. Casual occasions allow you greater flexibility in creating an outfit than workplace dress codes, but selecting the most flattering pieces is still important.
342. They were highly representative of the power-dressing image that many women adopted as their identities in the workplace grew.
343. While it can be tempting to wear as little as possible during such hot weather, remember to keep workplace outfits professional.
344. The impractical shifted toward practical as women entered the workplace, took part in the suffrage movement and shook off the patronizing attitude of men who felt that women should be seen and not heard.
345. You'll be able to head to the workplace or casual outings in a fall or winter ensemble that's easy to put together, but yields such fashionable results.
346. Depending on the corporate culture of your workplace, a casual Friday outfit may or may not require a shirt with a collar.
347. What makes a dress suitable for cocktail parties instead of the workplace?
348. The navy Sara dress, $55 and available in sizes S-XXL, is the very picture of elegance, working well for both the workplace and dressed up for a night out.
349. It will provide you with dealers or warranty stations near your residence or workplace.
350. Use them in various rooms of your house or workplace or while enjoying the great outdoors.
351. Another location that clip-on candles would be preferred is in an office or workplace, school or nursing home.
352. Why not distribute and post promotional items throughout your workplace or school.
353. Chances are, you hear about blood drives in your neighborhood, at your school, or at your workplace.
354. Pen sets, paperweights, organizers, and calendars are all great ideas for corporate Christmas gifts that can be used in the workplace on a daily basis throughout the year.
355. If you want to do that, be sure to make it easily explained with a few simple rules, and appropriate for the workplace.
356. There was a time when dating someone in the workplace was frowned upon.
357. Yes, you are absolutely correct - in the past, dating in the workplace was not recommended and even unacceptable in some job environments.
358. Employees need to be very careful how they handle sexual and romantic subjects in the workplace or they might not only loose their job, but even end up in court.
359. Due to this, many companies have strict guidelines, not only about workplace dating, but also politics, sexual harassment and suitable conversations.
360. Many years ago before laws in the workplace changed, people could find it easier to meet a compatible partner at their place of employment.
361. Originating in law as a form of sex discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment has many turns and twists.
362. In current times, sexual harassment has moved out of just a standard workplace issue into to any situation where unwanted sexual conduct may occur.
363. Due to the legal issues surrounding romantic relationships in the workplace, most experts argue that one should completely avoid on-the-job dating.
364. Although the legal issue surrounding harassment is mostly a concern in the workplace, it can occur anywhere.
365. Whether you have a diverse workplace or church group, different cultures handle sexual advances different.
366. Second, if a MySpace friendship turns into something more, don't run afoul of any workplace regulations concerning dating.
367. Drop by your wife's workplace during a lunch hour or break period, so the gift will be waiting for her when she returns.
368. Loud music and animations may be disruptive or embarrassing at the workplace or in other public areas.
369. Workplace romance brings an entirely different set of concerns, especially if one of you is in a supervisory position over the other.
370. Since you are not in seventh grade, there probably isn't an appropriate strictly workplace conversation that includes, "by the way we're dating."
371. Parks close to the couple's workplace are the perfect venue for a picnic proposal.
372. These advances, when combined with increasing global concerns about conserving energy, have allowed telecommuting to significantly transform the 21st century workplace.
373. In traditional workplace settings, workers have each other to share ideas and stories with, to vent their grievances with, and to support one another.
374. Thus, imparting a sense of confidence necessary in a competitive workplace.
375. They will start sending their resumes to the human resources department of your workplace.
376. For those who fear that taking the haute pink high-fashion plunge would grant them severe social setbacks in the workplace, there are still several hot styles of classic leather briefcases.
377. Regarding the workplace, the number one reason to carry a briefcase is that you have something important to put in it.
378. Perhaps too formidable for the workplace, you can make the Natasha tote your trusty travel companion; it's the ideal size for an in-flight carry-on!
379. When it's not acting as a weekend carryall, a boxy straw bag with leather buckles, handles and trim doubles as a workplace essential.
380. Boasting enough space to make it an ideal workplace accessory, the bag also features both exterior and interior pockets.
381. With so many men toting their computers to and from the workplace, not to mention assiduous students who now shun ballpoint pens in favor of keypads for lecture notes, the need for stylish laptop bags is continually increasing!
382. This item might be a little too flashy for the workplace, however.
383. For example, the ideal workplace tote is typically crafted of strong leather and boasts an elegant, pulled together look.
384. Have you ever filled up your tank at the gas station closest to your home only to discover that the station near your workplace had much cheaper gas?
385. Sudden music can be disruptive to a workplace or other inappropriate environment.
386. It's also wise to avoid these types of e-cards with co-workers and in the workplace, even if they are your friends.
387. College, workplace, and military listings were also recently added to allow you to connect with even more people.
388. Brush up on marketable job skills by watching free workplace safety videos or taking a free online typing course.
389. If you believe you are eligible for a thrift savings plan, then your best bet is to speak to a TSP representative at your workplace.
390. Keep up with the current prices and remember to use any eye insurance or eye care prescription discounts available to you through your workplace or insurance provider.
391. Special Occasions: The bigger your workplace, the more frequently you may be asked to contribute to gifts for retirements, baby showers, birthdays, and other special occasions.
392. As you can see, there are quite a few choices out there for workplace footwear!
393. Most podiatrists will agree that the number of hours women trot around the workplace in stilettos and pumps can later cause varying degrees of damage to their posture and foot health.
394. You can get loafers in black, Mary Janes in brown, or, if your workplace isn't completely conservative, use your shoes to add just a pop of color when it's unexpected.
395. Though not ideal workplace attire (you likely won't find much of that here), they would easily work well with a casual weekend outfit.
396. These classic shoes are appropriate for the workplace and dressy occasions.
397. Best color choices: Chances are, your dress shoes, such as pumps and slingbacks, will see a lot of workplace wear.
398. There are creative styles to suit every occasion, from the workplace to nights out.
399. Some Asics-brand shoes for walking feature a non-slip rubber sole, which makes them a great pick for the workplace, as well as for play and exercise.
400. This skill is useful around the workplace, in the presence of parents, conservative relatives or during job interviews where piercings may be against the dress code.
401. Workplace conflict: He does not always work well with others.
402. His communication difficulties and any repetitive or sensory issues may create workplace conflicts.
403. In most states employers are prevented from terminating an employee for simply reporting a workplace injury, or for filing a workman's comp claim.
404. The act is a blueprint for companies to govern their financial activities.As a result of this act, ethical awareness in the workplace has risen as well as scrutiny from governing officials.
405. Site operatives refers to your workplace functionality.
406. Personal (21%) and family issues (20%) show as leading causes respectively (CCH, Inc. 2002) and stress contributes to 85% of workplace accidents.
407. Nearly $44 billion is lost by businesses and corporations across America each year due to the effects of depression in the workplace (Counseling Today, 1999).
408. Making organization part of the workplace routine offers benefits for both business and employee in reducing stress and getting the work done efficiently.
409. In today's workplace stress is a reality.
410. If the workplace is a construction site or a manufacturing facility, go for clothing that is comfortable and fits well.
411. Right or wrong, the way that people respond to you in the workplace is largely based on your appearance.
412. What is considered appropriate in one workplace may or may not be acceptable in another.
413. Learning to live by the motto choose your battles can really help you keep perspective on the little things that can turn into huge incidents in the workplace.
414. When you are leaving one workplace and moving on to another job, you may want to write a goodbye letter for co-workers.
415. Deciding to change jobs and move on to another workplace may be the best decision for us and for our careers, but it can be difficult to express how we feel to the people we have been involved with on a professional basis.
416. When you are saying goodbye to the people you have been working with, focus on the positive aspects of the workplace.
417. Are you wondering about ethical behavior in the workplace?
418. The concept of workplace ethics is related to how people who work for and who run organizations apply their perceptions of right and wrong to the way that they conduct business.
419. The ideas that people have about what is considered ethical behavior in the workplace are formed based on a combination of factors.
420. The way that management approaches decision making has a major impact on ethical behavior in the workplace.
421. If you want to make sure that your workplace is one that is characterized by doing what is right, ensure that the leaders of the organization exhibit the types of behaviors you want to cultivate throughout the entity.
422. Chapter VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a legislative action to prevent discrimination by employers and to promote cultural diversity in the workplace.
423. Some people believe that cultural diversity in the workplace is not something to avoid but instead something to encourage.
424. Cultural diversity in the workplace provides an opportunity for workers in society to interact with people of different backgrounds and heritage.
425. All human relations issues in the workplace are also constrained by civil rights law.
426. Every person in every company in the world faces issues of workplace behavior ethics.
427. This essentially means that ethics in the workplace are no different then ethics anywhere else, since morality doesn't usually change based on location.
428. Workplace behavior ethics apply to small and large issues and the beliefs that you hold determine how you make these decisions.
429. While these personality tests cannot always ensure that everyone in a workplace will be ethical, they do offer a measure of screening that can put a hiring manager's mind at ease.
430. Company ethics can set the tone for workplace behavior ethics.
431. The stance that a company takes on workplace behavior ethics is reflected both in the way they treat employees and the way they treat customers.
432. Without effective techniques for time management in the workplace, it can be difficult for employees and managers to keep on top of the tasks they need to perform.
433. Having a plan is essential if someone is going to exercise effective time management in the workplace.
434. It's only human nature to procrastinate, but when it comes to time management in the workplace, this is not the best approach.
435. Getting help by delegating some tasks to others makes good business sense and makes the workplace less stressful.
436. There are only so many hours in the day, and when that time is filled up with things that are not productive, it creates stress in the workplace.
437. Checking e-mail or returning phone calls at certain times of day only are also good strategies for implement good time management in the workplace techniques.
438. It would be good to include a nice memory or two that you shared, even if it wasn't at the workplace.
439. The program can also include conferences and sessions taught in the workplace for employees as well as a limited Human Resources Department to assist with claim filing and other insurance paperwork.
440. These programs are designed to help companies recognize potential hazards within the workplace while encouraging employees to work as safely as possible.
441. The training covers safety within the workplace as well as other health-related issues.
442. They also offer free safety training programs for a variety of industries on their website, making it easier for employers to reduce the risk of workplace accidents in their business.
443. Employers can request safety videos from the website, which reduces the costs associated with accident prevention and risk management in the workplace.
444. You might consider getting clarification from your employer as to what constitutes "gross misconduct" in the workplace.
445. This company offers individual and family coverage and makes a point of connecting with prospects individually by visiting them at home or in the workplace.
446. If stockings are part of your workplace dress code, black nylons typically look more appropriate in the fall and winter.
447. Choosing a garter belt with a rich history can make you feel connected to women from the past, women who may not have had the freedom women have today in the home and in the workplace.
448. During World War I, more and more women found themselves in the workplace.
449. Perhaps pantyhose are part of your workplace dress code or you simply prefer the added color they give to your legs.
450. Even if wearing pantyhose is your least favorite part of your workplace dress code, you can play around with color and texture to make it more exciting.
451. While every workplace may not be conducive to donning brightly colored nylons no matter how long the skirt above, if your dress code is more laidback, you can wear them.
452. It also may keep people from getting to know each other, as they may feel more formal while still at the workplace.
453. If you don't think this manicure is suitable for the workplace on your fingers, you can wear it on your toes instead.
454. Is it a niche group who are deeply involved in their religion, hobby, workplace, research or some other guiding factor?
455. You can use sites that would otherwise be blocked by your school or workplace when you log in with a proxy like eBuddy, but there are some things you should be aware of before you log in and start typing in valuable information.
456. You can also search by first and last name, school (high school and college), and by workplace.
457. While some companies seem to want to cut down on the use of social media in the workplace, HP has embraced the trend and turned it into a force of productivity for its employees.
458. Here are some sources for finding this kind of uniform, whatever workplace you use it in.
459. Depending on the level of activity in your workplace, it may be a good idea to make sure that the top is a breathable or wicking fabric such as cotton.
460. That's why it makes so much sense to look for bargains when you are shopping for apparel to wear to the workplace.
461. Wearing holiday scrubs is a great way to bring a sense of fun and festivity to your workplace.
462. This important piece of protective gear hasn't always been a standard part of industrial workplace attire.
463. By 1982, however, even more improvements were made to give the hat more suspension, therefore making it even more effective in the workplace.
464. What is not up for debate, however, is the fact that well before his writings gained international popularity, Kafka received a gold medal from the American Safety Society due to his help in promoting workplace safety.
465. If you need workplace protection for your head, look no further than Bullard hard hats.
466. Whether it is on game day or anytime of the year, a pair of scrubs with a college football team design will be the talk of your workplace and add an element of fun to your day.
467. Are you wondering if it's a good idea to incorporate uniforms into your company's workplace attire requirements?
468. Before making your decision, take the time to educate yourself about the pros and cons of workplace uniforms.
469. LoveToKnow (LTK): What do you see as the greatest advantages of requiring workplace uniforms?
470. When a company wants to stand head and shoulders above the competition, that can be a good reason for workplace uniforms.
471. LTK: What do you see as the biggest drawbacks of requiring workplace uniforms?
472. DL: Large and small consumer end-user industries are perfect examples of businesses that can benefit from workplace uniforms.
473. DL: When deciding to implement a workplace uniform program a number of factors have to be considered.
474. Other costs involved include the implementation of the program, writing a dress code for the workplace uniforms, and staff to follow-up and make sure the uniforms are being worn, fit properly, kept clean and replaced when needed.
475. DL: It is important to educate employees on the reasons for implementing a workplace uniform program and making them feel important to its success.
476. By knowing the pros and cons of workplace uniforms, you can make the choice that's right for you or your business.
477. Legislation already exists to promote diversity in the workplace.
478. And if you get any qualms about workplace inspections, there's a guide to that too.
479. They have become ubiquitous in the workplace, but at what price?
480. When you look at companies that foster workplace resilience, you can see why they're the cream-of-the crop, creating environments that support a winning frame of mind for employees and boost their own ...
481. From domestic service jobs to the board room, Stacker traces the history of women in the workplace drawing on news reports, government documents, and think tank data.
482. Although things are improving, women continue to be underrepresented at every level in the workplace. A 2019 study by ...
483. A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management shows many American workers don't think their own workplaces have problems with racism.
484. With this year ushering in a renewed focus on inequalities in the workplace, a new report suggests Black women face a less friendly work environment than other groups. LeanI, an organization that ...
485. The Latest research study released by HTF MI "Global Digital workplace Transformation Service Market" with 100+ pages of analysis on business Strategy taken up by key and emerging industry players and ...
486. workplace sentence examples. workplace. There was prejudice in the workplace culminating in her resignation a year ago. 9. 2. The first two weeks of June were a never-ending list of chores and activities jammed full with last minute preparations, one workplace crisis following another, and an annoying series of details that demanded Dean's
487. Translations of the phrase HIS workplace from english to italian and examples of the use of "HIS WORKPLACE" in a sentence with their translations: found james Shapiro's diary at his workplace .
488. Sentence Examples His illness interfered with his workplace responsibilities, recreational pursuits, and his hobby of stamp collecting. The mass entry of women into the workplace has transformed them from unpaid domestic slaves into wage slaves with cash to spend.
489. 186+6 sentence examples: 1. Employees expect flexibility in the workplace. 2. Computers have brought dramatic changes to the workplace. 3. Women still face prejudice in the workplace. 4. There remain major inequalities of opportunity in the workplace
490. English words and Examples of Usage use "workplace" in a sentence Relationships in the workplace in Japan are dictated by a strict social hierarchy. Stress is currently the number one workplace disability issue in North America. The equation at my workplace seems to be that management expects a maximum of effort for a minimum of compensation.
491. workplace definition is - a place (such as a shop or factory) where work is done. How to use workplace in a sentence.
492. 7 examples of teamwork & collaboration in the workplace. Collaboration may well be the buzz word for 2018. With more and more ideas about how best to join forces and use each other’s strengths positively, business collaboration has become an essential part of workplace collaboration all over the world.
493. workplace definition: Your workplace is the place where you work. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
494. workplace definition: Your workplace is the location where you are employed and where you go to work every day. (noun) The office where you go to work every day to do your job is an example of your workplace.
495. Examples of workplace Discrimination. Discrimination may be intentional or unintentional, direct or indirect. Discrimination can come in the form of jokes and offhand comments that seem harmless to or even go unnoticed by the perpetrator. The below examples show some of the different ways in which discrimination can occur in the workplace
496. workplace meaning: 1. a building or room where people perform their jobs, or these places generally: 2. a building or…. Learn more.
497. How to use workplace in a sentence. The workplace list of example sentences with workplace. workplace / examples. workplace in a sentence - 14. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Health and safety in the workplace" "Keep the workplace by unauthorized persons" "Religious diversity and compromise at the workplace in Europe"
498. Here are the top 25 embezzlement examples and workplace thefts to watch out for: Forging Checks. The employee writes company checks or makes electronic payments to himself. The employee then cooks the books to hide the theft.
499. Here are some English words and phrWords and Phrases to Use at Work! The following lesson provides some English words and phrases using at workplace with meaning and useful examples and ESL images. ases to use at work that you should know.
500. Surprising Examples of Lapses in workplace Ethics. How to Provide Coworker Feedback for an Employee's 360 Review. Learn the Main Components of Communication in the workplace. How to Give Positive Feedback. 10 Things Not to Include in a Resignation Letter. Use Motivational Skills to Get Positive Results.
501. ‘Cray-cray’ is one such example. Yet, despite their popularity, they simply don’t belong in the workplace. They make you seem immature and damage your professional image. Remember: you’re not 15 anymore; you’re a responsible adult. Other examples of slang words not to use at work include ‘totes’ and ‘YOLO’. 6. ‘I don’t know’
502. Workplace: Establishment or facility at a particular location containing one or more work areas.
503. Explanation provided by a TextRanch English expert. Some examples from the web: The Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 is a legislative act in India that seeks to protect women from ; An Act to provide protection against sexual harassment ofwomcn at workplace and for the prevention and rcdrcssal ol'complaints ofscxuai harassment and.
504. Effective Writing For the workplace. by Claire E. White. Effective writing in the workplace is an essential skill. The rules are basically the same for any type of writing, however there are some special issues which arise in the business context. Knowing the elements of good business writing can make or break a career.
505. Communication skills are vital to a healthy, efficient workplace. Often categorized as a “soft skill” or interpersonal skill, communication is the act of sharing information from one person to another person or group of people. There are many different ways to communicate, each of which play an important role in sharing information.
506. Effective workplace Writing - This resource explains two dominant ideas in professional writing that will help you produce persuasive, usable resumes, letters, memos, reports, white papers, etc. This section outlines the concepts of rhetorical awareness and user-centered design, provides examples of these ideas, and contains a glossary of terms.
507. If your workplace is in a factory, farm, construction site, hospital, or another area where safety is a big concern, your employer needs to put special emphasis on safety. Government officials, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ), may closely monitor your workplace.
508. The imbalance of emotional labor has a deep and ugly effect in the workplace, but the good news is that there are specific actions we all can take to help solve the problem. Create better boundaries. Many women are expected to be giving and caring, to be the one to dry the tears of an overwhelmed intern.
509. This exercise will give you practice in eliminating wordiness from workplace memos, letters, emails, and reports. Instructions: The following sentences are wordy. Without eliminating any essential information, revise each sentence to make it more concise .
510. Definition of workplace noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
511. Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace: Examples and Importance (sentence and paragraph structure), on a printed page. An optional step in the process is feedback,
512. workplace writing is the most common type of writing outside of school. It is directed toward specific results, communicating in ways that are clear, direct, and brief. workplace writing takes different forms, from formal business letters, meeting minutes, and applications, to brief messages, emails, narratives, and added text to letters.
513. Examples of workplace in a Sentence; 문장 workplace. This may be because, for Democrats in the Bush era, accepting changes in the workplace is considered tantamount to siding with Bushian corporatists. The following is a selected list of aptonyms, i.e., people whose names and occupations or situation (e.g., workplace) have a close correspondence
514. How to use workplace romance in a sentence. The workplace romance list of example sentences with workplace romance. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Could be as simple as a workplace romance gone wrong" "Talk about a workplace romance gone wrong" "The old workplace romance trick" about apps & extensions feedback examples
515. workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company, even if they’re working remotely. Use familiar features like Groups, Chat, Rooms and Live video broadcasting to get people talking and working together.
516. As workplace meetings move from offices to living rooms in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, what people say – absent nonverbal communication – is more important than ever.
517. Examples This learner guide has examples of completed documents that may be used in a workplace. Video clips Where you see a QR code, you can use a smartphone or tablet to access video clips about the content. For information about how to download an app that will read the QR code or for more help, please visit our website:

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